Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Red and White Cow picture, a Pier 1 knock off

Hi There, nice of you to stop in......hopefully your weather is not too bad where you live. I am sorry to say I feel bad for the vacationers that pay so much money to visit Florida cause you know that Sunshine? Well some days we have had really cold weather I checked the temp coming out of the restaurant and it was in the forties, not good if you are here to swim , boat and get sun drenched.

I had been scanning the online shop of Pier 1 Imports and I found this lovely farmhouse Cow picture that I just had to know that feeling when your mind is made up ? no matter what the cost. So I got to really looking at it and decided that it was really easy to make that's what I did. I studied it for a time then gathered a scrap of wood ,paints and some sandpaper and got busy. The first step is painting the whole board red, I then took a ruler and swiped indentations so that the wood would look old and not flat. Next I drew the cow with some chalk. Painted the cow a ream color. I added the Farmhouse words and dated it but I did change that up a bit.

I sanded here and there to make it appear to be vintage.
This was an easy remake, I would like to do a pig and rooster as well. Is this something you think you will try? Just two colors and a good size piece of scrap wood.
Thanks so much for stopping on in today!

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Well hello there, happy you could stop on by. I have been scanning the sheds for some old wood. I was thinking Rooster, so I found a large old piece that would be perfect. I rounded up my Jig Saw which I think all woman should own one. They are inexpensive and handy for most projects using wood. But like with all power tools wear safety glasses and be cautious.  So after gathering everything I began by drawing an out line of a huge rooster. You can use the internet or magazines to get an idea or two. I used chalk so I could erase if needed so finally I got just the outline that I was seeking. So I began to cut with my Jig Saw.  Once it was cut all out I painted the whole form with some home made chalkboard paint. Its very simple just a tad of baking soda to some regular black craft paint.  I wanted something different so I added something unexpected!

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