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Hi there friends! Done any thrift store journeys lately?  As I have shared my recent post repurposing farm table legs and using them in the kitchen , well I found this very unique shelf to also add to the kitchen mix. You can never have enough kitchen shelves right?

 The shelf was just white so I gave it a splash of color and aged it up a bit.
 It perches the new white shallow bowls that I also bought. Love shallow bowls they are perfect for chowders and even sandwich and chips.
 The size was perfect and hung easily as well, Goodwill has 1/2 off day every now and again so almost everything I picked up was 4.99 including the shelf so I paid 2.50.

 Some Mint hanging to dry a bit

 I also found this lovely mirror also 4.99, love the details and curves. I will share that again later after I give this tired look a lick of paint.

 Thrift stores are so much fun! When I get loose in them I am like a kid in a toy store, I ask for everything but I don't leave with everything lol. It's …


Lets take a walk around the gardens! Wish I could offer you a Sweet Tea.

This pinkish, redish beauty has many buds getting ready to bloom
 In the planter box are Petunias, my favorite outdoor flower. As long as I keep them well watered they will be happy.
 This is a sunflower I planted about 15 or so I started them in Egg cartons and it only took 3 days for them to sprout. These will be the American big boys.
 Lots of green onions mixed with the flowers. Love to just walk out and cut Herbs!

 These pop up all over the gardens and ya know what I never planted any of them I think they are a wild flower
I have allot of these succulents the way they keep spreading is that a baby will grow off the end of a big leave and it plants itself into the dirt .
This is a great plant that always has the most beautiful butterflies swarming around it, It is a Lantana. I think they come in other colors as well . I picked this up as a baby in walmart several years back for .99.

Of course the prettie…


Hi there, happy you stopped in, as I had said I have a new computer with a allot of fun picture features and as I was trying some out I decided to do my tour with a vintage look....just love it I would paint and switch everything up to get this color hue!
 Here is a huge china cabinet that I inherited with my new chest that I have shared with some other do dads....

 An Ice box that I bought at Goodwill, I thought it was a dresser because it was facing against the wall when I turned it around I was so surprised and there was no way I was leaving that store without  it at a mere 50$, it is perfect on the inside as well the bottom left is where the block of ice goes, soon I will do an open exhibit and share it with you all. The basket is hanging from the ceiling beam with many more.

We just had some new plumbing put in and this crazy of a crazy lady saved the rusty old pipes so now it is a perch for the bird house!

 Lets step into the kitchen.........
 I crafted this sign from an old gla…