NO NEED TO BE AFRAID OF THE DARK..............& a tiny handcrafted fireplace

Hi and welcome! Im not talking about the actual lights off darkness ,I am talking about A dark painted room that so many of us are scared to plung into. Just so happens one of Glidden's hottest color for 2018 is Onyx. So I Have always wanted to have a fully dark painted room so I got a bit brave and went for it.

 Love the way the dark color  forces the white cabinets to pop

 I had another large wooden stool so a sawed it apart to craft a mini faux fireplace to add a bit of warmth to the room. I made a shelf to secure the fireplace together ,added a small shelf to hold the lights and wood .Up above I saved the backs off of 2 vintage rockers that had seen their day so that is the backdrop, cant wait to decorate for Christmas. Is a dark room for you, I will be sharing more of the room in my Christmas welcome home tour and your invited!

                                                                             Thanks so much for visiting!


Hello welcome.....wondering ,did you see November coming in cause I sure didn't. Baking is in full swing here and I just wanted to prep an area with everything I needed at my fingertips to bake without having to scurry around from cabinet to cabinet when time isn't always on my side . What better place than a good sized bakers rack.

 The mixer is first priority, and attachments this Kitchen aide is wonderful even working with fresh doe. hand mixing tools, measuring cups and spoons, a sifter,cookie cutters , an apron and plenty of dishtowels.
 All baking pans, loaf pans etc are stored on the two shelves underneath along with serving trays and a couple of cutting boards.

 I bought the small glass chalkboard jars at Walmart for 2$ for 4 in a little metal handled tray a great clearance find. I have put items such as baking  powder, soda, and salt so far as I go along I will add nuts and chocolate chips etc. in the other jars.
 Big jars of flour and sugar and of course rolling pin…


Hello and welcome if you dare...…..You never know whats creeping around corners here today, Can I offer you some eyeball stew or a Bloody Cocktail!

 Have a safe Happpy Halloween                           Lisa

Goodbye Vintage Teal .......Hello Mystique Grey, A kitchen evolving!

Hi and happy you could drop in today! Evolving is the key word here at STNSA, I love change but change for some is hard and I do understand that, But changing décor to what you love can be very welcoming. You have achieve the balance of new with welcoming vibes so everyone who enters feel like they just walked into a down home B&B. For all those who follow my kitchen has been on board with the color Vintage Teal. I was thinking time to say goodbye since I found this incredible gallon of paint Dark sleek and owns the name "Mystique Grey" Opps paints never come with names so you really have to give them one. This particular paint is from Home depot and it is outdoor which works perfect for counter tops it will stand up to anything.

 This paint is available at Home Depot and if bought off the shelf is 49.99 If you are lucky enough to get a gallon from the Opps Counter it is about 9.00 per gallon.Now for you all that are not familiar with Opps paints its a cou…


Hi there and welcome.... So I bought the Kitchen Aide Chopper I thought I would give it a whirl with making some slaw to go with a fried Shrimp dinner for this evening. This is the best coleslaw with a sweet and salty mixture that is balanced with a splash of white vinegar . So I gathered up a few ingredients....shall we get started?

So for this recipe I used 1/2 head of raw green cabbage, 1/2 of s medium onion, about a quarter of a green pepper, important about a quarter of a green granny Smith Apple, a splash of white vinegar ( don't substitute) about a 1/2 cup of brown sugar  kosher sea salt and plenty of black pepper. These are just my eye balled measurements you can do this according to your specific taste.

 Ohh and bye bye shredder!
 So I basically cut the cabbage into chunks  and pulse chopped them and wow how easy! And just the right consistency.

 I put the onion and green pepper together so the flavors would marry.
 If you notice the chopper top has a hole built in I wont…


Hi , so happy you have dropped in! How many of you have furniture, wooded shelves just stashed away hoping you may use it again one day? In my case I had a Bakers Rack that had seen better days and some  very old wooden shelves that were in a vintage cabinet that got destroyed in a storm.

So I got to thinking I need a bigger kitchen island, the holidays are soon approaching  and I just know that I will be cooking up a storm! So I rambled around and came up with these three items,

 I used 2 of the large wooden shelves, cleaned them and a light sanding .

What I did with the bakers rack , I scrapped  and sanded the rust gave it a spray of rust lock so no further rust would come back. I took out my sawzaw and cu the top away from the bottom base. I can still use the rack on a different piece of furniture so I saved that. Once everything was prepped I gave the base a good coat of Rust Oleum Black spray paint and if any of you have ever tried their products I give a full 5 Stars , its amaz…