Hi , so happy you have dropped in! How many of you have furniture, wooded shelves just stashed away hoping you may use it again one day? In my case I had a Bakers Rack that had seen better days and some  very old wooden shelves that were in a vintage cabinet that got destroyed in a storm.

So I got to thinking I need a bigger kitchen island, the holidays are soon approaching  and I just know that I will be cooking up a storm! So I rambled around and came up with these three items,

 I used 2 of the large wooden shelves, cleaned them and a light sanding .

What I did with the bakers rack , I scrapped  and sanded the rust gave it a spray of rust lock so no further rust would come back. I took out my sawzaw and cu the top away from the bottom base. I can still use the rack on a different piece of furniture so I saved that. Once everything was prepped I gave the base a good coat of Rust Oleum Black spray paint and if any of you have ever tried their products I give a full 5 Stars , its amaz…

Welcome to Fall at home!

Welcome so nice of you to stop in!  Everyone is falling for Fall Im sure so many family oriented fun days ahead. Fall is a great beginning of many celebrations to come as we give thanks for our families ,friends and wonderful Holidays. So come on in make yourself at home! Some things I made such as the Signs, table runner , living room curtains and pillows, wreaths and rag garlands.


Hi and welcome ! nice of you to stop by. I know everyone would love to have something nice and not pay a high price so today I want to share a wreath that I have crafted using.....

 Yes .....just some plastic tops that I have been saving , also a duvet cover that has seen its day , a scrap piece of wood some stencils and a wire base all of which I have on hand.
 After ripping the pieces of material I  gave all the lids a lick of dark paint ya see these will be the pumpkins yep pumpkins
 And there you have it not much to it … one the paint was dry I added some shading with a bit of white and orange, don't worry if you cant paint pumpkins well there are several examples on the internet for you to see.
 Not to bad for free with a bit of imagination

This wreath will be hung on the front gate so it will have to weather the storms!  Will you be giving this a try? So the checklist for this project is scrap material and wood scrap , some lids, a base, paint hotglue , and what ever else y…

Welcome to my Homemade, thrifted and $ store Autumn Kitchen!

Welcome , Happy Fall …..I so love this time of year it enhances such wonderful Fall favorites such as baking Pumpkin delights, tasty coffees  and of course hot weather meals. So I wanted to share some very inexpensive ways  to add fall décor for little or no money and perhaps using resources around the house , With just a tad of imagination a trip to the thriftstore, $ Tree you can do this!

Come on in, wish I could offer you a caramel pumpkin coffee and fresh baked cinnamon bun! So some of the items I had the jeweled corn and mini clothes pins come from $ Tree, Fabrics, a big bag of faux leaves, come from the Thrift store.

 Made the shabby Farmhouse rag pumpkin, just a couple of Acorns hanging in the window
 I crafted the rag wreath

 Love making different areas such as Apple here

 Fall is a great time to gather all your cooking items for holiday cooking
 Beaded corn and some raffia

 Just a simple leaf garland around the hanging basket

 I found these super tiny clothes pins at $ tree …