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Hi there, remember the kitchen entertainment center that I recently painted white......I decided to add my vintage shelf, I just had to move some of the storage shelves from top to the bottom. Its like a little mini kitchen in a kitchen. And Im the only one that dares go there. Take a look....

I love that I can just grab my pitchers quickly we use allot of pitchers, iced coffee, O.J., Sweet Tea etc... I added 2 rag wreaths to the inside of each door. Added some of my favorites, a Vaseline glass measuring cup filled with fresh mint for tea. The best part is when I want just close the doors! Love green glassware and blue and red, love it all that's my weakness. The bottom is great storage for everything, those doors stay shut. These are waiting to get planted, maybe today!
I call adding one piece of furniture to another a marriage and I have plenty of those here! I have taken apart baking racks, bureaus etc. So don't toss anything to the curb have a good dry storage place to s…


Hi there so happy you could stop in today! Wow ...this may be Florida but it seems more like the North where I am from. Love it though! Sooo, I was looking on the net at the latest farm house type décor and I'm loving those 3 tier table stands. They are a bit pricey so I through the idea around on ordering one from the country door but about 100$ is kind of a lot . So I got my imagination going while I was cleaning out the pot and pan cabinet filling a box with thrift store donations I got to thinking I can make one. Then I started thinking of all the great ways to use it.........

So I gathered 3 different size pan lids unscrewing the tops, an old wooden lamp base & candle holder and an older than hills bundt pan insert which I used as the base. I took them all outdoors and sanded them a bit and gave them a coat of multi purpose white spray paint. This is what I came up with.

I couldn't decide what I wanted to put in the bowls so I tried some flowers....

Some colorful wood…


Hi there, happy you could stop in! Hope you are keeping warm I see that the North is having some frigid temperatures. I do miss that but the idea of being indoors frightens me. Love going out to the gardens and fiddling around. I have not had fun removing that terrible wallpaper. The wall are all wooden panel and painted they lend a bit of cottage style. Here is where I left off last post...
This room is a master suite shower room, the sink and toilet are in a separate room. And this is the after.... I used a Cream Of Cocoa color and for some added fun I painted a white worn border with words stenciled such as Shower, towels, soap, hot water all for .25....of course my son asked if he really has to pay, silly!
This is a handy piece of furniture it stores extra towels , soaps etc. in the bottom cabinet.
 An old bicycle basket hangs on the glass door bar. Some one is waiting for me to turn on the shower....or not.
The window is small and rather boring it is also frosted so I placed an o…

Removing wallpaper; a terrible job! but I have an easy solution.

welcome to this terrible no good day! I say that because today will be spent removing wallpaper from one of our bathrooms, yikes I hate that job so very much! But not to worry after many experiments and costly removers that really did not work I have a solution .....just a bit of Dawn dish soap and A good reliable spray bottle and hot water you will be in business. Simply fill the bottle up with very warm water add a squirt of Dawn and just spray on the paper and scrap off with a scraper. My paper happens to be vinyl coated so I have to peel that vinyl off first then just saturate the paper left on and it will peel away very easy.

My my my.......I have my work cut out for me today! But that's ok , Tomorrow will bring clear walls ready for some new paint and décor. This room is just a shower . Please come back next post and I will reveal just what I did in that shower room! Thanks so much for visiting

A REAL LOVE STORY HAS NO ENDING.........Valentines , a day to celebrate LOVE!

Welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air's Valentine! Grab a freshly baked "Welcome Home " sugar cookie made by our little Natalie. The recipe is on the back of the Domino sugar back and has become our favorite sugar cookie recipe.
This is a cute little vintage apron that I bought especially for our baker in training. The cookies are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside very delicious. This pretty cup and saucer belonged to my mom. Handpainted roses and a gold trim.

I used another vintage apron for a fireplace bunting, love the scalloped edging and the cute strawberry. I never intended to use as a bunting but it works well.
I used some old coke bottles and placed an Amaryllis flower in each. The chalk blocks I had shown a previous post, but for Valentines I cut out some pink hearts and attached them. This black and white coloring takes me back in time black and white. Just a simple rolling of the apron and a bunting it became. Cherries and more cherrie…