A very ugly roadside mirror turns to a beauty & some summer mantle decor!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday, I am going out to the Everglades through all the back roads so I can share the native beauty with you all. You can spy Alligators sunning on water banks ,so many species of birds, along with some exotic plants and if we are lucky we will see a Bermese Python that is quickly populating the glades. More on all that in the near future. I was trying to find a large round mirror to put on my fireplace but had no luck then when I did a little shopping out in my back shed I found this scalloped mirror that my neighbor was throwing away that I took out of the trash. Someone took care to make this they cut out each piece and put it together with lead. I just simply painted a checked border and highlighted the lead with black paint. Now I love this reborn mirror and it is a perfect fit for the mantle.

The wispy purple flowers are so lively , they are Mexican Petunias and they grow crazy here in the deep south . You can cut them and put them in a vase and new flowers will bloom for a really long period of time. The glass egg dish was my grams and is one of my favorite things. I have not been able to decorate my mantle for a long time due to a TV invasion . Finally we got a ridiculous 72" TV and it won't fit any more so I have my mantle back, yaaaa. Love to decorate it for the holidays and seasons. Please keep in mind that anything you see in my posts are free or bought with very little money. So remember keep your stash don't throw it to the trash. Thank you so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air it's been great having you!

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