Welcome so nice of you to drop in. As I always do scan the internet for some wonderful inspiration I fell hard for the color Pink. Usually I really hate that color but thought I would try some pink embellishments in the dining room. So I mixed a very light color of pink that I am going to name Pink Lemonade. I used some for the vase on the table.....that was one of many vases that I have sitting on shelf.  Well come on in and have a seat and something cold to drink.....

I made a pink, white and pink printed rag garland

This is my favorite little piece it was my moms and it is what inspired me to incorporate a lick of pink!
These pretty rose dishes as well as the pink depression glass were all thrift store finds.

I made the table runner from an old lace blouse that was headed to the giveaway pile, I stenciled some of the pink Lemonade color and added some bows at the end.

Opps don't mind the wire I have stung up some café lights to add some extra lighting.

I replaced my farmhouse …


Hi and welcome!   I was cleaning out the linen closet and I came across 2 very large light colored cotton throw rugs. They were bleached out and had seen their day , I was going to throw them away until I came up with this idea to make them pretty once again. These are the cotton popular carpets so I trimmed the edges up a bit and got busy cutting some heavy fabric that I recently bought a whole bolt at the local thrift store I cut the fabric about 7 inches larger than the carpet.

It was easy sewing and with fabric adhesive I thing you can pull this off very easily. I sewed all th outer edges leaving more material on the ends for fringe. 
Simply tearing the material to make knots on each piece created the shabby chic fringe. 
And this is what I ended up with this kitty just wanted to play with the fringe , I also have sewn through the middle so their would be no chance at anything coming apart in the wash. I also put some ties in 4 places .

Just picked these sunflowers from my garden

You dont have to have a Farm House Sink to get the look!

Hi and welcome !  I know we all swoon over Farm house sinks, dream about them and gaze the internet as well!  Well I don't have one maybe someday, but I'm thinking I really love the curtain that is always there below the farmhouse sink . Yesterday I scanned our local Walmart they have a great selection of Materials. I wanted something bright and floral for the summer.

So I chose this red toned large floral

A simple café rod also available at Walmart will do the trick easy to put up . You don't have to go taking cabinet doors off if you don't want to.

Don't have a sewing machine no problem  just some material adhesive sold in craft section will do the trick. Just adhere all the sides and make a rod pocket big enough for the rod to fit through.

You see this guy he was growing off of one sunflower plant today I counted 26 flowers and more blooms are coming its crazy like a whole bouquet in one!

Have you ever seen anything like this? first time for me and the crazy p…

Bitsy Bee Boutique , Handmade hair embellishments for Young & old

Welcome I am so glad to introduce Bitsy Bee Boutique a hand crafted hair embellishments for young and old! Whether you are having a wedding or a party or just everyday prettiness. Bitsy Bee offers special orders at your request free shipping in USA only . Tutus coming soon!  Pay Pal excepted

Crowns for wedding parties , birthday girl can be custom made   this crown 10 delivered

Newborn set 10$ free shipping and we offer gift delivery with a Bitsy Bee Card in usa 

 This is a mommy & me set  10$ free shipping

 5.00 free shiping
 For moms night out   8.00 free ship   SOLD
 5.00 free ship

These are perfect for little girls birthday parties  Florets wristlets  pretty flower/bow to wear on the wrist they simply tie. Can special order 2$ each or 10 for 15$