Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Packing the picnic basket for a late night dinner for two on the pontoon boat, ohlala!

If you ever come to southwest Florida I would urge you to rent a pontoon boat! It is over the top fun. Imagine kicking back board your vessel and watching Dolphins practicing their trickery. Or sipping a cook drink and watching the sun set upon the ocean waters. Pontoon boats are not fast moving but very relaxing. I am packing the basket with some pretty dishes and a lantern to lend some light.

After stopping by our favorite seafood take out we will board the vessel for some relaxing fun, we do not own this Pontoon but I would like to! Thank you so much for visited but it's time to board!

Monday, July 29, 2013

This Little tattered ladder has climbed to the top step of cute!

Thank goodness for the Goodwill Thrift store I   found this little vintage ladder that someone crafted a top on.....so very useful I thought so for 4.99 I bought him up. The ladder appeared to be very sturdy and could open and close with one hand. Here it is in the store state....
I painted the whole table a lite sea green and on the top I used a stencil to create  checkers with black and I also weathered it with some black touches. Just the right piece to set sofa side to set a quick cup of coffee.


I can sit some of my favs on the ladder as well as hang a magazine on the ladder rung.. Often times when our living room is full you may get a seat where you have no access to set down a hot cup of coffee so this little ladder table fits the bill.





So if you see  something that looks a little tattered but think that it could be useful go ahead and purchase and never be afraid to paint it, painting furniture is very forgiving you will be surprised just what you can come up with!  Thank you so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air.


Too Much Time On My Hands

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A trip to Michaels Craft store =an inexpensive housewarming gift!

Happy Saturday! I'll be going to Michaels Crafts store again today, last week I purchased so many candles and chargers. The candles were way discounted the jars were 1.50 and the tall pillars were .70 the chargers were a mere .40. So If you can go there and check out the clearance sale . I need a house warming gift for next week so I started out with this pretty green charger and a strawberry cream pillar.
I used a pretty stencil and did the scallops. I decorated the candle with some burlap, cording, and a pretty coordinating flower. I placed a round of lace and made a burlap ring with some vintage buttons. So actually this pretty gift was about 1.10 not including the flowers, stencil, buttons, paint burlap and cording which I already had in my craft supply . I plan on making allot of these for gifts  I think this with a bottle of wine and maybe some pretty wine glasses is a wonderful gift. So If your going on a shopping trip Michaels would be the place to go. Bye for now out shopping I'm going.......This is my own opinion on Michaels and no sponsoring from Michaels.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sweet Tea N' Salty Air is celebrating with a givaway! Wishes Won't Wash Dishes is the theme

Just to show my appreciation Sweet Tea n' Salty Air is having an old fashion pull the name out of the hat give a way! I made a little something something for the occasion. Theme of the giveaway is Wishes won't wash dishes. The first item is a wishey washey , it's a crocheted dish washer made from 100% cotton , Peaches and Cream yarn my very favorite . The yarn absorbs dish soap so well and kind of makes washing dishes a breeze.
After crocheting the cloth I took a regular can that chicken came in and some material cut to the outer size of the can. Mix 2 parts white glue and 1 part water; brush on the can and then place material on the can and then brush over the material as well. When the material dry's it becomes stiff and I just added some twine and a little lace to complete the dish rag holder.
And here you have the Dish rag and holder. I also made a little sign to complete the theme.
I used plastic bottle tops as bubbles to make this vintage looking sign.
So sorry I can't tell you how I crocheted this dish cloth, I just kind of do my own thing , this girl can't follow directions crocheting to save  my life. My great gram showed me how and after that I made up my own stuff . I did a pretty throw last Christmas for my aunt Patty in Conn.

All you have to do is leave me a comment letting me know what  is your favorite decorating style or what you have recycled recently and turned it into something grand. Next Thursday my little Natalie will pull the winning name from the hat. Good luck and thank you so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. Don't forget to stop by and check the winner next Thursday! This giveaway is solely sponsored by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air.PLEASE LEAVE ALL COMMENTS ON THE FOLLOWING EMAIL-lisaconforto@yahoo.com

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A 1934 Suitcase That Will Warm Your Heart!

As I was driving down the road I noticed a small but quaint yardsale, so of course I had to turn around and take a visit.....this is the very best find ever. A 1934 sturdy and beautiful suitcase but that's not all when I opened it up it was lined with a beautiful vintage material and even better a sticker inside most of it peeled off but I could get enough information that at one time this was a boys suitcase and he went to the Calum Camp. How exciting I thought, this suitcase was actually telling me a story unlike most pieces I buy they just sit and look pretty. The sticker read the directors name: R.C. Callard and their was also a list of what items the camper should bring such as:1 woolen blanket
2 pair bathing trunks, rain hat,rubber coat, mess kit, 1 blouse, bathrobe, handkerchiefs and that's about all I could make out the rest was torn away.
I was disappointed that I could not see the location but I will investigate some more on the camp. This material is stunning and is in ok condition. The suitcase is a golden worn chippy color. I decided that I was not going to paint it but I decide to do a little stenciling The camp name seemed fitting along with an established date being 1934. I just cant imagine what camp was like in 1934 but my mind began to wander that this suitcase indeed tells a beautiful story. Camp for me was on an Island up north and tons of fun including swimming, compititions, scary night time stories around the camp fire, blueberry picking and so much more. Probably the one of the best times of my life. So this young boy is about 69 years old right now if he attended at about age 10. I will always keep this piece close to my heart You kind of get an overwhelming feeling when you examine it in a good way though. It sure brings allot of questions to mind  such as is this boy still alive today? What was camp Calum like?, and of course where was the camp. I paid 3.50 for it. So her it is

The suitcase did not have a handle so I used some strong cording and used some black ribbon and made a shabby tie handle.

I can either decorate with the suitcase standing up such as this.
Or I can use it opened up to display some of my favs.

It's so funny when I read the list to my 12 year old he was so silly especially the blouse and rubber coat. Thank you so much for visiting Sweet Tea' N Salty Air

                                                  I HAVE JOINED THE LINKY PARTY OVER AT , A Stroll Thru Life  Http://www.astrollthrulife.net Come see Marty, she is so very sweet and take in all the wonderful talent!

Monday, July 22, 2013

An old tired little table gets the teen grove on!

Happy Monday everyone! Some don't like Mondays very well but I love Mondays. It means everyone gets out to their designated areas and I can do what ever it is that I do in P&Q. I found this poor little table that would be perfect in the teens porch as a coffee table , not to big and not to high just the right size to set some cokes on while they listen to their tunes.....ooch that does get loud. So this is what she looked like to start. I gave the table a good spray of a water based sealant to prevent water damage.

           Thanks so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!
I did allot of sanding and scraping. Once I achieved the smoothness I painted the whole table Black. Using painters tape I put a few white lines to kind of get the music scale then I gave her a big music sign, I accented with a white wash to give it a weathered look. And her she is...

Friday, July 19, 2013

A Goodwill find and a little shopping in my home creats a new shelf fashion!

It's  Friday ....you know what that means right ? NO SILLY, not the end of a work week, well yes it is but I meant thrifting, yard sailing so I could feed my addiction to thrifting pick up some more perspective projects. I have decided some things that I will be doing in the future such as  a raffle and I will be selling some of my blog redoes....that will all be in the near future. Anyway I bought this great wooden window frame the only problem it was covered with grapevines and double duty staples. If you notice there is a mirror directly underneath it that was a roadside find. After pulling out all the nails and staples I decided to leave the color as is. I gathered some décor from my cabinets to join the window. If you have been following my posts you will know that I have cut up a very old vintage hand crocheted lace tablecloth that belonged to my gram, I have used it in a number of projects and that includes this one. I cut the circles out and made bows by tying them in the middle then attaching them to cording for a cute little something something.



Thursday, July 18, 2013


Wow! I worked on this Christmas Stocking late last evening so no one actually seen it, this morning when the kids woke up I certainly had there attention when they saw the stocking hung by the chimminey with care. Today we have blue bells instead silver bells.
The blue bells were just a mere seed planted by our little Natalie , now they have overrun the porch but they are pretty. And we have inclimate weather brewing, but not snow....
This is what I see from my porch, the usual for this time of year, but that does not get me down cause it's Christmas in July! So to celebrate I crafted this little Christmas stocking, I cut out the stocking from some red felt material, Sewed a red and white checked ruffle to the top . I crafted a poinsettia out of burlap, I just cut some leaf shapes and glued them all in the middle. Then I hot glued some beads to the middle of the flower for , I actually don't know what they are called but they live in the middle of a Poinsettia . For the heel and front of the foot I glued on some lace from an old vintage tablecloth. I hung it on the wrought iron hanger that I got years ago at a yard sale. It's that easy, I have been requested by the girls in the house to make one for them only much bigger.....better get busy.

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