Saturday, March 23, 2019

A Pretty Cotton Wreath to craft for about 2$

Welcome, today is a perfect out door day in SW Florida. No humidity and just warm enough. I have been gazing and dreaming of a pretty cotton wreath, thier are so many on almost every shopping venue online. But I thought I would experiment and craft one.

 So for this craft a 1$ bag of cotton ,bought mine at walmart. Some brown paper left over from a package and a base, it does not have to be a grapevine wreath it can be anything you like.
 First step is the paper that will cup the cotton, so this does not have to be perfect but i cut squares about 3 inch on all sides. Fold the square in half and cut as sshown . You should have six points.

 Jshape should be about as shown. I used something wooden to cup the paper as shown to make like a little nest to cup the cotton.
 Try to pull the cotton balls apart so they are not so round. I put one in some and 2 in some for variations. I found that a jelly roll of masking tape worked best for adding cotton into the paper .
 Make enough to have a full wreath. Easy right?
 Now were goinging to make a rag bow.Ive seen them made in many different ways but mine is super easy to do.
 Rip about 8 strips of material, try to make them different widths and lenghths, for my rag bow was white, black and white checked and a green material. Gather all your strips and simply cross over as shown.
 Take a stripand simply tie tightly in the middle. You can play with it a bit to get it like you want it. Now simply attach all your cotton to your base I used hot glue .
 I was happy with the results,hope youll give this craft a try, i found that the online shops were pretty pricey.

Friday, March 22, 2019

A Pretty Makeover For My Tired Chandalier

Welcome, Anybody else have Spring fever? I have been in Spring mode for days. So I have been taking a good long look at my dining room chandalier thinking its either time to replace or redo. Then the children commented on how there was a haunted light just like mine in thier video game. Ok say no more kids. So I started shopping online and most I found had way to much bling . I also considered buying glass beads and prisms to add a tad of bling. But my final decision  would be to paint it light and go from there. So I dry brushed and love the effect. Using just white Rustoleum painters touch added to the look I was going for

 Dark and dated
 Some Lambs ear, faux eggs,lavender .

 I had 3 vintage spring to incoporate
 Theres a lot of bunnie bussiness going on here!_7

Thursday, March 7, 2019


Hi there....welcome! Well if you follow along with my home journey you know that I love to change things out even things that should be semi permanent. I had bought that peel and stick paper that mimics an old tile look, well put it up ,liked it at first but tired of it quickly. I had put it over regular white tiles, boring! so I love that grama green color so I thought I will paint right over the paper to get a worn wood look.

The first step is I painted the whole backsplash dark brown a flat paint, right over the peel and stick paper this way I am not ruining the white tile, so when I tire of this I can simply rip it down  hopefully  once the paint was dry I began to dry brush the vintage green to get the old wood effect. Lets take a look...

 I know this color isn't for everyone but I just love it, It seems to bring brightness in.

Getting ready for Sweet Tea Already!

Have you added some Spring color indoors? Its good for the sole!
Thanks so much for visiting!

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