About me.....

I am a northern girl living in a Southern state. Even though I am in the south I live a northern life. My home is decorated northern style. I really don't care for Palm trees but a love a 12 ft. high fir tree. My biggest thing is that when I do a craft or buy a vintage piece to paint I don't ever want to spend a fortune. I love to go thrifting because I never know what treasure awaits me. I have a Series of children's books that have been published I also did the illustrations. The series is based on stories that encourage using resources on hand to provide fun for families where as they may be monetarily short.  The Very Compromising adventures of  Thumby Blackstone  can be viewed and bought on Amazon or any major publisher.
Holidays are wonderful! I am a certified holiday junkie!  Love to decorate , craft and enjoy company. I would love for you to join me on my adventures and don't worry you won't need to break the bank!