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Just another Faux brick in the wall.........

Hi happy you could stop in. Our weather here in southwest Florida has finally cooled down, warm in the days and just right to sit by the fire pit roasting marshmallows. Not a drop of rain has fallen so we are in our dry season.

I have been busy with yet another faux brick accent wall. I can't help to think of the song by Pink Floyd "Another Brick In The Wall".  If you follow along here on STNSA you have seen a backsplash brick wall and also brick around the kitchen window. This time I covered the Painted slat wall into bricks. I also repainted the coffee table and end table with a shade of dark barn red. The whole room seems to pull together in happiness.

 Only three items were used to execute this faux brick. Brown paint, white paint and an everyday kitchen sponge......oh and lots of dabbing !   I had gotten a catalogue in the mail and I had seen a brick wall such as this and immediately had to craft one.  

The first step is I painted the whole wall white.


Welcome...hope I find everyone enjoying everything Fall has to I see it I think that it may be everyones very favorite season. Here in Florida we have no changing leaves or Acorns but we do have some magnificent pinecones and a recent discovery of The Florida paper tree. My daughter and her friends went to the woods to gather some wood for the outdoor fire pit and as I was passing the wagon of cut logs I noticed they resembled birch tree a bit so I went and checked it out better. One of the logs was peeling apart oh I thought this is very cool so I grabbed a few logs and brought them on in the house I peeled one apart.

 I thought I would try a couple of things first I covered a old floor board entirely. I used wood glue.

So I crafted this lodge sign just using some stencils and paint and attached these two?, sorry they look like a type of pine cone they were interesting so I gathered some.

 Then I thought I would peel off some big enough pieces to wrap around just a typica…

MY 5.00 rolling metal filing cabinet gets a new name as kitchen island....

Welcome nice of you to stop in.  I had shared the story of this rolling metal cart way back when this is the link if you care to take a peek   It was just a 5.00 fun piece that I picked up at the church thrift store, little did I know that it would become one of my favorite and useful pieces. I just needed a little something kind of island so I pulled it from the bathroom where it was the keeper of towels and brought it back to the kitchen for some cooking and storage fun!.   I gave it a total new look one with some fun ! 

First I gave it some paint and I love red so I just did the bottom shelf red as well as the rooster stencil.

I bet you cant figure out what I used for the top? A couple of months ago I found this sheet pan I had wanted one for a long time but when I got home and tried it in the oven it was too big to fit. So The shhet pan serves as a top for my little island. It works great becau…