Thursday, December 24, 2020


 Happy day! Nice of you to stop by, I thought I would share a couple of wooden items that you could craft with perhaps some scrap wood. First the popular large letters second a blanket ladder. These can be made with a measuring tape,  a jig saw, sandpaper, screws and a couple  of hours. Below I have pictures as I went along. The letters are 25 in. And my ladder is about 4 ft. These items will make great gifts! The per has the amount of wood you will need for the letters with the ladder its 2 long pieces, 4 or 5 rung pieces all th same size. 

Good luck if you decide to craft these


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Welcome To My Country farmhouse Christmas!

Welcome, so happy you could stop in! Christmas here is comfortable, fun and full of laughs! This Christmas especially is not about whos getting what but more about being thankful for what we already have and family and friends.

The master is set with cozy blankets, fun Christmas decor

Welcome to the kitchen we are just putting a batch of m&m cookies in the oven, my all time favorite!

My favorite thing are these very heavy mercury bulbs, love to see them shining as they hang from a place I spend alot of time , the kitchen sink!

I hung an old tobacco ladder with some Edison lights and lots of greens and winter themed decor
This is an old picture frame that I added some fabric and attached a giant wooden ginger girl

These shutter doors lead to what use to be the dining room now Candy Cane Cafe, a room now used fora giant coffee/ Cocoa and food prep a sort of butlers pantry.

I painted this open cabinet, filled it with greens and Christmas decor

A cute snowman bowl that that was gifted many years ago from my daughter in law

This is a little faux mantle I crafted  using some barstool legs and a wood plank

Wishing you and your family a blessed and happy   Christmas ! 

Wednesday, December 16, 2020


 Welcome, so happy you could visit,  been busy as an elf prepping for Christmas.  So on a recent trip the Everglades forest I was able to get some fresh greens. Love to scatter them for the holiday season. With all that said , come on in and take a peek!

A wine box stes the perfect stage to hold greens and candlelight.  The snowman dishes are very old. I was in Family dollar and bought them , they are my favorite of all the Christmas dishes. The signs I made. It was fun putting it all together! So happy you stopped by.


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