Friday, August 25, 2017

PAINTED FAUX SOAPSTONE too can spruce up old counters with this inexpensive treatment

Hi there ...welcome, so happy you could stop by. I want to share my faux painted Soap Stone countertops that I have done in my dining room. But first a bit about whats been going on here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air, first I have to say if you are going into a DIY huge home upgrade or remodel beware, and I don't say that lightly. Always estimate spending way more money and spending way more time and I am speaking from experience...YIKES!   We started out putting in new AC ducts and new sub floors in most of the house and before you know it we are taking out sliders and replacing with walls then we took down the masterbedroom wall because we suspected maybe a water leak but it was perfectly fine, so lucky me got a new wall of barnwood that I will share later.  I don't want to scare you but I am saying be prepared. We are at the end now and I am loving all the things we have done.....will I ever do this heavy type stuff again???? NO no way. Ill stick to my faux paint and vintage finds.

I had to do something to my dining room countertops to spiff them up a bit.I am thinking about the holidays already , planning for harvest décor very soon. I have been loving soap stone forever, it is not very popular here, most have granite and that is just not for me. So I did some research and viewed many soap stone countertops. And I thought  yes I can do that problem! I really didn't think about taking a before but they were just white painted counter.

First step was to paint the whole countertop with

The dark Rustolium Canyon black, once that was dry I used a rag and rubbed on the white rustoleum wood stain , oil based, while that was 
still wet I used a pipe cleaner to make the veins then I simply took a baggy and wiped the veins so ther would not be such a persise marking.

Once all was dry I gave it a light wax treatment in a circular motion . So lets see what I came up with...

So what do ya think? We had to replace the AC system so I retrieved these two galvanized pieces , The flat piece is great for chalk writing and the piece under my huge wooden rooster is great for me to perch him on.

Thank so much for stopping in
 bye until next time!!

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