Hi and welcome...... you know how you have that piece of furniture that is looking so neglected and it is just crying for a makeover. Funny story about this  bakers rack it like 22 years old and its looking really raged. I at one time used to make money painting , wallpapering and decorating for people around town so I went to this lady and painted her daughters bedroom and then stenciled as well I had told her  before hand it would be 150 for 2 coats of paint and the stenciling well.......when I was done she said she didn't have any money would I mind picking something out of the Speigal Catalogue? Well that's just what I did and so it was this bakers rack.

So I decided to give it a paint treatment and brighten it up a bit.

  It was beginning to rust and scuff so I sanded all the rusting areas gave it a good cleaning.
 I went with a light blueish green hue......to me it says happy!
 A galvanized pail has some picks from my garden my favorite is the Bird of Paradise the orange colored flower that my wonderful  neighbor next door gifted me.

An old Red rooster seed picture

 My old tool caddy holds my favorite blue and white dishes

So why not join me and pull out that piece of furniture that you adore so much and give it the life it deserves. So happy to share with you today!
                                                                      Have a wonderful weekend!

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