Saturday, January 19, 2019

An Easy Pretty Wreath To Make brighten your winter up!

Welcome friends, nice of you to pop on in today. By now Christmas is just a wonderful memory , we have put away all the décor and have freshened up our homes a bit. Last evening we ventured into target …..loved all the décor so I had seen the pretty rose wreaths , pretty pricey though! So I thought yes I can make that for little or no money! The wreaths were really exquisite and I have been looking for a huge wreath to put on  a huge vintage window in my living room.

So I gathered a wreath base which I purchased at Michaels Craft, mine is about 3 ft wide, lots of glue sticks ,my hot glue gun and a couple of white clean flat sheets I purchased from out local Goodwill, I usually pick them up when I go , I tend to use them for many craft project they are about 1.99 each.

 First step is to rip pieces of the sheet so for mine my pieces were about 6-7 inches wide , How long you cut them will depend on the thickness of the rose. The process is very simple, most of my roses are  cut about 18 in strip so that's 18 x 6 or so. First step fold the strip in half long way so it gives some weight to the flower then folded side up just start to roll the material tight some and loose some when its all rolled gather at the bottom and put hot glue and quickly place on base. repeating and making sure roses are all side by side with no gaps. Im sure the large one I have done has about 100 roses . This is not  fast craft This wreath probably took me a good 3 hours to do , but the end result is well worth the time.

These wreaths can be made of any materials, colors, prints etc. I plan on doing a small one for my kitchen cabinet in white and highlighting the tips of the roses with some paint. So will you craft a wreath too? It was fun to make cant wait to do another!

Thanks so much for joining me today!
                                                                       Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A Scrap Of Wood or Metal, Stencils & Paint & Presto!


Welcome, happy you could pop in today.  I cant think of a better way to spread some Farmhouse love in my home than a home crafted sign. The best part is that anything goes! Its a great way to use up scraps of wood or metal without spending a fortune.  So for these two signs I used sandpaper, woodand metal scraps, actually i had a metal panel door headed for the trash so i disassembled it. The other is a scrap of wood. So paints of your choice craft paints at Walmart are 2 for 1.00. Stencils , if you dont have any freehand is great too. You can make it as fancy or as simple as you like. The metal door slab is very large but was fun creating. Most big box home improvement stores such as Home Depot carry precut pieces of wood at reasonable prices. Have some fun and craft a sign!

                     HAPPY CRAFTING

Sunday, December 30, 2018


Welcome home to Christmas! Christmas is the heart melting season, a time for rejoice, love and awarness of what family and friends really mean  to all of us. Here we celebrate the birth of Jesus and that includes brightly lit fresh pine trees, sweet baked goods and togetherness .

Had a great time with a heavy plastic flanel backed tablecloth, fun to sew and made so many things such as the bunting in the front with a huge bow to match.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

A Faux Wood Stove For My Rust Oleum Contest Entry!

Hi there, come on in to my fishing shanty, wink wink. That was my title for my contest entry, subject was Let there be Light. So first things first ...gatherd all my items needed. A no longer needed 2 drawer night stand, that would soon be the star of this fun project. Other items included were a piece of plexeglass thst would become the door along with a few scraps of wood, a seen better days iron dish drainer that would be a log holder. Lots of Rust Oleum paints, some empty cereal boxs that would become logs. Also an old iron candleholder that would decorate the door. A string of led warm lights that would set the scene for the warm and light.  First things first...cut out the interior of the night stand .

 I also added a dryer vent tube, also a string of mittens to dry by the warmth made from an old sweater.

It sure was fun creating this contest entry and added so much joy to my holiday season! Thanks so very much for stopping in

Thursday, December 13, 2018

A Working Bakers Closet To Keep The Kitchen Neat And Goodies at Bay!

Hi there, hope you are so enjoying family festivities and all the yummy foods that help us celebrate the holiday season. Well I have introduced the fully loaded b
akers rack , now I want to introduce the working bakers closet!  I had this piece of wonderful all wood cabinet sitting on my porch so I decided to bring this beauty on in …….

 I really like the shutter style doors and the fact it is wood I decided on a red . The best part is I can have all my mess of kitchen gadgets and stow away fresh baked goods until I am ready to serve them. When I want I can close the doors and have a n

I white washed the inner doors and used a wood rocking tool , hung things for fun and use on both inner doors.  That's a triple batch of Swigger sugar cookie doe in the making.

 I strung some lights and attached my cookie cutter collection favorites.

 I had fun decorating the corner aside the cabinet I used my vintage ladder as a start and added some greenery , tin animals some cozy blankets some trees I crafted and sold in my shop And my wooden vintage bread box is chilled to the brim with snowballs for sale wink wink!
 And grandmas sifter , cant forget about that.

 A rag wreath that I crafted and sold similar in my shop.
 Everything at my finger tips. I had a shelf that fit perfect so I was able to display my favorite Christmas dishes. The bottom hold al my baking dishes, tins and what nots.

 The basket holds my kitchen aide gadgets

And when work is done just shut the doors...……….

So happy you could drop by today!

An Easy Pretty Wreath To Make brighten your winter up!

Welcome friends, nice of you to pop on in today. By now Christmas is just a wonderful memory , we have put away all the décor and have fres...