I have pulled out the Family "String Bean" table and gave her the makeover she deserves!

Hello friends! It's Monday and back to business as usual, Monday is always a rush rush day for me. You know the heavy cleaning, changing bed sheets etc. , etc. I managed to get this make over completed. I inherited this very old "string bean table" , that is the name my dear late mom called it. From what she said this table was used to clean the tips of garden grown string beans by the farmers wife. The tired table is overworked but still sturdy. I had it in my sons room with a cloth on it for him to build his military models on. I know ....shame on me, but it was just the right size. When he was sleeping I tiptoed in and pulled a table napping. Don't worry I replaced it with something that will work for him. This table even has square topped nails in it.  I happened to hit the oops counter at our local Home Depot and scored some great quarts of Martha Stewart Paints so I put them to good use.
I used a deep gold color , the thing about oops paint is you have to give them a name so I'll call it Happy Moon it reminds me of the golden color of the midnight moon. I also used jet Black and two different stencils.
This table replaced my Bakers rack. It will be a great desert/coffee station.
I have a favorite sign that I purchased in Fort Myers at a cute little shop and it is a perfect match almost the same exact colors of gold and black.

I couldn't resist using my bird/branch stencil. The Hot Coffee pot was an old steel pot that I painted. Now to rustle up some desert to serve up on the new "Old " table. As always thank you so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!Domestically Speaking

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