Thursday, July 26, 2018

Make your chair seats pretty again !

Hi there nice of you to drop on in!  Summer is a scorcher here in SW Fla. The humidity is outrageous. Just wanting to pretty up my heavy vintage iron chairs so I thought I would cover them with some pretty material. For this you will need scissors, plenty of staples ,staple gun and a great pair of textile scissors. First you want to make sure the seat base is in good condition mine is wood .

Then measure the material its a good idea to leave at least 3 or 4 inches on all sides.  Cut the material.

Their are many ways that this can be done but I like this one I call it the present wrap because that's exactly what you do treat it as though you were wrapping a present. the best way to start stapling is one side then the other side directly across pull it somewhat tight , Then just staple it on securely . It is best to use a heavy weight material . I see that the Walmarts that have a craft/sewing department  are selling Waverly Material at a great price

I had enough material for some placemats  to match. I decided to not spray the chairs , I love the chippy paint yellow color .

Walmart is having a great summer clearance sale this glass table only 11.00 and it has the whole in the center for an umbrella. 

Meanwhile the Sunflower wall in the garden is tall and happy, all the flowers are out and they tower over everything ….so fun to look at!

Seems so unreal just a little pack of seeds can produce such happiness!


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Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Hi everyone! welcome were everyone is made to feel at home. How many have flat kitchen cabinets or  boring pieces of furniture? I have a simple treatment that will cost a few dollars and interest as well!  I have posted this project a few years back when I first discovered this unique application.

Before we get started you will need paints of your choice a small tube of vinyl spackling , a stencil of your choice , paint brushes, rags. tape  and a nice small scraper.

 ok lets get started first choose your stencil since I already did my upper cabinets with this a while back I chose the same design, so go ahead and tape your stencil in place
 Add small amount of spackling to the scraper and begin to fill in the design on the stencil taking care to move the scarper to all angles until the vinyl is evenly applied you may have to add some more onto the scraper but trust me with this application less is more so don't add too much the stencil should be filled in only to level the design
 once this is done just carefully pull the stencil off and begin another cabinet door
 It should look like this , Now you must let this dry well. It wouldn't hurt to take a run on some cardboard just so you get the hang of it. once it has dried you can paint it the same color as the piece of furniture or your choice let dry

 When all is dry take your original base coat color and sparingly run the brush gently over the dark paint not letting any of the light paint down in the crevices that's why I say use the paint sparingly don't saturate the brush just a little bit of the base paint at a time
 This is the top that I previously had done
It should look something like this when complete

I hope you will give this a can be done on any flat surface , signs, backs of chairs  
Thanks so much for joining me today here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air where everyone is made to feel at home!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A kitchen switcheroo and out of control Sunflowers

Welcome so happy you could stop in...…. all I can say is the heat is on!   The humidity is also high making it a perfect growing ground for anything green . About 3 or 4 weeks ago I purchased a pack of Sunflower seeds so I thought it would be fun to make a wall surrounding the mulched patio in the back yard so it seems that the sunflowers are growing right before my eyes and why would they not with this weather.
This photo was taken on June 26

 This is from today they tower over me no flowers so in about 4 weeks time this is what we have.

All aboard! Just had to share this photo of a little foster kitty he found a comfy place in the wooden boat

 So I decided to switch the drop leaf table with the kitchen island so I could attach the bakers rack just seems like I really need the storage space.
 My very favorite way to cook corn just soak in water for 15 min and put directly on the oven rack and it make the most delicious sweet corn.
 Mr StNSA came home today with a wonderful bounty of fresh Mangos I am going to make some refrigerator jam with them. Of course smoothies and mango cobbler.
 The bakers rack will give me more storage and make things easy for me to get at.It has shelves underneath that house all the mixing bowls and serving trays. I picked up that piece of fish quilted material thought it would add to the sea side vintage cottage summer theme.
 I had this old basket that the woven top had just worn away so I painted and stenciled it holds all my rags

Found this fish pillow for some fun gave him a lick of paint

 Our neighbors baked me this lemon blueberry cake as a thankyou cake for I will over see  construction at their home while they tuck things up back north. The cake is super moist and delicious!

Just a little summer fun!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Its Mango season & youll be surprised the delicious taste & many Health Benefits

Welcome to you !  We always try to make everyone at home here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!  Its Mango Season  yeeeeeh!  Although we lost the most marvelous Mango tree next door , thank you so much Irma!   That tree put out enough fruit for everyone around to enjoy. Even the bears would  come at night climb the tree and banquet on the sweet plentiful  fruit. If I had to describe the taste for those who have not given them a try...…. I would say peach only better!

There are so many ways to enjoy them my favorite is simply peel the skin slice downward away from the pit which is very large,  plate it up with some greek vanilla yogurt and yum!

 Another great way to enjoy them is to slice them up with a splash of vinegar  salt & pepper let it sit in the fridge for a bit and enjoy! Chances are when you buy your Mango at your grocer they probably will not be ripe. A very simple process is just a quick rap in newspaper or brown paper put in a dark place and forget about it for a few days . A ripe mango is soft to the touch and redish yellow in color.

 We Make mango smoothies in the blender almost daily  just cut up mango ,ice and a bit of half & half or you can use juice or milk add a tad of sugar and presto a wonderful smoothie !
Some of the wonderful health benefits are :  Research has found that mangos protect against colon, leukemia,prostate and breast cancers.All of the following benefits of mangos have been researched as well....
 clears the skin, alkalizes the entire body, helps with digestive problems, aides in healthy eyes and may help with Diabetes, It can lower cholesterol and also aides in reducing heart disease, So as you can see it is well worth giving them a whirl. I even made Cobbler out of them, I just substituted the peaches to Mangos. If your a neat nick and prefer pretty cut fruit the web displays ways to cut them into perfection.

Tomato season too! Hope everyone is enjoying their garden bounties!


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