Sunday, May 27, 2018

Bitsy Bee Boutique , Handmade hair embellishments for Young & old

Welcome I am so glad to introduce Bitsy Bee Boutique a hand crafted hair embellishments for young and old! Whether you are having a wedding or a party or just everyday prettiness. Bitsy Bee offers special orders at your request free shipping in USA only . Tutus coming soon!  Pay Pal excepted

Crowns for wedding parties , birthday girl can be custom made   this crown 10 delivered

Newborn set 10$ free shipping and we offer gift delivery with a Bitsy Bee Card in usa 

 This is a mommy & me set  10$ free shipping

 5.00 free shiping
 For moms night out   8.00 free ship   SOLD
 5.00 free ship

These are perfect for little girls birthday parties  Florets wristlets  pretty flower/bow to wear on the wrist they simply tie. Can special order 2$ each or 10 for 15$ 

 For baby   5.00
 for 3-10yrs    6.00
The tulle veil sits to the side. 

Special orders on all things, new items coming soon 
Embellish your little ones with Bitsy Bee and you too mom!
if you are interested in any of these items please contact me @

Friday, May 25, 2018

A repurposed wooden frame from a broken mirror into a picture showcase!

Hi and welcome come on in!   Todays post is why I tell my readers don't thrown away wooden frames just cause the picture is broke or the mirror is broke and this is why........

For todays project you will need a wooden frame preferably from a mirror such as mine, some chicken wire fencing measured and cut bigger that the frame. Some paint, a staple gun , wire cutters.If you don't want to tackle thick chicken wire Walmart sells a lighter version in the floral /craft dept.

 All you will need to do is go from side to side with cording enough to clothes pin them and stager them on to it
 or you can do it by tucking the cornersinto the chicken wire.

 Ok so I may have gotten a bit out of control with the pictures but I am excited for when guests come in to stop and take a look.

This is a great way to change out photos or mix a wreath with photos whatever you like. I hope I have inspired you to create and repurpose!
                                                         Until next time Happy Crafting!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

A pretty summer wreath to welcome your guests, and you can make it !

Hi there happy you could pop on in ! I just love wreaths its such a great way to add décor and also welcome guests. I love a wreath that starts out with a simple grapevine wreath such as the one that I have crafted. I put this together from vines but grapevine wreaths are available at all craft stores and most department stores that have a little craft department. You can get them in all sizes like for doors or maybe house fronts or barns, garages.

The best thing is they don't have to be expensive this one cost me about 2.50 Had the wreath and the large bouquet of flowers I bought at Walmart for half price . Now this wreath is on my front iron gate so it will have to be able to take what ever the weather brings. So with that said It wouldn't be a good idea to invest a whole lot of money into it. We will have rain everyday for the next 4 months it may only be an hour a day but it takes its toll on all outdoor items.
 What is great about a wreath is that anything goes its whatever you like you can incorporate anything into them as "jewelry", such as this one I save all my paintcan lids so I gave it a vintage wash and used it to put a letter in. You can use faux fruits, beads, wooden items, vintage utensils, anything.
 This was a great buy a very large bouquet for just 2.50 I even had some left over for another project. This is my boy Chocolatey my helper!

A good pair of wire cutters will be great for cutting the stems also a glue gun , sticks of glue and cording for tying. 

 I chose a piece of lace from my material bins.
 Here you have it I chose a side bouquet, you can put flowers all around if you like , For the side bouquet  an easy rule is the bigger flowers in the middle and then smaller ones around it and wispy ones at each end.

 I just did some little lace bows going around

Hope I have inspired you to go ahead and craft yourself a pretty wreath , it is a very forgiven craft. You can arrange your flowers  until you get the look you are going for,
Until next time    Lisa

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