My family thinks outside weed wacking but......I have a little craft I do out there on the side!

Hi everyone so glad you stopped by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. Lets go on outside I want to show you some stuff around my yard and a cool craft that's completely free. Shhh lets move it while the movins good. I am actually weed waking but not the whole 2 hours my family thinks it takes me. If you recall I introduced you to the Mexican Petunia that I had cut and brought in on my mantle display.
They spread like wildfire but that's a good thing because I have made this terrific discovery...seeing that the plant is stemmy somewhat like a grapevine. So when I began plucking them back I took some stems and began to create a wreath such as a grapevine you just start with a round shape whatever size you desire and keep weaving in and out around and round. So before introducing this to the world I did a trial test to see if they dry such as the grape vine do. Take a look just after I put them together.
The leaves will dry out and fall off. But all and all it is the same look as a grape vine wreath maybe even better. This is what it looks like when al the leaves have fallen off and it drys.
So with a little tucking and shaping I have a fall wreath to decorate. My neighbor sees the Mexican Petunia as a nescience but I see it as upcoming craft project. So when my family sees me coming in all sweaty from making wreaths weed wacking you all know what I'm up to. Let me show you some other goodies but watch carefully for snakes they creep up on you quick. My daughter and I had to shoot a poisonous one a while back it was wrangling the cat and was very aggressive so we had to, normally we would not harm any of the wildlife we have. We have had our cat for 12 years so it was either him or the cat and we love our little "Pumpkin", did you guess he is orange? Ok this is Aloe Vera, I grow this for a few reasons:
We often have guests from up north that sit in the sun too long and end up with a terrible sun burn so I take a piece of my Aloe and slit it to get the gel substance out and they can put it on the burnt skin and it will automatically become soothed. I also make soap and incorporate Aloe in my soap. I have many things that just pop up in the gardens such as this very pretty plant

When I went to check on some other stuff I came across this, I don't know what it is but I never planted it. We have so many birds around so that is how these odd plants come about. Such as this tree that appeared in the front walkway.
I was going to pull it up but I noticed these tiny pink flowers on it so I left it ,don't know what it is but it looks like an oriental tree and lends a little privacy to the patio sitting area. So I guess Ill keep it for a while. Her are some other things around such as limes, they are my neighbors but he wouldn't mind if we picked a few. And the lovely Hibiscus.

I do grow some pineapples but they take allot of time to mature. And also my little garden buddy who rests on a piece of citrus wood he is so darn cute! Southwest Florida lends allot of greenery some I plant others that just pop up. Some that grow too much such as this tree would you believe it started out in a dish garden, we had a mini tornado come through 2 years ago and it pulled this out of the ground so we re planted it and it grew crazy. 
Thank you for touring the grounds here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air, it has been fun!

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