Friday, May 22, 2015


Hi there ,so happy you could stop by today! Summer is here in Southwest Florida. Time for daily swimming, cold drinks and lots of fun! We got the garden planted and we have some lettuce spouting and also peppers, I 'll be sure to share our garden very soon. The last day of school is on Tuesday, little Natalie can hardly wait. Summer days for the kids include lots of beaching and pooling, library days and plenty of homemade cool drinks such as slushies and smoothies.

With Labor day and the 4th of July quickly approaching I automatically think red white and blue so I had some huge pieces of fabric that was suppose to be pillows but I decided to make a rag garland for the fireplace along with some rag balls to fill up a pretty pottery blue bowl.

Since you have seen my fire place last at a keywest green/blue color I have stained it a barn red ,one of my favorite colors. This craft is simple and all you need is some festive fabric and a pair of scissors.

I simply started a cut and ripped the material into strips about 3 inches wide. Don't worry about the frays you can trim them later.

For the balls I simply took a strip and wound it different ways as you would with yarn, once I achieved the size I just tuck the end in.

For the rag garland I did the same strips but used a piece of ribbon the size of the fire place front and cut the strips to about a foot give or take a few inches and attached them to the ribbon, you can knot them or loop them on.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Welcome so happy you stopped by so I could share this story with you, the weather is hot and humid and we have started tropical daily storms. We finally got the garden planted just in time to get a daily watering from mother nature.

On Thursday evening trash night ,as I was leaving the neighborhood I noticed a huge painting with a beautiful carved frame just sitting leaning up against the trash bins. The first thought was , great I can make a huge chalkboard. Well when I got it back home I studied a bit and actually it was very beautiful in a French kind of way and after doing a little research I found out what a treasure she really is.

What we have here is The Boulevard Haussmann by the French painter Andre Picot. You can actually sit and take the picture in for a long time. It is very detailed including  fancy French hotels, a flower market and very pretty street lights. Chaps with hats and foreign vehicles and lovely flowers.

Although someone stuck some pieces of  scotch tape on it I think it could be repaired. I have signed with an auction to see its worth. It lists online for
1000-1500$. Pirot has passed since 1910-1992    The last painting listed in 2011 and sold for 945$

Soooo! that saying one mans junk is another mans treasure is really true in this case!

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, May 7, 2015


Good day, so happy that you could visit today! What a lovely day here in South West Florida. No humidity and lots of warming sun. Thought you might like to enjoy some Lemonade in the garden, and just for the occasion I crafted a Lemonade sign and also gave the iron garden table and chairs a new coat of black spray. If you remember last summer I shared this garden table that was gifted to me by a lovely lady on craigslist. It was a tad rusty and a white color. Now It has a coat of black spray and is ready to withstand the upcoming tropical storm season. Come on....follow me!

This set is nestled under a hibiscus tree. It never fails to flower everyday, sometimes I pick the flowers and float them in a huge shallow bowl   with floating candles.
I crafted the sign from some leftover flooring.

Thanks for stopping in today....have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Love is in the air..........A WEDDING GIFT THAT THEY WILL LOVE!

Hi friends, thanks for coming by today! Hope you are enjoying the spring weather where ever you dwell. We had a wedding last weekend, I was looking for some thing on the personal side, something that would clearly remind them them of that magical day they said I do. So I picked up a good size wooden frame, some dark burlap, flowers and bow material.
 I carefully cut the burlap to fit the frame careful not to cut too small.
 I then stenciled the name date etc..
I took the white frame and aged it up a bit with a brown tone to match the burlap, I did a white floral spray on the top corner accompanied by a silk golden bow.

This project was very inexpensive and the end result makes a wonderful wedding , anniversary gift. I was in a hurry so we have the window reflection in there but I just wanted to share this great gift idea with you all.   Not to worry you can bring that special wedding gift and still keep your budget.

The wedding was wonderful, it took place at sundown in Ft. Myers Florida on the water. The hall was just about on the water and you could see the beautiful sunset on the water as you dined. The couple along with the wedding party were beautifully attired. The mood was that of magic as everyone danced and enjoyed the delicious foods.

So why not get crafty and make one! Thanks for letting me share

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