Friday, July 21, 2017

An old family lamp gets a Farm house makeover & some harvest vignettes

Hi there welcome......come see what I have been up to. When I think of July ending here I think of Harvest, how about you? It seems as though all the roadside stands are abundant with colorful vegetables and fruits. I just love getting a combination of veggies and spices and a little of this and that and come up with a delicious dish.  Well what I found at the local thrift wasn't exactly what I had in mind as fresh but for vignettes it will work, an entire bag of faux vegetables such as green and red tomato's. I also want to share a lamp makeover so once again if you have good wiring and a dated lamp don't toss it away give it a wonderful new life!  lets take a peek........

 The lamp was rusting terribly it is all metal the shade the base as well. As you can see it was white with a tad of stenciling.
 I used a black paint.
 I decided to use some beads on the rims. I have so many  beads thought this is a great way to use them with crafting and it adds some shabby to the lamp. I used hot glue to attach them.
 Her you have it I decided to go with a cow dairy theme since it is for the dining room. So I painted a cow and used my thumbprint to make the spots on him , stenciled Dairy also. Please don't mind the wire this is a real home cant hide everything lol.

 I had some yellow paint that I smudged on here and there and then swiped the smudges with a tad of black paint for a peeling aged look.I also painted the beads and added a bow.
 This look may not be for everyone but with a little paint and imagination you can take your dated lamps and give them a new style.
If you would like to see more of my lamp redos just click the links.....

So I had some faux veggies all ready But I did get this bicentennial canning jar while thrifting last week  1776-1976 Its vibrant color is a winning collectable. So I just had to add it to the wooden box I made in the past here is the link...        I also  Used 2 depression glass dishes as a back drop in the wooden box and guess what  else ??? Yep Pine cones I've already started to use them just couldn't wait another day  lol.

I also stuck some in a little wooden bowl couldn't resist.

I changed everything around on the rusty wagon panels in the kitchen.
Don't laugh at my white lights if you know my blog you know I love lights EVERYWHERE! To me it adds such whimsy.

Couldn't resist these two red glass dishes at the thrift store!
 So happy you stop on in today!

                                                               Bye for now and happy crafting and thrifting!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Why not revive a favorite tired looking piece of furniture with some paint & imagination!

Welcome, happy you could stop on in today. We are in the tropical rainy season so everyday with out fail we have a storm or two or three!  Can't plan much around outdoors these days so I am doing all the indoor spiffing up . I have opened the Country Elf shop , so items can be bought directly from this site via PayPal. I will be specializing in Farmhouse shabby sheik / country curtains. To take a peek just click on the shop located near the top of my page.

So I have these 2 wooden stools that just were looking so dingy and worn out, needing a little makeover. The stools are utilized a great deal one is a little shorter so they can accommodate any body. They are sat in at lunch, breakfast and in between for homework art projects etc.

Tired and no personality , don't you agree?

So I used Rust-oleum  Painters Choice in satin black and once the paint and stenciling was completely dry I did a coat of Rust-oleum white colored wood stain, using a cloth and rubbing it on very sparingly.

 A welcoming seat !
 I just didn't want to stop there I decided to add a rag garland to go around just for some fun!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Chritstmas in July! Thought I would share my shabby brown paper trees

Hi there, coming to you from the land of Tropical storms........So Christmas in July ? My kids are all saying ridiculous that is unless their is going to be Gift exchanges going on. I made these little shabby trees from brown grocer bags so they are actually a free craft.

 this is the link to get all the info to make these cute shabby trees.

 This is them in the plain state. Whats nice about these is you can decorate them anyway you like and you can make them as little or as big as you like.
 I displayed mine on a metal tree with some tins and tea lights .

I just used some torn flannel for garland and some white paint for some snow and buttons and bows for the tree top.

I hope you are able to find some brown grocery sacks , I know that Save-a lot, Publix offers paper or plastic. I tried using a roll of brown paper and it was just much lighter and more flimsy.

So if you want to start early and get your Christmas on this is a free craft that's so much fun! They make nice hostess gifts as well. So just click on the link for directions and have some crafty fun!


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Holiday Mango Harvest recipes to add to your celebration!

Welcome happy you stopped on in. Today we are having a little pre holiday celebration. Fireworks, a delicious dinner that includes Mango. The sweetest fruit ever, if you have never had the pleasure of eating a Mango you really must. Our neighbors tree is plentiful and we got the ok to harvest. Tonight's menu consists of Pork lion smothered with  my Mango Chutney , spiced rice and cold 3 bean salad. I have been making Mango smoothies everyday, the children and adults love them.

Cut up mangos
lots of ice
1/2 & 1/2
and a bit of sweetener of your choice
A good glass blender or juice machine

Blend well , this is one great smoothie!  We even made them to go with dinner

So I had a huge pork lion roast that I cut into steaks I spiced them well with a good sprinkle of Evoo.
Meanwhile I cooked just a huge bit of white rice and prepared the bean salad. I continued to make a Mango chutney, I used a sauté pan first adding some evoo, I quickly cut up 2 large mangos into small pieces, added some chopped green onions, some kosher salt, brown sugar and just a pinch of cinnamon . I just cooked it until all the flavors were mended about 8 min or so. After the grilled meat was plated I topped it off with the delicious mango . I was not sure how the family was going to react but even the fussiest was enjoying it. It was a wonderful pre holiday dinner that included fireworks as well.

 This plump fruit reminds me of the texture of a peach the pit is much larger.
 The mango complimented the rice as well, seems as though each flavor played in perfect harmony.

I do believe the smoothie can be turned into an adult beverage with a tiny bit of imagination.

 I was so lucky to receive the framed mirror shelf from my daughters boyfriend, he found this treasure at our new local Hobby lobby on clearance reg, 64$ on sale for 13$ where the stars are hung are coat rack hooks but I thought I would decorate it for the Holiday.

Now the house is still , the comfy chair is empty everyone has gone to sleep to get ready for the next Independence day celebrations that go for 3 days! Hope you enjoy your Holiday with your family and friends.

                                                             Happy Independence day!

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