A Shabby Pumpkin made from a brown grocers bag!

Hi there! You probably guessed that it was a brown bag craft right off the bat, right? I am so liking working with brown bag paper it is so darn pliable and vintage , rustic looking . I find myself mapping out projects in my head that I will try out next. I figure if I run out of the bags the brown paper packing roll is really cheap cause you all know that I like to project for little or no money. Any way I simply took a large grocer brown bag cut the square out of the bottom then cut strips like about 3 to 4 inches the whole length of the bag. Now you kind of fan them by taking one end and spread them around once you have them fanned well take the ends together and twist , dampen your hands a bit when the paper is a little damp it becomes more pliable. I took a few big pieces of newspaper and made a ball not too tight but loosely . The newspaper ball will be the base so what your holding is something that looks like a wicked witches broom with a much shorter handle. Place the stem you have made and let the cut pieces dangle now you need to staple or hot glue them all to the bottom in place so you have covered the newspaper ball completely. I used a stapler it worked the quickest and best. I also made a couple of leaves and crumbled them and shaded them green. For the stem I just wrapped it with cording. Once everything is in place You can add some paint shading ,I say shading because painting the whole thing does not work ...the paper gets too wet and loses life. once I got it shaded with some white I just picked it up and shaped it a bit till I got the look I was going for.


All and all this may be a little too shabby for some but I can tell you they are so cute if you decorate with vintage style, country or rustic. Its free to craft except for the paint cording and ribbon... so give it a try it's a very forgiving craft which means you can't go wrong. Thank you so much for visiting Sweet Tea N' Salty Air , it's been fun having you!
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