Friday, July 18, 2014


Welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air! Hows your garden growing? You don't need much land to grow herbs and vegetables, just some pots and good garden soil would work. This year my specialty garden project is Herbs, using them all from Mint Sweet Tea to Italian sauce enticed by fresh Sweet Basil. My favorite has been the Dill, my son and I have been making Pickles and they are super yummy! So in honor of my always picking and there for me Herbs I decided to make a set of Vintage style signs. My vintage dresser has always had this bum drawer so I decided to do away with the inners and just make it a "dummie" drawer.  I just couldn't throw away the beautiful pieces of vintage oak.
 I love the look of the aged wood against the black walls. You never really know what you have hanging around the house that you can make into a treasure and the best part is you are making something very old new again.
 These are the Herbs that I am actually growing and using allot of.
 I did not use a stencil , I wanted it to seem "Farm Stand" such a great piece of my past. If you are from Ct. you will know what I am talking about. I would go to the Geramia Farm Stand with my mom or grandma and fill brown bags with fresh grown corn , tomatoes and Herbs as well. Yes we have farm stands here also but as a child it was way more fun!

 I had some artificial Herbs so I attached some small bundles.

Herbology, the study of Herbs including their medicinal purposes .

Have any great old wood hanging around your house? Why not make a kitchen sign?
Thank you for stopping in, until next time get crafty and make a sign.

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Hi there, so happy you could stop by! I have been busy ...busy with garden and house projects. I decided to give the kitchen counters a paint treatment. I will be honest I started this project off with the idea of painting a faux granite treatment and I'll be honest with you I nailed it......perfect White, black, grey and tan paints all pretty in their faux disguise but for me I hated it, I don't even know why I pursued such a venture, My counter love is actually with soap stone. Someday that will be for now I started out with these few items .... An inexpensive  alternative to new counters.

Rustoleum paint, some tan paint painting gadgets and a soon, knife and fork stencil.
So this is what I came up with....

 The first step was a primer just water based, then I did 2 coats of the White Rustoleum followed by a light washing of the coffee color then I used  a trim pad to make the blocks and finally 4 coats of Polyuathane gloss. And finally actually before the Polly I stenciled some utensils on the outer part of the counter just to add some whimsy.
The finished has dried to a super hard finish , no I wont cut on it but that's ok that's what my butcher block is here for. 

I also painted the open cabinet black.

I get the effect of a cement counter top, what do you think?

You may recongnize this grate from it's former place that was over the fireplace. Window grates are widely used in the cities to deter brake ins etc. Actuall around here the only tresspassers are Brown bears and they could just pull the grate off quick just like opening up a can of soda. I thought it added a bit of interest to a boring window. A rag garland of white and black swags across the top. My bucket hangs a long side ready for a trip to the garden to gather.
Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Hi there, welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air! As usual I have been scanning the thrift stores for some décor goodies. First stop Del's Thriftstore ware house. I recently did a post to introduce you to this thrift store adventure. They have everything and anything and always have new treasures. As I was walking through the door this little cabinet was just calling my name.....

This little wooden cabinet stands about 2 1/2 feet tall as was intended for doll clothes such as an All American Girl Doll. But since our little Natalie has not had any interest in the doll I have placed it in the kitchen along side my work center. I placed some kitchen collectables on top such as vintage wooden handled mixers etc..

 The inside of the cabinet has a top shelf a wooden pole for hangers which I hung a cute farm house towel on. An old sifter I'm sure you seen before it's my favorite and an old tin salt shaker. A cabinet this small can fit just about anywhere and packs a huge décor punch.

Next a Good Will find , A vintage serving tray in yellow and that awful Avacodo Green that was so popular back in the day. I hated it then but now I find it very decorative.

This tray does not have any markings on it but it appears to be very old. A while back I picked up this teapot for Natalie and the small cups as well, it just happens that it totally matches the tray.
Hope you have been inspired to shop your local thrift stores , you never know what beautiful treasures you will find. Happy thrifting!

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