Thursday, December 13, 2012


Sweet memories of Christmas just flow through my mind when I smell pine throughout my home. I can visualize my grandmas cooking there specialties while the laughter of family filled the room with unconditional love. For some who can not have a real pine tree or if you opt for artificial to eliminate the mess of the falling needles you too can have the scent of fresh pine and I don't mean candles either. Lowes Home Improvement Has fresh Christmas trees so when they cut the bottoms off they are left with piles of fresh greenery and it's FREE for the taking. I went in to buy some paint and asked the clerk and she said to help myself......Hmmm great. So I had my significant other pull up to the mounds of greenery and I filled up the trunk. It's very easy all you need is a a special container that can hold water, I used a big copper tub fill with water about half way and with a little of your potion to keep greenery alive ...some say sugar some say aspirin .what ever the case start clipping the branches about one and 1/2 feet and randomly put in container. Be sure to fill it thick then you can add bows, snowflakes, Artificial birds or what ever you like you can even add a strip of lights. Even an old jar stuck in the arrangement with a candle what ever you choose will be great. So haul out the holly and have a holly jolly Christmas.

Lets Take A Peek At A Real Farmhouse!

 Welcome ! So nice you could stop by. What's more of a farm house than the one set up for the  famous love story ; The Bridges Of Madiso...