Friday, September 21, 2018


Hi Folks, welcome so happy you could stop on in! I am so excited to share my autumn decorated Garden Shanty as I shared in a past post we turned this little building from a child's playhouse to a little potting shanty . It is working out wonderful! Love having a place to plant and store all my garden needs nicely . So come along and lets take a peek...…….

 So I put this scarecrow together with some sticks of wood and some olden clothes that I gathered, I don't have any corn stalks but I sure do have some sunflower stalks so I gathered them together and gave them a lick of farm yellow spray paint.
 Over working the garden wagon with some faux harvest

 This is a simple wreath made with scraps of material even the flowers are made of fabric
The shanty is a great place to dry herbs and these wonderful sunflower seeds I made the corn sign and ear of faux corn

 It was about to storm while I was taking photos  made it just in time ,that fella with the big hat is waiting patiently in the shanty

Its all in good fun!

 Happy you could stop by the shanty today its been fun havin ya!!


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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What can be more welcoming than a pretty wreath on your door?

Hi and welcome so nice of you to stop in!  Love this upcoming season how about you? The decorating ,the baking the pure enjoyment of celebration. To me sitting around the table with friends and family is always a celebration.  Speaking of decorating ….a beautiful wreath is such a great way to greet visitors as they arrive and you know that feeling when you pull up in your driveway and see your wreath so pretty you cant help to smile even on a dreary day!

The history story about wreaths goes back hundreds of years  meanings are symbolized in many different ways . The round shape is a symbol of eternity seeing that a wreath has no beginning and no end . In a religious stand point  it is thought of as a circle of life . Most commonly amongst us in history people would make them from evergreens and twigs, pinecones and they would hang them and keep them hung through the worst winters to symbolize strength as they wait for spring.

Maybe today we  just love the beauty and we make them out of so many things today I am sharing a wreath that is made from a wire base and rag strips of homespun material embellished with some beaded faux corn dried husks and burlap. An easy wreath that can be made  lets take a look...…

The wreath is 20 in round and is best on a door that has a covered area above

 I also added some  wired burlap leaves

 This wreath is one of a kind  and it can be yours for 20 $ local or 30$ delivered to you in the USA if you are interested please contact me @    perhaps you can create a pretty wreath  for your farmhouse door?  A rag wreath to me is like making something from nothing with just torn homespun fabric a wire ring and some embellishments you can create something wonderful!
                                                               Thankyou for visiting Sweet Tea N' Salty Air where everyone is made to feel at home!                        Lisa

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Heavy Pine vegetable bin gets a pretty makeover

Welcome! so nice of you to stop on by....summer will become a memory soon sad for some but happy for others . Where did this summer go anyway seems like time just passes too quickly its best if we savor every moment every day good or bad.

A while back I was given this very old pine heavy vegetable bin they used to be popular back in the day . This piece was definitely sound and well constructed. So I pulled him out of storage and gave him a lick of paint, a tear of material and the well deserved dignity he deserved. Im sure this old boy had been protecting farm fresh vegetables for most of his life.

Super yikes right? its missing what ever was in the carved out door opening but everything is in tack even the chains that keep the 2nd and 3rd door from dropping all the way down.  But I have big plans for this guy , I was thinking of several things that I could store maybe all my table linens or maybe fresh baked goods seeing that it has breathing holes on the back board.

 Here he is all done over.....I used my accent kitchen color and a fun stencil along with some black and white small checked material
 I did some sanding to age it a bit

It fits perfect along side my bakers rack 
 Maybe vegetables...…..

maybe table linens...…….. so far its been a fun addition to my kitchen so if you have one of these give it a nice makeover  also I had this heavy iron stand that I took out of my stash it works well and is useful for a couple of things

 It will work perfectly when company comes and I need a little sofa side table for coffee
It also holds a large bowl this is a very large wooden bowl that I found at a local thrift store for 5$  It will be nice filled with white lights pinecones and some fresh pine. I also have a large stainless bowl that I have put in here filled with ice along side the dinner table holding some bottles of wine.

Its been fun today and thanks for stopping in here where everyone is made to feel at home!
until next time                                               Lisa

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