Saturday, August 30, 2014

You can make your old vintage canning jars and muffin tins so pretty!

Hi there welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. so nice you could stop by! I recently found some vintage canning jars and some other things such as muffin tins. So I decided to dress them up a bit! I was careful not to interrupt the operation of closing and opening the jar. This craft can be done with any jars at all!

 With a little lick of paint I turned this into a pretty candy jar. I used a light green and then distressed the name of the co. , I made a wee banner that says candy in green and topped it off with some pretty flowers and raffia. I didn't paint the entire jar so the candy could be visible.
 The muffin tin got a lick of black paint and I handpainted the light colored pumpkins , a bow and some distressing was all it took.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Country Door Shutters have a new look married with the Fireplace

Welcome so happy your here! I think I have a touch of "Fall" fever, how about you? Today I was looking for a new look for my fireplace. So I decided to incorporate the Beautiful very versatile shutters that I bought from Country Door. Love that place! I've used them on each side of the dining door and now I have them met up with my fireplace. I used a white curtain and attached it to the back of both for a more solid look.
Star Light , Star that saying. I am using the shutters as a backdrop. I added some other fun things such as colored glass some old photos .
 A galvanized bucket sits front and center with some faux harvest veggies, an unexpected change from flowers.
 A vintage  Rebecca of Sunny brook farms for interest.
 I made a rag garland to add some fun.

These heavy iron hooks are great , I use them for stockings and as you can see this rag garland. Black and white check runner, If you have not shopped Country Door You should take a peek at their online catalogue . Don't tell your hubbies I suggested that though. Yikes!  Thank you so much for letting me share my new fireplace look, you all know that I am in constant state of evolving lol.
Come party with me.....

Monday, August 25, 2014


Welcome , I have been doing some thrifting , I picked up this cute greenish, rustish vintage tool box. I just thought it would be great to hold candles, napkins , cookie cutters etc. the list goes on . Rusty and green in it's original state but for home décor I jazzed it up a bit.

I added a pretty stencil and a colorful faux flower arrangement with a pretty raffia and homespun bow.

Maybe long ago this held some tools but now it would be great for displaying cookie cutters or...
or maybe some pretty colored glass.
You may want to scan your tool shed for some treasures. If you like this piece it is available in my new Etsy shop     CountryElfs. Thanks so much for visiting!           

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Fall is upon us and what could be better than a Festive front door wreath? I have put together this wreath with scraps of material and Raffia. Then faux leaves and flowers are the finishing touch.
Just a 12 inch ring, about 1/4 yard of material some raffia and faux leaves and flowers was all I used for this Autumn pop of color. I just tied the raffia on about 1/4 of the ring and torn pieces of material around the other 3/4.
This wreath can be purchased on Ebay for a reasonable price.

Thanks so much for visiting today!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Southwest Florida Porch That Welcomes Everyone!

Hi there, welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!   Busy as a bee once again. I don't know about you but I am just done with carpeting, the vacuuming, shampooing ,pets etc. It just does not fit well with us. If I were still up North I would welcome warm carpet on those cold snowy days. But here in Florida our porch has to be weather proof, swimsuit proof, airy for the 95 degree humid weather , comfortable, a nice place to sit for a meal, but not too fancy, cozy enough to sit by the fire on our cold  winter nights of about35-40. It has a TV, music any many friends.  I pulled up the old indoor outdoor carpeting and gave the cement a dark stain. Who ever put the carpet down used a lot of glue but they swirled it on so instead of sanding it off I left it so we had some texture and that would be great because when painted concrete is wet it makes it super slippery.

 The bottom wall panels were white so I did a faux wood paint.
I snuck in some vintage items of décor.
This is really a tall shelf but when it is opened up and the wicker flat shelf pieces drop it becomes an interesting piece to decorate with.
The table has a leaf that can seat 8 when needed. I picked up a huge piece of this beautiful material  and made pieces to top all the furniture.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Hi there and welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air! How do you do fish in your neck of the woods? I am from Ct. and a proper fish dinner would be fried fish, maybe trout French fried potatoes and a side of slaw. Well not here where I am which is just a holler away from the deep Everglades. A typical fish dinner here is seasoned and fried fish , maybe a Florida favorite and also my favorite Snook, a delicious warm water Florida fish. Ok , then baked beans and a buttery cheesey helping of Grits also a Florida favorite. Actually it looks something like this..........

 After the fresh fish is caught, thank to my brother-in -law who actually brings fish back when he fishes. He fillets them perfectly and I give them a soak of cool water.
 While the heart friendly oil is heating up I prepare a flour mixture... 1/2 flour and half corn meal. I also add some salt, pepper, and whatever you like.
 Then into the hot oil carefully frying but not burning it only takes about 5 min. on each side.
Make the grits according to the package, a good rule of thumb is to treat them like you would a potato. I put lots of  cheddar and butter, salt pepper.

I think the best way to drain oil from food is on a cooling grid, this way the oil just drips away and doesn't linger on the fish, I do the same for Chicken.
 Its really a great idea to use a heart friendly oil for frying.

So this is the complete Southwest Florida fresh fish dinner, including baked beans and lots of lemon. Thank you for visiting today , I hope I have inspired you to get out your fishing poles and catch some dinner! Now I must get to that plate of food  Until next time .....have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, August 8, 2014


Happy Friday to you! Welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. Summer has brought me lots of work around here and dodging the tropical storms is not easy and if you leave home without your umbrella your pretty much caught out.
I don't know about you but I am a furniture collector, if I see something that really has caught my eye I have to buy it. So I got this bakers rack not really needing it cause I already had one so I got this brain storm that I would take the top off and use the base part as a mini kitchen island.
 It appears that someone built this base using maple wood .
I gave it three coats of polyurethane to protect it.

I lined the 2 drawers with some pretty paper. They hold ice tea spoons etc. I am notorious for taking furniture apart and repurposing it. Look around your home may be you can find something to paint or repurpose just don't touch that favorite easy chair that your hubby sits in! Thanks so much for visiting and have a wonderful weekend!

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