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Hi and welcome to you! We have been having some huge tropical storms here in SW Florida. Yesterday late day a storm came through with such big thunder and rain , I heard loud crashes of thunder and then glass breaking. It caused my colored dishes that decorated my window above my sink to come crashing down .....the glass was broken in the sink meanwhile the electric went off which is usual for these parts. So let the storms hail! I have taken out my sewing machine and having a day of sewing fun.

I picked up an array of materials and I was meaning to make some new kitchen curtains. First measuring and cutting .........I wanted a curtain that could be open during the day and closed in the evening.

If you are indeed just starting out sewing curtains are a wonderful venue to go! If you can measure and sew straight lines you got this!  This way you can custom your size and design. Our local Goodwill  sometime has tons of donated material from a local store so I happen to get some wonder…


Hi and welcome.......Its been too hot outdoors for any projects out there for now, so I am working inside with wonderful AC. I decided to paint the dining room and I chose a light grey. Funny thing about grey I noticed , it kind of reflects colors that are near it for instance I put up something blue and the wall instantly has a blue hue to the grey . Its light fresh and clean looking and the best part is it goes well with any color. So come on in and lets take a look.....

 I pulled out all my summer beach décor and placed it here and there.

 A friend of mine brought me 2 vintage rocking chairs but they were so far gone that I decided to dissect them so I removed the arms and backs love the natural worn areas , I hung a wreath and a flower bouquet I received from mothers day that I dried out. The copper clam shell was a thrift store find.
Whats summer without bingo, Every summer as a child we would play bingo . The crab shack is a piece of drift wood my daughter brought home .


Its Summer craft time.... old paint can lids, scraps of material, paint= A pretty wreath!

Hi happy you could stop on in ! One thing that I never throw away is lids , they are slim and easy to stow away without taking up a lot of space. I am constantly getting wire because Mr. STNSA gets the scraps at work and brings them to me. I had a really nice piece of copper wire that I shaped into a wreath.
I also had some quart size paint lids that I have been saving as well so this is what I did.....

First a coat of paint I choose a dark barn red.....

 Rip up some strips of material about 2 or so inches wide, I did 3 quart size lids and used about 8 strips of torn material.
 Using a glue gun I started to make the petals with the material stripsjust looping all the way around the underside of the lid. Any type of material can be used .
 And here you have it a shabby wreath that I paid nothing for. If you have some grapevine wreaths needing décor this would be it!
 A great way to use up scraps of material and paint lids.....I suppose you can use any kind of lid with th…