Thursday, December 2, 2021

Cute Farmhouse Christmas Pillow To Craft!

 Happy day! Welcome ! For this pillow you really don't need any expert sewing skills. If you can sew a straight line, you got this! You can even sew this by hand. For this craft you will need the following items:

Plain piece of fabric ,your desired size. (I used a scrap of linen)

Some homespun fabric for the wreath, your desired color, I used a green homespun

Some fabric for the farmhouse bow

Stuffing of your choice, you can even use some old clothing cut up

Stencils, thread, craftpaint

Let's get started:

Ok guys, this is Diago he is a sewing machine stalker...if he sees me walk away just for a minute, he's there and the sewing machine will be untreated and minus a spool of thread lol.
After cutting your desired pillow you should have 2 pieces, prepare your homespun fabric by ripping it into strips about 2 to 3 inches wide and 5 or so inches long.
It's a good idea to draw a circle, simply start taking a piece of the term fabric and sewing through the middle, do this all around the circle taking care not to leave any open spaces in the circle.  Then just tie each and everyone.
I added some stenciling but that's not nessasary, a farmhouse bow is simple it's just tearing some strips of fabric to your desired size then simply make a bow.

This would make a great Christmas gift!

Hope you will try this craft! It's easy and the children can help as well! Thankyou for stopping in today!

                             Happy Crafting!


Saturday, November 27, 2021

A little Christmas Village lends so much fun & Happiness!

 Welcome my dear friends, I have a treat today I would like to share. I was thinking what will I put in my hanging basket above my island? My son in law suggested how about a little Christmas village with lights. Yes! After I seen his I had to get to it. He has the cutest busiest village ever! 

He collected many pieces from thrifting as well as dollar store finds. Brilliant! My mom left a little village to me so after lining the basket up I set up my village, using some thrift finds, all the tiny snowmen and penguins came as a set. A few of the people I found at dollar tree. The snow is instant potato flakes just in case the kitty wants to take a lick. 

First up is my son in laws Pablo's beautiful village!

Om santa!

Santa! Holy night!
Wow! Popcorn anyone?

Even a train! 

Up next is much smaller snowy village,

I do hope you enjoyed taking a look at our little Christmas villages! You don't need alot of money to start  a little village of your own, just a bit of thrifting and dollar store shopping! 

I cannot tell you how much fun and happiness this will add to your Christmas!

                      Thankyou for visiting!

                      As always peace, love and happiness


Wednesday, November 10, 2021

New life for an old mirror!

 Welcome friends! So happy you could stop in! If you are anything like me you have a stash of saved treasures somewhere lol. My stash is the back shed, full of whatever you can conjur up in your mind. I had my eye on this old pine mirror , so I pulled it out and gave her a makeover. Last thing I need is another mirror so I decided to give her a chalk board! I  could use this in a number of places. 

I began with a good cleaning, I used my favorite paint, Rustoleum white painters touch. After it was painted I sanded in places to give the old girl a worn look. Last painted all 3 of the mirrors with chalk board paint. I thought I could have fun writing on it for birthdays etc. Let's take a look...

So many of my blogger friends " shop their junk stashes", give new life and repurpose old junk. Shop your home, see what you can repurpose and give some new life to!

                      Happy day friend!


Tuesday, November 2, 2021


 Welcome! Ya know those big plastic pails of ice cream so many of us have been serving up all summer? I think you may have saved them, all you will need for this craft is :

The lid from the bucket or a round margarine lid will do

Some old book pages or brown paper

Hot Glue sticks and gun.

Fabric for bows and embellishments as you like

First step it to cut a rim as shown. Then simply wrap with brown paper or light weight cardboard. This will be the base

I just happen to get a huge white bag that I cut up for leaves on one wreath.

After cutting some   leaves out you will Glue in 3s. All the leaves should be going the same way as shown

On this wreath I added some little white fabric flowers by just rolling a small piece of fabric and gluing. 

These cute wreaths look great with or without embellishments and can be used everyday or holidays.  Also work great on kitchen cabinets! A great craft also a gift worthy craft! You can use your imagination as far as embellishments ,something to have fun with and a great craft to gather the family around the table.

                           Happy Crafting!


Wednesday, October 27, 2021

A Little Kitchen Makeover

 Welcome! I don't know about you but it was time for a bit of a change in the kitchen. After all I practically live in there, how about you? I had been obsessing over different hues of green but it was great while it lasted. I have found that the Grey's lend a certain calmness  to a room. So I went with a darker shade of grey and painted up the soffit, wall around the window all which were green. The 2 facing walls are licorice black which plays very well with grey. I added a big shelf that could accommodate  big mugs, some greenery, my favorite cow print and some lights for whimsy. Below the shelf is a rolling cart which serves as a coffee/tea/hot chocolate drink center.  I also brought in my huge island a great asset to holiday baking. The open cabinet was also painted and filled with some ironstone. The kitchen window I made a garland added a raffia wreath.

How about you? Changed anything up or have plans to. 

                     Thankyou for stopping on in!


Cute Farmhouse Christmas Pillow To Craft!

 Happy day! Welcome ! For this pillow you really don't need any expert sewing skills. If you can sew a straight line, you got this! You ...