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Hi and welcome!!   What do you choose at your grocer? Do they even offer either plastic or paper? Here  Publix does and the other evening when we were picking up a few last minute Thanksgiving items I quickly chose paper for crafting.  I was searching for some tiny trees online and in our local stores but really could not find any that I liked so I took out my grocer bags .......

The first step is to cut the bottom out, then cut down the side so you have one big piece of brown paper. What I did was just cut out one side of the bag and proceeded to make a big cone. You have to just play with it for a bit until a cone shape forms then I used hot glue and just glued the seam. now you will trim the bottom so the cone shape stands up. Then with the rest of the bag construct 2 more cones medium and small.

Now time to begin cut strips from another bag about3 or 4 inches wide then proceed to make cuts such as this taking care not to cut all the way though. .  Then starting from the bottom gl…


Welcome ! Have you been enjoying your favorite thrift finds? I know some prefer ordering from catalogues which is fine as well but perhaps once you see my table today you will be inspired to thumb through your local thrift stores because you never know what you will find. Ok so I am addicted to scanning the stores that means all stores but with in my means. This last trip was at our local goodwill store and they where hosting a 1/2 off sale which they do about 10 times a year. So take a look at what I was able to put together from thrift store and a Michaels craft Black Friday deal.

Well come on in! We just love guests,  This is how I can account for my you can see my little cocoa thinks that food will be served here directly, sorry cocoa too early for that now.

 The greenery in the middle was a 2.00 doorbuster on Black Friday. The sign was one I crafted previously the cute little fluted tins set of 12 were .99, pinecone free, the bulbs were some vintage ones left to me …


Hi there.....its almost Thanksgiving, lots of shopping to prepare for the big day. I think I finally have all the ingredience to whip up a yummy Thanksgiving feast. We will have about 25 people so buffet style will be in order.  I was taking a hard look at a door that you immediately see when entering through the kitchen door , its actually a coat closet so I decided to add a little whimsy to go with the Farm house country look.

 I don't have a before picture but it started out as just a dark brown stained door. So I used a cream color to make the wood look added some ageing with a barn red color. Then I decided to stencil "Barn" which brought all the fun!

 I had this red aged shutter so I set it aside the door

Doors don't have to be ugly to look at! With a little Faux painting you can turn your ugly dated boring doors into fun! Have a wonderful  and blessed Thanksgiving! Lisa


Welcome! happy to share with you today!  I have been out thrifting a bit and found this  grand galvanized pail and this wonderful oil painting of a winter scene.....

 I just can sit and really look at this painting as the artist has really captured a cold winters day.
I have big plans for this pail it will actually hold the Christmas tree, it is in new condition a 1.99 find. I gave the dining room set a new dark bold lick of color, I used a Glidden Diamond flat enamel . The photo does not show the exact color. The color is Deep Wine  # 75RR06/129

Many just have 4 chairs so a great alternative for extra seating is a bench. A bench can hold 2 adults or 3 children comfortably . I also have a table height stool that can fit in between two chairs. So with the table leaf and bench 7 can sit comfortably. For Thanksgiving we will be doing buffet style, I will have four tables set up that can accommodate at least 28 people.

 The pilgrims were made by my very sadly missed mom, I love putting t…

Pioneer Woman dishes and Sunday cold weather Dinner to fill them up!

Welcome friends! Happy you could stop on in today!     Today I want to share a little something to serve on family Sunday dinner. I have been spying those Pioneer Dishes for a very long time, you know how that goes, you really don't need them but you really want them. Well I was gifted them from Mr STNSA , an early Christmas gift he says. Who am I to argue with that!

Love the caramel color and the frilly edges. The dishes do come in many colors but since I love to repaint I thought this would be accommodating to any color. 

Now to make a little something to fill these pretty dishes with.....

This is simply a pork roast circled with red potatoes and sweet potatoes and cut up onion

 I spice allot, with Adoba, garlic,steak seasoning, worstershire, green onions from the garden and a generous splash of  extra virgin olive oil.  Just coat it with spice cover and put in a 350 oven.
This meal will surly get the family around the table. If you are a Sweet Potato lover this is for you! Pork…