Hi here, come on in! I have been busy trying to get all things to my liking. The guest bathroom has been crying out for help for some time it was a tired brownish color with no personality. If you had read a recent past post I had said that I would share the real power of paint . With this makeover I used a bright hue that was brought to life using a bit of Montego Bay mixed with a whole lot of country white.

Oh my..........not good. You can see where I added the thin strip of tape that would evenly divide the top and bottom. Cause I have big plans that include a certain technique.........
So this is the old tired brownish bathroom so in need of help.............
 I was going for the old farm house style, bead board, painted /stenciled wood floor, and my favorite greenish bluish devine color.
 I used a cabinet door from a vintage piece that could not go anymore so I salvaged the doors.
 So are you thinking that I put up real bead board???  huh its simply a faux painting technique, So…

Dont throw those rusty shovels away & a new color for the little cabinet that could!

Hi nice you could stop by. I have been super busy with a big project and I soon will share with you the real power of paint. Today I have a couple of projects that I recently did a couple of fun projects. I had an old retired shovel so instead of tossing it I decorated it a bit and added it to the garden.....

This is my favorite little of my neighbors was throwing it away some time ago so I just had to rescue it. I believe it is a medicine cabinet but I use it for glasses and coffee mugs.As you can see I started to paint......its just some regular flat black paint with just a tad of baking soda that makes for some great paint.
 Just a tad of sanding.

 It holds allot of glassware.
 I have a friend that is a cabinet maker and sometimes I am lucky enough to get some beautiful knobs that would have been thrown away.....but lucky for me he is thinking....Lisa would love these  , bless his heart he knows me only too well.
 It has the window all around , that'…

It's time to get your Spring on........even if your still feeling chilly, and a homemade Guacamole recipe

Hi there, welcome! I smell spring how about you? I am a northern girl in a southern state so I do miss my Lilacs, Forsythias and other various vibrant fragranced spring blooms. Here in S.W. Florida we have Gardenias which are so beautiful and fragrant . So even if you are living in a chilly area that has not sprung spring yet you can start your seeds in a sunny window with just some egg cartons and good quality soil.

 Little natalie who is 9 plants all the seeds she has a green thumb for sure what ever she touches does very well. Here some seeds are planted with some premium soil and a little h2o...sunlite and...........
 After about 7 days everything has sprouted. Children love to garden and watch stuff growing .
 She insisted on incorporating her popsicle sticks as markers so we don't forget what is what, great idea Natalie!
 These are some redish tone sunflowers
 We sprayed the large faux cement planters black and added a burlap ribbon. Cosmos my favorite!
 Love the vibrant or…

A new Faux ship lap painted backdrop for my fireplace!

Hi there.......welcome  come on in. Today I am going to share my latest project with you all and it was completely free. We had gotten a huge box delivered to us and it was on a thick piece of wood with thick short  legs attached . If you have seen my new kitchen know the big mirror I used ? well it was from my all know how that goes borrow from one and give to another. So I pulled out my brown paint  and painted the entire piece of wood . Let it dry well. I gathered my painters tape and white paint and began to dry brush faux slats of wood diving them up using painters tape. Just lightly brushing leaving some of the brown to peek through, once done I took a paint scraper and scraped lightly and took off more of the white paint. Lets take a look......

 Simple décor just a wreath and I placed my favorite rooster fella in there. An egg crate with a piece of white wear and just tucked a couple of interesting silver pieces in there.

 I added a bit of lace t…