Thursday, January 30, 2014


I there , thanks for visiting Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. The weather here is cold and damp and rainy... well I guess it's southern New England Weather.  I recently went to Michael's Craft store, my favorite place to get lost in. I happened to see these very cute cardboard boxes. Nicely decorated but the prices were very high just for a cardboard item. I had been saving the huge Gain detergent boxes thinking that I could use them for a craft and that exactly what I did. This pretty Michaels inspired box will hold little Natalies special trinkets as she grows up .


Hi there, I see so many of you have snow..... I'm so jealous! I miss that snow, I miss that snow so much I am thinking about living in Alaska in the future. Love the cold weather! Keep warm and drive safely.

I have redone the sign that we have bought on the thrifting adventure and I have hung those pretty plates. Plates on the wall are a beautiful thing, it compliments a room and somehow completes the décor.

I gave it a coat of vanilla ice cream paint , worded it and gave it some sanding. The holes that were drilled I used some scraps of material and tied up some shabby strips of color. It's a lil bit country with some vintage love!

The plates are a great contrast against the cocoa walls. I guess its time for us to plan another thrifting adventure.

Thank you so much for coming by!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hi there , today I will share the next 2 arrangements with the 3.99 Hydrangeas bought on the thrift adventure. So if we break down the  3.99 price it's about 1.33 per arrangement.  So I decided to craft a wreath, it's time for a new one! I crafted the wreath itself a few years ago, so I made some shabby bows and painted a small birdhouse and put it all together.

I used the remaining flowers in my vintage milk pitcher.for a decorative pick I cut some hearts out of vintage pages and added burlap in the middle.

Girley insisted on being in the photo along with the clothes pin she carried up. Thanks so much for stopping in can't wait to share the sign and dishes in the next post!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I there I am excited to show you what I have made from those 3.99 beautiful hydrangeas. I actually made 3 very pretty arrangements each with a little touch of personality. Over the next couple of days I will share the next two, for today this is a little vintage style....

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 I took out one of my huge tomato cans and gave it some red and ice cream color craft paint. When it was dry I did a little sanding for that aged look. I added a small bow out of some scraps and some rough edged burlap around the rim. I only used 2 of the picks  and the other 5 I will share the next two days.
I used some upholstery scraps to craft some handles. When you buy good quality silk flowers you can dust them of by just putting some regular salt in a big brown sack put the flower in and close and shake, that will leave your flowers dust free. You can spray some scented oil also.

I had saved a plastic milk container so I cut a Heart out of it and painted it with chalk paint so it can be used as a Valentine pick.

So I have figured out that each of my arrangements have cost me $1.33! not bad I did not make any other investments, I used scraps of stuff from my craft room.  Don't forget to stop by for the second arrangement tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping in today!Grab button for GREEN wILLOW POND You can find me at any of these fun parties!Savvy Southern Style

Monday, January 27, 2014


Hi there, nice you came by, It's regular warm weather here today in southwest Florida. That's good because the tourists deserve to have some fun here in the Sunshine state. I went to the scraps of wood that I have stashed for signs, I am going to start my Etsey store up so I wanted to make a little something. I know that cabin/fishing décor is in demand many people are decorating with that theme, me mainly in the guest bathroom. I made it to look like an old vintage sign that has hung for many a years.

High Camp Home is a great place to get some real outdoor/cabin décor, but the prices are a bit steep.

I added a little fishing jewelry to the side and gave it a couple of coats of sealer.  Thank you for stopping by today and I am glad I could share my latest sign that I have crafted.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Hi there thrift shopper! Today I just had time for one thrift store visit, so I ventured on in my local goodwill, not to big of a place but lots of treasures to be found. Just for fun I put myself on a 10 dollar budget with plates on my mind to hang on the wall. I only had 45 minutes to spend that 10 dollars so off I was.

First stop furniture, never know when you will find a great mirror , mirrors are my weakness but not just any mirror it has to be a vintage nature. Nothing too good in my price range ,don't laugh I have seen really cute pieces in there for 10 or under!

Now lets scan all the houseware isles, oh look here really good quality silk flowers! yey! Hydrangeas just what I was looking for, they cost about 7.50 a stem at the craft store and this whole bunch of reall nice flowers for 3.99, I think we will buy these for sure. Did I mention that Mr. STNSA is with us?? He minds his own business and mostly checks out the electronic department, since he found his Bose speakers are windows shatter a bit when he plays a movie on the big big screen TV. Men? You gotta love them.

Back to business , ok today is red day here which means any thing with a red price tag is going to be half price! Do they have color day at your local goodwill? Oh my look at this wooden sign, its unique with the holes drilled out on the bottom! We are definitely buying this , it has a red tag so it's priced 6.99 so it will be 3.50. Not bad! I will think up something cool to do with it.
Ok we are going to have to speed it up lets get to the dish isle!  You check over there and I'll check over here and the Mr. can scan the top shelves that I can not see a thing on , I am only 4ft 11" the world is not short people ready that's for sure. I'm looking for something light colored about 3 or four dishes that all play the same tune if you know what I mean? Great! you found them, very nice!!
The little platter with the pink ribbon form is from a gift shoppe in Rollag, Minnesota named The Blue Willow. So very pretty and a red sticker yey! so 2.99 it will be 1.50. The other 2 are .50 each and they all seem to be playing the same tune! So how much have we spent? Lets add it up!

3.99,3.50 , 1.50, .50, .50 ok we are right on budget!  Its been fun shopping with you we will have to do it again next week!  Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventure , please come back soon so I can share what I have done with all the thrift finds!


Hello, so nice of you to come by! I'm still scanning the house and changing everything that I really don't truly love. Like the picture above before I painted and gave it a bit of shabbiness! My coffee table was a thrift find but it is all constructed of wood and that is what I like! No press board for me, many pieces of furniture that is sold today is not made up of all wood. It's good to ask many questions when buying a new piece od furniture. This is why I love to find my pieces at thrift stores etc. , most olden pieces were crafted only of the finest woods.  My coffee table has big chunky pineapple style legs and that is the best feature about it. The middle has a place for a piece of glass to fit snuggle in the middle where at time I place photos underneath. The big problem is that the drawer in the front never worked the correct way so I just left it as a dummy drawer. I just was not happy with the whole drawer thing so I crafted a little rag curtain for that place and it seems to fit well and matches with my farm/country/vintage  Everglades feel. I call it shabby  farm/country style! The color I painted it is a hot cocoa with red time lines if you may. So If you have a good quality piece of furniture don't toss it just yet. Really look at it and see just how you could change it up by adding paint and maybe even some shabbiness! Thanks for coming by I really love the company and sharing my crafts with you!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Hi, nice of you to stop by! Woooo it's cold outside in the later 30's. Hope everyone is able to stay safe and warm. I went shopping in my shed and found this magnetic calander with a stand up in the back so it is similar to a stand up frame. It was black and had a calendar printed on it with a magnet to move the day around, not really functional so I gave it a few coats of chalkboard paints.

I made up a little jewelery to hang off the side such as this for Valantines Day. I can move this from place to place easily and get my messages out there.
As a menu board in the dining room , we drilled a couple holes in a silver fork to use as the board jewelry.

The magnets can hold messages or coupons such as this to remind him to bring donuts to go with the  freshly brewed coffee. This board is very versatile and so portable and the back frame is really sturdy. Thanks for joining me here today!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hi there, whooo it's cold in Southwest Florida today! The poor Animals in the close by Everglades are going to be very cold. And I must apologize to all the vacations from the North I am sure you didn't come here for the 35-40 degree weather, BAD FLORIDA!   The beaches are out but we still have so many attractions in all parts of Florida. Look at me I am not even from these parts I'm a yankee girl. Stay warm people and be kind to your older neighbor and give them a hand shoveling even though they may be a bit grouchy.

Saturday I took along visit to Michaels' craft store. To buy and pick up a bit of inspiration. Now if you know me mostly all my craft projects are from repurposed items or very inexpesive investments, because we "compromise" and we repurpose right? A great way to go. You give things that would have been thrown away a new lease on life and you don't break the bank yah!

So as I scanned the store for some craft paints etc, I came across these cute little jar pin cushions , so darn cute and if your a sewer like me these come in handy. Wow I thought I have been saving a few jars here and there so I crafted one of these cuties! Now it's my own design and colors , thiers looked very different. Lets take a look.....

This would be a great gift for that someone who does a little sewing!  The jar was just painted and you could go with any colors that you like and then its just taking some poly fill and covering it with a pretty piece of material and glueing it securely in! So easy. I made the paint look a little aged and worn. I am going to make some more so I have some cute gifts on hand for all my friends. So don't be hasty and throw those empty jars cause you can make them more pretty than when they were fist used!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hi there so happy you could come by , I am excited to share this with you, a very old first aide kit. It does look kind of scary though, being a certified first aide /CPR specialist it still looks scary!. I happen to be scanning the back shed way on the top of a shelf and found this,

A black tin box that seems to include everything one might need for an injury , it so differs from mine. Times have changed this set does not include a mouth piece that is included in my kit. That is a very important part for doing mouth to mouth to prevent diseases. Back then I don't think they were thinking of that. This kit did not include a Snake kit which mine does.......just in case, where we live so very close to the Everglades we always have Snakes slithering about!
 Even an illustrated poster to walk you through your first aide endeavor . I don't see any saran wrap either that I include in mine that will keep wide open incisions in the stomach area in place until the medics arrive. This bottle and these sticks look extremely scary, especially to a wounded patient. You will never guess what's in this little bottle? Well its similar to smelling salts for fainting it is Aromatic Spirit Of ammonia, Yikes! ! !!!

Even safety pins to hold the gauze in place. Also included is a tourniquet, wow! What really looks scary is thoses small sticks!  Double yikes!!! The best part about this Auto kit #8 is that when you use up something they include an envelope so you can send for a replacement free of charge!   

When I saw this kit I thought about how I would display amongst my decorative items and this is what I came up with , I made a sign that I thought would be fitting,

  Thank you so much for stopping by today! I really love the company!!!
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Monday, January 20, 2014


Hi, so happy you came by, hope your Sunday is peaceful at what ever your doing. I tackled another kitchen eyesore today. There was a place in the kitchen that had an opening for a dishwasher we did not put one there instead I came across a cabinet with a bow front great for canned goods that fit there almost perfectly except for the 8 or so inches on the top I had baskets there but I tired of the look. I thought about a tension rod and a little curtain that I would make. But I decided that I would try a little rag curtain. So I gathered some small pieces of material scraps and tried it out. What do you think?......It certainly is shabby, this is the area that I usually stash pie plates or a bigger item from the grocers.

I used some red and cream checked, black checked  and some lace. just tied it on some heavy cording so its not permanent.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Trying To Take Care OF All The Little Eye Sores That Really Irritate Me! Such as the Shelves On My Kitchen Butcher block

Hello, so happy you have stopped by today! It is super cold here in Southwest Florida! Cold enough to leave ice on the windshield in the early AM ! Thank goodness I work here , even though I am from snow country It's better to be warmer. Everyone left with thermal clothing , gloves and Hot Chocolate in hand! Thank god for mom huh?

One thing besides the accent wall that I really didn't like is my butcher block which gets used a very lot every day! The color was painted to match the cabinets but just wanted to snaze it up a bit so I took some black chalk paint and painted the shelves, aged it up a bit with some light paint and a brittle brush. I stenciled the front to give it some character. Bakery seemed fitting at least that's what my family thinks it is. Lets take a look....

A large black glass bowl that once lived its life as a huge glass shade for a light fixture but has come back to life as a bowl painted and large enough to hold all the important gadgets of cooking such as measuring cups, spoons, funnels etc....
Baskets below hold all useful things that are used daily. Two wrought iron tomato's have hooks to hang dish towels.  A little paint can change a piece of furniture enough so you can love it again! Don't be hasty and toss it to the curb when you can make it look lovely once again! Thank you so very much for letting me share with you until next time keep warm!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A No Sew Valentine Placemat or Table runner!

Hi there, so happy you stopped by so I could share this super easy , super pretty no sew Valentine either can be used for placemat or a table runner. All you need is some upholstery fabric some reds pinks or whites of scraps of fabric a good pair of material scissors and that's about it. This craft would make a wonderful surprise Valentine gift for someone,

This is as a placemat. You can make these as big or as little as you like.

The reason for using the upholstery fabric is that is heavy a normal cotton will be too light. This would be a great activity for children to join in on.

As a table runner  or a placemat!

 First cut the heart to the desired size.
Make some small holes on the perimeter of the heart, careful not to make them too big, just enough to fit the ripped material through.
Take your material that will accent your heart and rip it into about 2 in. wide x about7 or 8 inch pieces. Take the 2 cut ends hold together put through the whole and make a  loop and feed through then pull not to tightly.

Thank you so much for stopping in today , hope I have inspired you to join me and get Crafty!

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