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Hi there! happy you are here. I have been working so very hard on this project. I have had a stack of stone tiles just sitting and waiting to be used so.........I had this corner of the yard that just couldn't grow grass so I decided that a nice Italian influenced patio was in order. So I lugged all the stone tiles to the back.

I cleared and leveled the space then added a top soil with peat moss. I began placing the tiles shiny side down. Once I placed a tile I gave it a good hit with the hammer , the tile then became separated such as flagstone. I pulled the separated areas a bit then filled the crevice's with the top soil. My Grandmother had a similar patio surrounded by grape vines to make some very nice Italian wine.

So this was repeated and repeated until everyone was flat and in place. I gave a good walking on all and swept a bit. I harvested a tiny bit of moss but I will have to order it on line. Where moss can be gotten here would not be safe to travel , the everglad…


Hi there! so happy you could stop by today, I have been loving those garden hose wreaths that I have been seeing so shhhhhh, on clean up day I was suppose to throw away the old non working garden hoses seeing that Mr ST went out and bought the caddillac of hoses, but I really took one and stashed it in the back shed in hopes to make a wreath to put on the screen door that leads to the garden. So yesterday I scanned the thrift store for good quality flowers meaning not the $ store ones usually I like anything from there but if I can get the 10$ a stem from the thrift store I will opt for that. You have to search well some may be in an arrangement that you can pull apart some are in bunches taped together. I got these that I used on the hose wreath for 2$ and I still have some left over.

I am not sure the names of these pretty ones but they all seem to go with each other. I just made a circle and wove the hose in and out.

So you ask why does this lady have lattice on her screen door...…


Hi friends welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air! Nice of you to stop by, today I have decided to share a chocolate  cream cake recipe that I have been making for years. Every holiday this cake recipe is made in the form of cupcakes, sheet cake, Bundt cake , you name it, it is wonderful any way you make it! It's like a private party for your sweet tooth that never makes it home until the AM lol! The clincher is that it is so easy to make, I promise. Yesterday we celebrated with the traditional corn beef dinner and for desert guessed it a chocolate cream cake, delicious!
This is so delicious it can be a wedding cake! Moist too! 
Pour yourself a little cold milk and enjoy!  I bought a set of these cute vintage glasses that have a rim of sterling silver kind of wearing off but I still love them , they hold just enough of milk.
For this bundt cake I baked it for about 30 min. but every oven is different. Be sure to check it after about 25 minutes. Never overbake it as soon …

A simple piece of furnure can be used as a room divider !

Welcome! so happy you could stop in today........if you visit here you will know that I often change things up a bit not a bit a really lot!. I think its just a challenge for myself  to see what I can do with thrift finds and how one piece of furniture could be used in so many different ways, such as this piece....

If you back track posts you will see this piece started as a bakers rack  then a mini kitchen island then a decorative piece in the living room but now its working well as a room divider. The dining room is open to the living room but I kind of like that bit of separating rooms. Where I come from we don't really have the open floor plan. I attached a window type frame that has been closed with chicken wire , it gives some more height. Its a great way to give me a reason to decorate another surface. Here are some cow embossed glass bottles filled with some spring flowers. I found the vintage cherry tablecloth at the thrift store.

This cute little apple lamp was also a th…


Hi and welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air! I have something amazing to share with you today! Take a look.........

To what to my wondering eyes should appear ..........about 15 Tomato plants growing on the side of my house in the grass no less! Never I repeat never did I plant these I could never grow such beauties even if I tried! OK this was taken about a week and a half ago this is today......

These amazing plants have grown about 6 inches and are full of yellow flowers! I have thought about moving them or fertilizing them but I decided to let them alone except for some watering. About 2 monthes ago we fertilized with some plain lime. So where do you think these beauties came from? I like to think my dad had something to do with it, my best friend passed away about 3 years ago and he was a dedicated Tomato he could grow some wonderful fruits. So generally when I think of Tomato plants I think of him ......making his yearly trip to the farm market …