Saturday, April 18, 2020


Hello and welcome! I am hoping this post finds everyone feeling healthy. I know that staying secluded from others can be a sad task. We will get though this!

Bisquits and sausage Gravy for brunch today.  Along with some cold tea infused with honey, lemon and mint.

The cool Iced Oatmeal color adds warmth  and openness to the room. Crushing on blue and white what about you?

This cloche was a tractor supply find.

Bought these little breakfast dishes at our local thrift store.

This used to be a faux painted brick design. I did a worn barnwood application that I will share soon.

I know that dining out these days is impossible but who's to say you cant fuss a bit and bring a little fuss in dining.

I hung a mirror, it really is true mirrors do lend  a sense a bit of light openness. T

This makeshift display works as a separator  between the living and dining area.

The chalkboard was made from a 2$ framed are piece painted with chalkpaint and a rag wreath.

The last time you all visited the dining room the walls were painted Black Tea , a color I mixed myself. The backsplash was a faux brick. That's all changed ,the walls are now an Iced Oatmeal paint I mixed myself and the backsplash is now a faux old barnwood look.

Here I am sharing a little brunch consisting of Bisquits and Sausage Gravy , a well respected recipe here in the deep south. Also some Tea served with honey , lemon and mint, simply delicious! You must give it a try.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
          Be safe and healthy!


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