Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Thrifted Pottery Barn dust ruffles and 3 6x9 canvas paint drop cloths make beautiful sofa covers

Hi friends, my poor sewing machine has been overworked again! I have been admiring the sofa covers I have seen made from Painters drop cloths, so I came up with this idea to take it up a notch. I have had these wonderful  white ruffle bed skirts that I picked up on a thrift journey and I purchased 3 6x9 canvas drop cloths and sewed them up as 2 sofa covers. I had to cut one length wise to add to the back of each of the other 2 drop cloths. The drop cloths were about 10$ ea. So for about 35.00 I have 2 sofa covers.

Lots of pinning and sewing!

I always buy any items that are Pottery Barn ones, never know when they will come in handy!

A whole day of sewing including measuring, pinning etc. was well worth it. I added some shabby bows at the sofa arms

The next day I crafted some pillows out of scrap material


The sofa table is coded with blue hues

A rooster sack pillow for fun!


Little princess wanted to be the first one to test them out. After being sat on by a few they seem to stay in place better than couch covers that I have paid allot of money for.

I also added a lick of paint to the coffee table , it was all cream color so I added a farm house top of brown to give the light covers some contrast.


The fullness and look is far better than any cover ever purchased, now I know what all the hoopla has been about with canvas drop cloths!  Thanks so much for letting me share my latest project with you....come back soon to see what's next no telling what Ill be changing up!
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Monday, August 24, 2015


Hi there, welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air! Happy you could stop in and see my crazy countertops! I wanted something different from all the rest , something "country farmhouse"  and mostly something that says   "CHECK ME OUT"......

I painted and sealed a little  carpet in front of the sink

Greyed up the former green colored breadbox




The first step is a primer....then rustolium black all weather and purpose ....
see the jar on the stove , that's a big jar of pickles cooling off. A previous recipe for refrigerator pickles was posted.

then I took an ordinary kitchen sponge and checked it up

A string of café lights for fun.


I know that this is not for everyone , but I truly love checks and plaids. Thank you for stopping in today, come by next time can't wait to share my latest project using painters drop cloths....see you then!
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Thursday, August 13, 2015


Welcome friends! Happy you could stop in. I have been busy with the screen room. I took a long hard look and decided that the bitter appearance needed a shot of lovely! The floor was a bit scuffed and the walls a bit worn, We live in the deep south about 8 miles up from the Everglades and just a few miles from lovely beaches  on Marco Island so our Lanai is used a lot and far from formal. It usually is filled with flip flops and wet towels and hungry snackers. And not to mention late night TV watchers and game players. Another words our Lanai is used to the fullest. I found this wonderful deck and cement paint for the floor,

The concrete floors look wonderful and also feel great walking on them. This paint goes on like butter on bread. It was very easy to apply. I would recommend it as a great paint. Let me pour you a cold tea and take you on a little tour ......

This is a makeshift place that one can sit on the bench and change shoes or hang damp towels or beach hats. The back is actually a 4 shelf collapsible bakers rack that I simply unfolded and flattened out and then placed a wrought iron bench in front. It has top notches for hanging items. I recently got some wooden fruit crates so I have one underneath for shoes.
Natalie......put those flip flops away

Sunday, August 2, 2015


whoooa! Hate to use that word s*** but the old fireplace is looking just that! We all seen her black, key West Green, white, red and now Se** grey, with "50 Shades Of Grey In Mind", So happy you could come check out my latest painted piece. The mantle is decorated with white  ceramics and a garland of white lights and white rag garland.

 The large vintage mirror was painted to match.
 Wondering what color this is?  It's from the Opps counter so I have named it "50plus Shades Of Grey".

 I did not sand but distressed with some white paint along the edges and here and there.

 We don't need a Holiday to brighten rooms with strings of lights


The grey is dark but it pops against the light colored walls. Greys come in so many different shades , I was not to hot on grey but now that I have tried it, I love it! I even did something in my kitchen a grey shade so come on back to check it out on my next post! Come join me for some inspiration at the following Linky Parties!
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Celebrate Summer With The Kiddies Cause It Will Be Gone Before You Know it!

Hi there! Summer is in full swing and the natives are getting restless! We have a couple of little ones here and a teen and an almost 21er. So we have the best of all worlds. It does not take a lot to make some fun, using the resources on hand could lend some happy children,

Like an afternoon of Story books as the thunder and rain cancel outdoor play.

Just a simple wading pool can conjure some cool pool fun!

Homemade playdoe is always a hit !

Fresh native Florida corn at lunch .....yummy!
A simple cardboard box with some cut out windows can keep the little ones occupied for a long time!
A Summer birthday is a hit with a cupcake tower, the cup cakes are candy stricken with jelly beans and ice-cream flavored lollipops

A repurposed Vintage drawer Front Into a Fun Sign

Hi there, welcome!  Does anyone else relate cherries to summer? In New England growing up my mom would have a heaping bowl of red juicy che...