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The cutest little faux vintage tree

Happy day after Thanksgiving, welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. I was cooking for 2 whole days but it was well worth it just looking at everyone enjoying the food and good company it was a wonderful day except some of my children live up North so I was missing them.

Natalie and I were scanning the thrift stores for an easy set up tree for the dining room and we found this cute one piece about 31/2 ft pine tree. The box was vintge and had the name "Pam" on it. So Pam if your reading I gave this tree a very good home. We paid 4.99 for it, a great buy! I knew we wanted to go with the woodland theme so I found these plaid flannel pants that I was eager to cut and make a garland out of. So off we went home to deck this cute tree out!

This little tree is tucked in the corner of the dining room along side a vintage wooden duck and a Halloween owl turned snow owl with a lick of paint.

Red and white birds along with some white paint dipped pinecones.


Welcome friends, so happy you could stop by. I don't know about you but I spend about 75 % of the Holidays in my kitchen creating all the magical holiday treats and eats! I was trying to come up with a more efficient way to get through the holidays so instead of fumbling threw cabinets I decided to put all the kitchen items that will be used on a daily basis on a nice stainless steel kitchen shelf.

 No more rummaging and wasting time. Even the frequently used spices fill a big bowl for easy grabbing. An extra micro /convection oven is ready for breads and pies. Dish towels at my hands along with flour ,sugar and large whisks and spoons etc...
I also decorated it with garland and some pretty blue lite snowflakes.

Everything is plugged in for easy using such as the coffee pot , can opener and mixing bowl. I really dislike all the things congesting the countertops, Now the counters are free and clear.

 For some whimsy an old trolly its on the toaster oven.

 Grammas cheese grater hang…


Welcome! been busy prepping and shopping for Thanksgiving hard to believe it is just a few days away. I will be hosting dinner for about 15 and this year we will be doing a sitdown instead of a buffet  I attached another farmhouse table to the existing one so now I think we will be able to sit everyone down. Although I spend most of my day in the kitchen I think I enjoy watching everyone laughing , appreciating all the wonderful foods and enjoying family that's what it's all about.

We recently acquired a chaise lounge and I want to say it is the most comfortable piece that I have ever sat in, I'm just loving it. So after doing a little thrifting I found this incredible twin heavy duty flannel plaid fitted bed sheet so for 2.99 I swooped it up. My mind scanned a bit about just what was I going to craft out of this beautiful I thought I would do a throw for my chaise.


Hi is it cold outside!  Here in southwest Florida this kind of weather is not expected by "Tourists" , They come to beach, boat, fish and see the sights but with this very cold weather I feel sorry for them.  I'm a northern girl so I know cold only too well but the true natives here in Florida have a rough time with the cold. Many will be wearing heavy coats and hats today, many will be indoors not even wanting to go outdoors at all.

As I had said in a previous post we had to replace subflooring in the bathroom and kitchen hallway. So I needed to have flooring for the  kitchen hallway. I had shopped for flooring and found a pretty dark espresso color so I got to thinking I just may be able to replicate the look myself. So with some prep work such as filling in any nook and craney and sanding I began the process....

Here is the start.

I used Rust-o-leum  espresso color.....this paint is tough and durable and leaves a smooth finish, I used a wood grai…

Hark The Harald Angels Sing

Welcome to Sweet Tea N' salty Air, I'm feeling some Christmas spirit how about you? Christmas  has so many celebrations first and far most the birth of Jesus.  For many it includes special times with family and friends and pets. I myself love all of it but it also includes memories of Christmas's  past mainly with my mom and dad whom have past away. My mom was a lover and collector of Angels and as I was once again cleaning bins and straightening out the back shed I found a box of Angels. They all are different and beautiful in there own I started thinking what could I do to incorporate them into the Christmas décor .
 So your not going to believe this but I decided to give them a coat of white chalk paint, this way they would somehow all "sing" with each other. I felt like mom was looking down on me with a frown....hopefully not though, she knew that I could hardly never leave anything alone with out putting a touch of myself in it. Some are praying a…


Hi welcome, I'll pour you a cold glass of milk and serve you some yummy chocolate white chip cookies and you won't have to pay the nickel! Cookies are a favorite here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. So I thought I would make a cookie sign out of an old rusty piece of tin that I had stashed along with an old wooden frame that would go with my Farmhouse style kitchen.

After attaching the tin to the frame I used a platter to get the right shape I was looking for. I had to trim the tin to fit in the frame so I made a tin bow for the sign. I never knew how easy it was to cut tin, I used a pair of regular scissors.
 Of course after everyone seen the sign they just had to have some cookies and this gang here does not like store bought so I made some yummy chocolate/white chip cookies.
 When working with tin such as the bow here be careful it is very sharp and I have the cut to prove it.

I wanted to paint this sign with vintage style in mind and also something that would not only be …


Welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air, My very special aunts birthday is coming up so I wanted to make her a little something. She was the fun aunt when I was a child......took me to the soda shop for some dishsoap soda, I don't know what it was but it was outstanding! we sat at the round old time stools I can remember spinning around and around. My aunts also took me sledding for extreme fun. I was lucky to have aunts not too much older than myself.  Miss my dad but happy to still have his sisters.
 I found this pretty material at Joannes ,love the green and cream colors together.
 A cording bow with vintage buttons that were my great grams.
 The first part of sewing this was cutting and fraying the burlap. If you have never frayed burlap it is very easy,just sew a straight line as far up as you want the fringe , then just pull the threads until you get the desired fringe you want.

This table runner is super easy to sew and would make a wonderful Christmas present as well as a ho…


Welcome friends! Out with October in with November......already, time is never on my side. That's ok I just go with the flow. I have been visiting some blogs recently that are showing long centerpiece wooden boxes and I truly love the look so........
 I got some scraps of 3/4 plywood together and built a basic box 7in. high and close to 3 ft long.
I wanted the look of birch that I love so well and see allot of in the High Camp Home online shopping.

So I gave it a full coat of brown chocolate color paint,

Then gathered the 2 important tools to pull this look off which is a wood grain rocker and this rubber texture tool. Both can be bought at any major craft retailer. I then gave the box a full coat of cream color paint once the brown was fully dried. When the cream color was still wet I took the rubber tool and moved it across the box  horizontally many time and every inch of the box, carefully wiping the excess paint from the tool as you are going along. You should get a texture …