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A Shabby Pumpkin made from a brown grocers bag!

Hi there! You probably guessed that it was a brown bag craft right off the bat, right? I am so liking working with brown bag paper it is so darn pliable and vintage , rustic looking . I find myself mapping out projects in my head that I will try out next. I figure if I run out of the bags the brown paper packing roll is really cheap cause you all know that I like to project for little or no money. Any way I simply took a large grocer brown bag cut the square out of the bottom then cut strips like about 3 to 4 inches the whole length of the bag. Now you kind of fan them by taking one end and spread them around once you have them fanned well take the ends together and twist , dampen your hands a bit when the paper is a little damp it becomes more pliable. I took a few big pieces of newspaper and made a ball not too tight but loosely . The newspaper ball will be the base so what your holding is something that looks like a wicked witches broom with a much shorter handle. Place the stem yo…

Tired dull endtables get a new look!

Hi everyone!  I was recently in Home Depot  and of course I always hit the Opps! paint counter. I usually buy up any good colors but I found this special Martha Stewart paint for only 2.00 a finishing metallic paint and just the color I was looking for to fit well with chocolate brown walls. Its a pretty very light blueish.
here is the tired old end table.
That's a little sample I was trying out . It goes on smooth and adds that special flash of goodness I was looking for.
I found some new material for 2.00 about a yard at Good will and replaced the tired gold material. After giving the table 2 coats of the finishing paint I took some dark stain for a stressed look to bring out all the grooves and nooks and cranies. I would definitely buy this Martha Stewart paint full price it goes on smooth and the metallic shine is just enough not to be too flashy. I would recommend this to everyone and I definitely am no getting paid in any way for saying so, it is one of the very best pain…

Pumpkin and spice garland made from brown paper bags!

Hi everyone! I've been at my brown paper bag crafting again! I thought I would make a garland for the front of my fireplace. I started by making one good pumpkin ,I used it to trace the rest. I cut the bottom of the grocer bag out completely so I could have 2 folded sides. When you make the pumpkins they have to be joined at the fold I did mine at the stem. I cut out 7 for harvest. I didn't want the typical orange pumpkin so I used a white shading. I attached each pumpkin on the cording at the stem. For the stem piece I took pieces of bag and kind of rolled it till I had the look of a stem. For the leave I made 1 and traced 6. I shaded them with a bit of dark green. I attached the stems and leaves. I used black and gold for the harvest lettering. The brown paper is so pliable you can bend and twist until you reach the shape you want. I also added a little butterscotch colored ribbon. I  wanted to add a little fall scent so I gave it a spray with some cinnamon oil and it seems …

A table setting for an anual Fall lunch!

Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying the weekend. I am trying to say bye to summer and welcome the Autumn season. I have my  oil burner lite ,the sweet smell of cinnamon is lifting my Fall spirits. I have always enjoyed decorating for fall oh heke truthfully I just love decorating... for any reason or season . Today a very good friend is coming for lunch ,she is an old gardener from way back. She will bring her harvest such as potatoes and leeks for some super creamy potato soup and an array of vegetables to create a colorful salad. And I will supply the desert. I have set the table with a little whimsy in mind ,my dear friend will get a kick out of it!
We will have some white wine so I attached a pretty fall flower with some raffia.
I used a pinecone to hold the fork and knife in between the ripples. The rooster dishes are from The country Door....I bought them about 10 years ago. They are  my favorite!
Deep caramel colored bowls are set with a spoon rested on a fall leaf. A raffia wre…

The cutest Rusty shabby little wrought iron bench gets a well deserved makeover!

Good day everyone! I am so happy today to present the cutest little garden seat ever and a very nice lady offered it for free from Craig's list. When we drove out to pick her up, meaning the bench , I often refer to my furniture makeovers as men calling them him but this my friends is a lady. The bench sat rusty and tired but I could see past all that and couldn't wait to take her home and clean her up. The first thing on my list was to softly brush and sand. Then a good spraying of Rust lock so those dirty old rusty 's never come to her again. I pondered for a couple of days on what color I would spray her and I finally choose white. So a good spraying she got!  Then I wanted to accent her a bit so I chose some blue and I just let the paintbrush lead the way.

It is just the cutest even when she was wearing rust, kind of like a small child playing in mud I guess! It is the perfect place to sit in the garden with your morning coffee and your daily news paper.

Paper or plastic? Always take the paper to create lots of free projects such as this Fall garland!

Hi everyone !I have heard that it is Autumn here in blog land so I have to get my Fall game on. Does your local grocery ask if you want paper or plastic? Many do not except one of our local grocers which is Publix. I always say paper, the projects are endless and brown bag paper has a certain vintage quality. To make this paper bag garland I just used some twine and I cut about 25 small circles folded each in half twice and hot glued them to form a little flower and added a button in the center.  I cut out six huge leaves but left them joined at the top. I freehanded the lettering and added some cute red bows. I crinkled the leaves to give them "life". I have them cascading across a vintage cabinet in my dining room.

I have pulled out the Family "String Bean" table and gave her the makeover she deserves!

Hello friends! It's Monday and back to business as usual, Monday is always a rush rush day for me. You know the heavy cleaning, changing bed sheets etc. , etc. I managed to get this make over completed. I inherited this very old "string bean table" , that is the name my dear late mom called it. From what she said this table was used to clean the tips of garden grown string beans by the farmers wife. The tired table is overworked but still sturdy. I had it in my sons room with a cloth on it for him to build his military models on. I know ....shame on me, but it was just the right size. When he was sleeping I tiptoed in and pulled a table napping. Don't worry I replaced it with something that will work for him. This table even has square topped nails in it.  I happened to hit the oops counter at our local Home Depot and scored some great quarts of Martha Stewart Paints so I put them to good use.
I used a deep gold color , the thing about oops paint is you have to give …

A cute Autumn wreath for no money at all! Everything is from the earth except paint

Hi all, happy Friday to you! Finally got the dried out Mexican Petunia wreath decorated, thought that I would somehow incorporate pinecones in the mix. Remember the wreath went from...
To this after it was completely dried out....
And now to this after it was slightly white washed and decorated.....
I decided to make the flowers out of Pine cones, wow what a job trying to cut them in slices. First I tried a good sharp kitchen way. Then I tried this-
And voilà, finally the electric meat slicer worked but be careful trying this at home you could burn it out quickly, I love the pine cone flowers so much that when I venture out Saturday I will buy the proper tool to cut them efficiently. I will have to let you know when I find out. So with all the stuff I needed to do this wreath was actually in my own backyard so to of charge.
One of the sweetest kids ever Shayla wanted to make a little something for her mom so she painted the flowers . What a great way to welcome…

My family thinks outside weed wacking but......I have a little craft I do out there on the side!

Hi everyone so glad you stopped by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. Lets go on outside I want to show you some stuff around my yard and a cool craft that's completely free. Shhh lets move it while the movins good. I am actually weed waking but not the whole 2 hours my family thinks it takes me. If you recall I introduced you to the Mexican Petunia that I had cut and brought in on my mantle display.
They spread like wildfire but that's a good thing because I have made this terrific discovery...seeing that the plant is stemmy somewhat like a grapevine. So when I began plucking them back I took some stems and began to create a wreath such as a grapevine you just start with a round shape whatever size you desire and keep weaving in and out around and round. So before introducing this to the world I did a trial test to see if they dry such as the grape vine do. Take a look just after I put them together.
The leaves will dry out and fall off. But all and all it is the same look as a grap…

Before you kick your dining table to the curb such as I was try some paint!

Hope everyone is doing well, I will be so happy to say good bye to this steamy humid summer weather. I look forward to pumpkins corn stalks and fall décor. I am so glad that after reading some other amazing blogs that I might be quite ordinary as a DIYer and Excessive redecorator as well as a paintaholic because in blog land this is the normal life. So very cool, of course people that are my friends in the real world do not understand why the heke I pick up junk, paint everything I get my hands on and rearrange my house weekly. Getting back to the painting part....hope they never come up with a paintaholic class, they will bring me there with the quickness I painted my dining set a orangey color maybe because it was autumn at the time but I grew to hate it, see....
So I thought it was time to get rid of the set but actually I really liked the style and the size is perfect to fit 8-10 easily and my 2 big brown wicker chairs fit graciously at the ends, so painting came to mind. I checke…

A very ugly roadside mirror turns to a beauty & some summer mantle decor!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday, I am going out to the Everglades through all the back roads so I can share the native beauty with you all. You can spy Alligators sunning on water banks ,so many species of birds, along with some exotic plants and if we are lucky we will see a Bermese Python that is quickly populating the glades. More on all that in the near future. I was trying to find a large round mirror to put on my fireplace but had no luck then when I did a little shopping out in my back shed I found this scalloped mirror that my neighbor was throwing away that I took out of the trash. Someone took care to make this they cut out each piece and put it together with lead. I just simply painted a checked border and highlighted the lead with black paint. Now I love this reborn mirror and it is a perfect fit for the mantle.

The wispy purple flowers are so lively , they are Mexican Petunias and they grow crazy here in the deep south . You can cut them and put them in a vase an…