Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Happy New Year to you and your family! So happy you stopped by to visit. You may be planning a great New Years of excitement! Not me , we are quiet celebrator's , you know a nice dinner and good company. We keep the night alcohol free seeing that we are offering rides home to friends that may be just slightly intoxicated. We do this on a running basis in honor of my daughter who got in a friend of a friends vehicle and nearly lost her life, she surely did have god guiding her that night after rolling 5 times at a speed of 119mph hitting a pole and landing on the side of a house. We thank god every day for sparing her. Soooo that's why we pick up and drop off with no questions asked.

It's also time for resolutions, for some they hold true others have good intentions but leave their resolutions high and dry. That's why I always say not to make your resolutions to unrealistic. And I also say that it's better to have had a little resolution than not to have had one at all. Well friends it's the beginning of a whole new year..... time to be healthy, love and protect your family, laugh a lot, be kinder to your grumpy neighbors, live in your kids world, spend it when you have it, help someone less fortunate and have fun in your everyday life! Happy New Year and be safe friends.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Winter Break From School means Painting fun and some old fashioned popcorn with oodles of butter!

Hi there, Its school winter break here and I don't know about you but I needed to find some good clean fun to keep these kiddies occupied. Since we bought a small professional popcorn maker to go with the big screen 3-D TV I set up a little popcorn , candy and soft drink station so today we all painted a sign .

We used an extra piece of wooden floorboard with Natalie Putting the first coat of red and helping with the letter ring then I  painted a little vintage on with a stiff brush using some brown paint.
When I was done taking the snaps of the sign I wanted to take a picture of Natalie with her big bowl of popcorn but I was a little late.
The popcorn was almost gone. Popcorn is a great snack for children over 2, too sweeten the pot just a few M&Ms on the side a soft drink and a great family movie will put a smile on any child's face. Today was a fun day at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!  Thanks for visiting!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Sweet tea N' Salty Air has been out shopping You would be surprised to see what I can get for 25.00 at my favorite country store "Cracker Barrell"!

Hello there, so nice of you to stop in, I have been out shopping. Every year the day after Christmas I shop at Cracker Barrel. They have the nicest unique items there. The best part is that many items are at 70% off. I had a gift card for 25.00 so I quickly scanned the store and ended up with a huge bag full of treasures....lets take a look.

I got a huge roll of burlap for 1.25, a set of pretty jars, two of the cutest vintage looking birds, really salt and pepper shakers. I found a unique cake stand made of tin, I was thinking the birds nestled in a nest of raffia on the stand would be cute. The only thing that was not on sale is the plate, they had the cutest section of Jadeite pieces.

The jars will be cute holding some buttons or marbles.

The tin pedestal reminds me of birchwood. It is very unique. Every year when I take down all the Christmas  décor and tree I always have some new stuff on hand to spice up the rooms a bit.

It would be well worth the trip to visit your hometown Cracker Barrel, the staff there is so helpful and friendly and the homemade country food is so delicious. The wonderful attendants take your stuff as your shopping and wrap it up with tissue and by the time your done everything is ready to go!. I will be going back for some other things this weekend so all I spent was 25.10 opps I went over .10 

So have you found any day after Christmas bargains? Happy shopping, crafting or just resting! Thanks for visiting Sweet Tea N' Salty Air.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A 2014 New Year Mantle!

Hi there so happy you could stop by. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and most important some great time spent with your families. Today I decided to decorate the fire place mantle for New Years Eve. Just less than a week away! The first thing I did was go through the clothing that is ready for donation so I found a white shirt and a fancy black one I had and started ripping and tearing to makethis shabby garland.

I took a charger and painted it with chalkboard paint and chalked a clock. A pottery barn pail hold some celebration and a white candle dressed in black tie. I found 2 fancy glasses from International Silver Co. so I blacktied them and put some tealights in them.

You will be surprised what you can do with some old clothing.
The charger is painted with chalkboard paint ,the numbers are just chalked on so I can use it for whatever I like.

A shape cut from a vintage bookpage just taped on to the galvanized bucket displaying the upcoming new year 2014.

Hope no one will miss this dress shirt, if so I'm sure it will not be identified in this state.

Monday, December 23, 2013


Hi there, so very happy you could stop by, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and to thank you so very much for being a visitor here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air through out the year. I t is such a pleasure to share my crafts, decorating and recipes with you! While Jack frost is not nipping at my nose I still feel the Christmas spirit! Soon enough the children will be out sprinkling the magic dust on the front lawn so that Santa will find them ! The sweet smell of homemade cinnamon buns will fill the Christmas morning air. I will hear the giggle of excited children scattering about anxiously waiting to gather round the tree. But most important it is the birthday of our sweet Jesus a celebration indeed.
Little Natalie!

A 12 foot snowman that stands guard
A last minute Merry Christmas sign made from old wood flooring
 These blue snow flake garland the front of the huge snowman

I just could not through away the paper rolls from the wrapping paper so I made some fire logs out of them with some paint using white and brown and 2 different paintbrushes for texture

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Hi there, were down to the nitty gritty, Christmas is almost here! Today I wandered out to the fire pit and my daughter and friends gathered some firewood and I came across this branch. Hmmm I thought I could turn this into a hat and coat tree, I could use it to hang baskets, I could decorate it for the holidays! My daughter does not like when I swipe wood she's going to use for the fire pit, maybe she wont notice shhhh. OK this is what I came up with.....

 The first thing I did was wipe it down with some spicy wax that I had from my scented wax melts, then I took some bathroom adhesive caulking and rubbed some on to look like snow . And last I took some artificial snow and added it onto the adhesive and a quick spray of Spray starch on the snow.
 I hung a basket filled with pinecones....
 Santa hangs on a rope of holly leaves...

 I hung a lollipop strand with some tiny scissors for treats for the little ones so they can just cut one off the strip!
 A great place to hang your winter hat! Don't laugh I know I am in Florida but it does get down in the low 30's Brrrrrrr!

 I can even put thumbtacks in it for additional hanging


I can't wait to decorate it for the holidays, I have big plans for this adopted branch. I'll have to keep my eye on it so it does not go to the fire wood pile again! I surely don't like venturing into the woods due to all the wildlife meaning bears, snakes, and panthers oh my! The deer are so fun to watch though. Thanks for stopping by today!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Welcome to our country Christmas tour!

Hello there so happy you could stop by , I would love to share with you how we do Christmas her at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air! Grab a nice cup of Cocoa and enjoy....
This room is warm and cozy a great place to sit and watch some Christmas movies and sip some cocoa.
This cute little Elf house is a Christmas favorite!

The tree is filled with white lights and ornaments along with candy canes and checked bows!
This vintage chair holds a copper painted bucket filled with snowballs
Santa baby! coming down the chimney tonight!
This little wooden cottage was a gift from my mom about 10 years ago , every time I take a look at it it brings back some precious memories of Christmas past with mom.
This is a vintage  Christmas trolley one of my favorites an elf in front and Santa in the back!

My little Annalee Elf is busy climbing the Tobbacco ladder to add a few finishing touches to the tree! Huge twinkling snow flakes hang from the wooden beam .
I made up a new serving area out of an old wooden desk with a glass top Just put some pretty coverings over it added a mirror and some décor , placed the glass top right over the lace material and a perfect place to serve up some red velvet cake! 

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