Wednesday, August 24, 2022

A Super Fun Cotton & Crete Box Opening!

 Welcome! So nice that you are stopping by. I wanted to share this wonderful online shop I discovered. Cotton & Crete. I decided to treat myself for some new Fall decor and boy did I find some great items at very reasonable prices. 

It was like Christmas for me today after spying the box out front I hurried in to open it! All the items were packed perfectly! Everything in tack! Let's take a peek......

A cute note, so very nice!
This is a set of large paper type leaves very unique. They can be written on for place settings
A bag of sweet little mercury pumpkins, so cute! The little 24in. Cedar tree below will be decorated with these tiny pumpkins!
The  Cedar tree is so cute! Very realistic can't wait to shape it up and add the Lil mercury pumpkin ornaments!
A cute  bag of assorted pumpkins that sure are perfect for a fall farmhouse feel

Last a beautiful throw, nice n heavy and perfect for Fall!

I can say I did shop around for some unique Fall items and I found that Cotton & Crete had the best prices and most unique items!  Join me for a visit in a couple of weeks as I share how I've decorated  with the Cotton&Crete items.

                         Thanks so much for stopping in!

                                   Happy Shopping!


Sunday, July 31, 2022

Trash to treasure garden finds

Welcome! So nice of you to stop in.  Summer is swiftly passing by. I had searched the web for some very inexpensive flower pots that I could hang with a farmhouse flair but most important could withstand the harsh rainy season. Without any luck after going to my potting bench I discovered 3 medium size heavy duty plastic pots...

 So I gave them a good scrubbing. I had some exterior white paint on hand so I painted them to look like wood. This was the perfect solution, they were easy to hang on the post, the screw went through easily and securely.  Just some words , flowers and bows !

Not bad for something that would eventually be thrown out.  The best part is they will withstand the rainy season. 

                            Happy Crafting!


Sunday, July 10, 2022


 Welcome on this summer day! Anyone doing any gardening? Most of the time I just grab plants to put directly in the ground but there's nothing more rewarding than planting seeds and the anticipation  of waiting to see the sprout of the seedlings and the final finale the full grown green plant!

My daughter came by with a bunch of seeds from dlooar tree. I had a big garden wagon filled with soil just waiting for something to grow , so I took the seeds Zinnias as well as other flowers and spread them about. Before I knew it lots of greenery had sprouted and it's been about 9 weeks give or take a few days and there are beautiful Zinnias galore. I love them so much that I went ahead and ordered more Zinnia seeds, a couple different variations. Here are the proven facts I know about Zinnias;

They  like to be planted in a cluster, close together.

Like to be kept moist

Love a place to grow that is sunny and also gets a bit of shade through out the day

Those facts are gathered from actually growing them myself. 

Such an array of colors, my plan was to cut them for bouquets.    But for now I will leave the beauties to grow! If you live in an apartment or place a pot filled with garden soil , be sure to have drainage will be a perfect place to grow these beauties!

Zinnias are such a surprise, you never know what colors will pop up!

                                Happy Gardening


Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Licorce Painted Walls & Shiplap Paper,,The Dining Room Redo

 Welcome, nice of you to drop in! I am so excited to share my newly painted and papered dining room. Whoever said dark walls make a room look small? So not true, after scanning pinterest I just had to go with the dark walls. The Licorice colored walls are just darn right se#y! Just something about it. 

To start the walls were a light willow green , ok but no statement or class. The room isn't exactly super large so it just needed that bit a class. So these are the two items that I used...

Both that I ordered online at Wal-Mart.  Both under 30$  I have to say that this Wal-Mart paint is pretty good, I'm impressed, the price is also reasonable. The peel n stick shiplap paper is a winner as well. Stuck to wall really well. So grab a cool drink and comfy seat and let's take a look...

This is the before. Just plain Willow green walls

Come on in right through the shutter doors, the dining room is right of the kitchen which is really convenient. 
So I chose to paper the bottom and paint the top, a great weekend project!
I couldn't resist decorating with patriotic decor

The large shelf under the wreath I decided to paint to match the wall so it would bo one with the wall. Had to add some string lights

The dining room is also open to the living room as well.

The faux wooden stars I used on the table setting is listed in my blog list, a simple craft.

Now I can't wait to eat a meal in here! The table does ha a leaf so when the gangs all here I just add a bench, the leaf and 2 more chairs. 

I would say if your scared to do dark walls give it a try you won't be sorry it's like a big hug when you enter the room.

                                 Happy Decorating!


Friday, June 24, 2022


 Welcome! Are you growing a garden ? Maybe just some pots of flowers or vegetable? I am so happy to share my discovery. My daughter brought me several packets of seeds from Dollar Tree. A nice variety of veggies and flowers.  I also had stopped in there as well and picked up some gladiolus bulbs, I thought for about a dollar if they didn't grow I wouldn't be upset for only a dollar!  I'm also thinking that I'll go ahead and plant the seeds my daughter bought . Now the soil I used was also not a name brand  I picked up 2 bags at Ollie's for about 8$ for both big bags. 

So I thought I'm going to go ahead and get these seeds started, meanwhile at a recent trip to let's just say a big box home improvement store I bought a pack of teady bear Sunflowers, well I planted those several weeks ago and not a one has come now they should be at least 3 ft tall. Very disappointing !  But the bulbs, vegetables and flowers all came up and are growing like crazy! So if your thinking about growing I would highly recommend buying the seeds at Dollar Tree. Here are some photos .....

I transplanted all the tomato into there own container
This wagon is full of a variety of flowers my favorite are the  Zinnias. I  slowly pulling them out and spreading them around to my different gardens.
This is the second Gladiolus bloom, the other was a light purple, oh so pretty!
More tomatoes, 

This is a huge cactus that I planted just from a rooted leave, I've been told this is edible? Anyone know about this? Gardening in the heat of SW Florida can be a challenge for both the plant and gardener. The heat and rainy season can  be a bad combo.  But even if your in an apartment you can still grow some plants, there's something so rewarding about gardening, I say it's great therapy,  something you don't get out of anything else. 

Happy you did stopp by today! Also would like to add that Dollar Tree also offers an array of flower pots as well as garden tools. 

                                Happy Gardening!


Friday, June 17, 2022

Serving Cool Refreshing Smoothies!

 Welcome! I bet you wouldn't mind  drinking a cool refreshing smoothie right about now?? The thing about smoothies is you can use whatever fruit it is that you love. Mixum up! If you don't have a blender no worries, a jar or container with a tight fitting lid will work. Below is a list of what I used to make our mango smoothies,


Handful of strawberries

2 peeled and cut up mangoes

About 2 cups of half n half

Sugar to taste

Simply blend it all together and enjoy! Children will enjoy this fruity treat. Add the amounts that you like, there's no wrong way.

We have used, Bananas, strawberries, blueberries, melon, pineapple, peaches and oranges in the past. This would make a great idea for a birthday party, a smoothies bar! 

Hope you enjoy your homemade smoothies!


Saturday, June 11, 2022

Redoing A Very Traveled Hallway

 Welcome, so happy you stopped in! Everyone has that hallway or entry way that is well walked but somehow neglected. Not anymore! Using a gallon of Homedepot Oops paint that I'm calling cinnamon iced coffee, wallpaper and Americana decor I crafted and thrifted items I refreshed that tired hallway.  Let's take a peek of the before. Bye bye boring white paint......

Tired floors and walls with  a lick of paint ......

Scraps of fabric makes for a cute pendant

This mirror is a Goodwill find along with the gas station cabinet.

The mirror was a gift from Hobby Lobby, the large wooden flag was a Goodwill find. The galvanized pails were a clearance Walmart find.

This was a fun little makeover! A great weekend project ! For those who don't know about Opps paints....usually all stores that sell mixed paints have an Opps counter. This is paint that the store mixes for a customer and then they say they don't like it. Thier loss our gain, so for about 9$ you get a gallon of premium paint that could of been as much as 65$ or more. And you get to name it! I've been using Opps paints for most of my shenanigans through the years. The trick is to like the colors and sheens you find.

Hope you've been inspired to refresh a neglected nook in your home! Have fun with it!


A Super Fun Cotton & Crete Box Opening!

 Welcome! So nice that you are stopping by. I wanted to share this wonderful online shop I discovered. Cotton & Crete. I decided to trea...