Monday, September 30, 2013

Wooden wine crate turns into a perfect container for freshley picked pinecone or wild pine from the woods

Hi everyone, I had this wooden wine box that my aunt surprised me with, she scored it from a local liqueur store. I had it for a couple of months stashed until I figured out what I would exactly do with it.

It's perfect for holding pine cones and pine sprigs and light enough to bring into the woods for carrying. The first thing I did was use a stencil and some vinyl spackling and did a little design on the front very simply just holding the stencil in place and filling the stencil ever so gingerly and just letting it dry.

Now a coat of black paint is in order and when that was dry I did a sanding to distress it. I cut a piece of linen and glued it to the box and stenciled with black paint , added some bows and pine cones. I used some vintage lace from one of my grams tablecloths. Take a look....

from this.....
To this, I didn't put that little guy in there but he does look cute. I didn't paint the inside but I did give it a poly spray.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Hi  everyone, happy Saturday to you! Today we celebrate Fall with some fun crafts and cookie baking. I have dug out this cute as a button little woodsy pine tree I bought from Cracker Barrel and we decked it out for Fall/Halloween with bright orange lights and some cute little Ghosts that we crafted from some broke down white Christmas light bulbs. Natalie gave them a coat of white paint when they were dried we wrapped the bottom of the light bulb with  some black ribbon and used cording for the hanging.....

We also added some fall leaves . See trees are not just for Christmas .....

Little Natalie frosts the homemade sugar cookies , she's a pro, Natalie has been my kitchen/ craft assistant since she was 2, she can crack eggs perfectly and can measure out ingredients to! A domestic engineer in the making!

So don't throw away those broke down Christmas lights save them and do something crafty with them. Thanks so much for joining us for craft day! You can find me at any of these fun linky parties.
Too Much Time On My HandsIt's Overflowing

Friday, September 27, 2013


Good day everyone, the air is thick and the scent of witches dark spells are the setting for the annual witch luncheon. Have a seat if you dare! Webs are being spun, the special witches brew is brewing and spiders are lurking along with some other creepy guests.......

I finally received my Spooky Halloween dishes from Country Door and I am so happy with them ! Today the witches will be the first to dine with them .

The crystal is waiting to be filled with a bloody glass of wine.

Spiders with fur will scan the tables before they are used for a potion!

I took an old wine bottle , painted and distressed it and tied a little raffia on it.

A pickle jar was turned into a mummy using white torn sheet material and some light brown paint. Add eyes and you have a cute recycled decoration.

For a mere 20.00 these dishes are well worth it I'm sure every witch will agree.

This table and chairs is in our lodge/ screened in Lanai. A well lived place where you can relax on the sofa and chairs and enjoy a cool drink  or enjoy dinner by candlelight or even watch a movie at midnight seeing it also has TV. The water is just across the street for some boating and fishing no swimming though way too many big gators for that. The laundry room is actually off of the lanai and it has a fridge and a sink with running water so the teens here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air take full advantage of this room. It is not uncommon to see a big stash of fishing poles leaning in the corners of the room. It's quite large and serves as extra dining on the holidays. The table seats 6 , last thanks giving the air was cool and many diners sat around this table enjoying the food and candlelight.

The witches will be sure not to miss any important calls!

These cute little string of ghosts are strung from one chair to another , that was a $ store find.
You can use some spider webbing also from the $ store to create some realistic  smoking look. The spiders are also $ store.
Scary hands attached to the plate stand will creep out all the guests.
Doing a table scape for Halloween is so much fun, I have to tell you a really funny story... A few years ago when I came back to Florida my daughter and I decided we would do a spooky table out in the covered porch for Halloween so we started early in the day it looked really cool . We wanted to put some realistic tone to it so we took strawberry syrup the kind you can mix with milk and did all the rims of the glasses to look like real blood . So when we done e went in to eat lunch. When we came back out about an hour later the whole table setting was covered with bees .. we laughed so hard but we finally got rid of them before the trick or treaters came.
It has been fun today and thank you for coming to lunch  so now I'll hop on my broom and go thrifting! bye bye Stop on by The DIY Showoff for some great inspirational ideas!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Fall Wreath For Outdoors and a Repurposed bow!

So glad you came to visit. After doing all the yard work yesterday I had to make my annual outdoor Fall wreath. I have had this huge grapevine wreath for years and it gets decorated for every season over and over again. Whatever I do I want it to last until Thanksgiving. It's simple just some fall colored flowers and leaves and some dangleling pinecones and a bow. Can you guess what I use to make the bow? Take a look.....

You know those plastic netted bags that freeze pops come in and sometimes fruit? That's what I used. They work well outdoors.

A simple and recycled pretty bow and it stands up to rain better than any other bow material that I have used. So when you buy a product with this netted bag always save them they can be useful !
Thank for visiting Sweet Tea N' Salty Air and I do hope you are enjoying The Autumn season!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I've created some fall crafts for my outdoorway and Got all my fall planting done!

Hey there everyone ,so glad you stopped by! I have been working hard the last couple of days getting the outdoors ready for fall. I have an old ladder back chair that sits on the front steps ,it's sort of the base for all my decorating in that area. I was at Lowe's and they are having some wonderful stuff on clearance I bought a coconut lined metal basket for 2.50 and a string of black and a string of colored lantern lights for 3.00 each reg. 16.00 . So this is a little peak at my front steps. In the back you see a large plant that is a Penta and I have had it in that pot for 4 years and it just keeps growing.

I have a large stock of wooden floor boards that I use for signs, I used white outdoor paint and highlight and letters in black. I took a stiff bristle brush and ran it through the board with some red to give it a aged look and I attached 3 sets of cording with leaves attached to the bows. For the little garland I took some white thick ribbon and tied some check to it along with some cording with leaves also attached. The pumpkin is just a .99 plastic pumpkin from Wal-Mart , I gave it a couple coats of the white and a big Welcome. I attached some leaves to the top and put an electric candle in it that can light the step area up as well. The wreath is a berry/grapevine wreath also attached are some leaves and ribbon. I do miss the colorful leaves up north, we sure don't have any here.


Mums and a tall  ? should do well through the winter as well.

Meragolds fill the front brick bed , they do well with the Florida sun. They will bloom over and over. I usually pick off all the dead flowers and before you know it new flowers appear.

All of these crafts that I have made can be easily done. Lumber Liquidators is a great place to pick up some odd pieces of flooring for signs for little money.  Stencils are very inexpensive and easy to come by. So try a little Fall creativity and Thank you so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air it's been fun!    Domestically Speaking    

Friday, September 20, 2013

Before you kick your tired old sofas to the curb try this little trick to put some life back into your sofa!

Hi there to everyone, so glad you stopped by! I am such a great fan of the Country Door catalog. I secretly placed an order with them , I can't wait and when my package arrives Ill give you a peek at it. But seeing that I spent my said amount I couldn't buy the wonderful couch covers featured in the new Fall Catalogue. I studied them for a long while and the it dawned on me what the whole problem with couch covers that I was having. See I have about 6 doubles of couch covers, seeing that I have two full couches in the living room. Reason being many times we have more than 8 or 9 sitting in there at a time. Ok so back to the problem , it's the bottom part of the covers that I don't like. Seeing that the Country doors couch covers had these terrific ruffle going on makes them so gorgeous, so I fixed all that. I had bought a whole roll of material for about 1.99 a while back, I always buy textiles when I see them cause ya never know when your going to need a good bolt of material. So I measured around the whole bottom of the couches then I cut enough for it to be doubled. You can hem the bottom or not you can use material adhesive for a hem as well. I started in the front center and nailed that in with an upholstery tack. then I just started to gather and hammer. There should be wood where the sofa cushion area starts. Everything just fell into place . Just keep the material even at the very bottom so frequent checking is good so you don't get off track. Check it out....

The material I used is a heavy upholstery material and it is a natural color . Here you see the added bottom ruffle. A country door couch cover I purchased many years ago and a twin size throw to add texture and color and also heaviness.

You can see here that the bottom just hangs there , That's the same for  most covers. I think that the ruffles will go with any décor. Its an inexpesive fix for a covered couch. You could also use a good spaple gun to hold the mataial in place.
See It's gathering and nailing or spapleing into the wood under the seat cousions. Give it a try! Its very easy and has a huge impact on th ecouch. Just tuck every thing up. Give it a try! good luck


Happy Fall everyone I am so happy you stopped by today. I have crafted a little Halloween happiness! I crafted a witches hat out of a grocery brown paper bag and a wash of black paint. The sign directs all of the witches where to park their broom when they are stocking up on all their potion needs.

The sign was scraps of pallets that Mr. S cuts for me. I did freehand using red, black and white. This place has every supply that a witch could ever need! Even already made potions.



It's so fun decorating for Halloween and the kids really enjoy it. Now it's time for me to go park my broom, thanks so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!

I have joined the fun party over at COMMON GROUNDS  hosted by Debra Funky_Junk's_Party_Junk_link_party_150

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A goodwill find from some time ago takes center stage in the kitchen!

Happy Thursday! As I was rumbling through my shed I came across this hanging iron basket that I purchased many moons ago just for the fruit that was attached to it so that I could use them on the glass cabinets in my dining room to match the fruit in my border. I think I paid 5.00 for it . So I pulled it out yesterday and hung it above my butcher block island.

It still has 4 apples attached to it so it fits the theme well and its a perfect place to put some décor, candles or what ever!

A vintage pitcher that I attached a couple of maple leaves and hung  pinecones from , an old apple painted muffin, a pear spiced candle and my favorite little pink rooster that belonged to my great gram.

I draped some red and green wooden beads along the bottom instead of s-hooks maybe later I will change to the hooks.

This is the other fruit that was attached to it that now lives on my glass paneled dining cabinets as pulls. So have you pulled any junk out lately? You never know what I will come up with. I'm working on another Halloween craft project that I will be sharing soon.  Thank so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air it was so nice having you!

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