A cute Autumn wreath for no money at all! Everything is from the earth except paint

Hi all, happy Friday to you! Finally got the dried out Mexican Petunia wreath decorated, thought that I would somehow incorporate pinecones in the mix. Remember the wreath went from...
To this after it was completely dried out....
And now to this after it was slightly white washed and decorated.....
I decided to make the flowers out of Pine cones, wow what a job trying to cut them in slices. First I tried a good sharp kitchen knife...no way. Then I tried this-
And voilà, finally the electric meat slicer worked but be careful trying this at home you could burn it out quickly, I love the pine cone flowers so much that when I venture out Saturday I will buy the proper tool to cut them efficiently. I will have to let you know when I find out. So with all the stuff I needed to do this wreath was actually in my own backyard so to speak...free of charge.
One of the sweetest kids ever Shayla wanted to make a little something for her mom so she painted the flowers . What a great way to welcome Autumn with a wreath. Once I get the cutting of the pinecones down I will definitely be making some more of these very pretty pinecone flowers. As always thank you so very much for visiting Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!Too Much Time On My Hands

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