Tuesday, May 3, 2022

A Garden Bench from pieces Of Furniture On Hand!














 Welcome to the garden! It's that time of year you just want to get your hands digging in the soil. Anticipating beautiful flowers and ripe vegetables. Some of you may be in apartments  and can not have gardens but you sure can grow some things in pots. Maybe you just can't garden but love to see things out there growing and that's great too, Facebook has a few garden clubs that prove to be fun. 

So I had this 2 drawer wicker desk along with a top off of a bakers rack. Si I married the two together for a fun useful garden bench. I cut a flannel backed baffallo check  tablecloth to protect the tops . I lined up my empty pots, filled the drawers with garden tools and one with rags.  I filled a basin with soil. Everything at my fingertips! Last evening was date night at Lowes and Homedepot, anyone else have such fun datenights?

I did pick up some Opps paint, some really nice garden lights a basil plant and some New Guiny impatiens.  Those I will plant today and tomorrow.  Let's take a peek.....

I have this place under a roof but convient to the garden hose. I had been to Aldies a couple of years ago and they always have live plants, I bought a grape plant and a raspberry bush as well I think I may have payed about 3$ each. I never actually really thought they would grow but boy was I wrong! Last year it was mostly greenery and not alot of fruit, this year alot of bunches of grapes and lots of raspberries. I did make the mistake of planting them too close to each other. 

I guess I'll just leave that in the hands of the lord but I will surely enjoy the fruit. Hope you get the chance to garden a bit even if you a plant to watch grow near a sunny window it's all fun!

                            Happy Spring!


Thursday, April 21, 2022

Easy Brown Paper Wrapped Jars

 Welcome! So if your anything like myself, you see some decor you love but pricey. I have been seeing alot of the brown paper wrapped pots and jars, love the look! It can actually go with any style you like. I used some old canning jars but any jars would be fine. I bought the brown sandwhich bags at Dollar Tree. But free grocery bags would be fine. So this can actually be a total free craft. I have seen some great food jars with interesting shapes. 

First step is to cut a piece of brown paper big enough to cover the entire jar. Fill a small container that your hand can fit into and fill it about half way with warm water.

Simply wet your hands and smooth them over you piece of brown paper, taking care not to saturate it just enough to mold it onto the jar. Just keep working the damp paper to cover your jar neatly tucking in the tops and bottoms to be neat.

These can be stenciled, or decorated anyway you like! These would make really pretty mothers day gifts. Hope you'll give it a try!

                             Happy Crafting!


Saturday, April 16, 2022

Welcome to our Easter!

 Happy day ! Nice of you to stop in. Spring is here and with Spring Easter! Love the holiday! I can remember going to church with my family with those Shiney shoes, pretty dress and a cute bonnet , oh my do little ones still do that?  Those are great holiday memories. I was brought up Polish and Italian from New England so we always had the best of both worlds with food. Easter morning is always kielbasa, hardboiled eggs, ham and bobka bread. And I still keep that tradition going with my children. Well hope you enjoy the photos of Easter here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

First is Easter in the kitchen, I recently faux painted the counters also added a bit of color to the hutch and wooden shelf storage boxes.

These little bunnies were a dollar store find
Old dishes I painted with little bunnies

The little runner was a Christmas gift along with the apron from my very pro sewer aunt, her work is fabulous!
My cute bunnies along with some fabric covered eggs sit in the hanging iron basket

This cute wheel barrow was a Decor Steals find it holds some carrots that I have crafted along with the sign

The tiny colorful eggs I strung are also from Dollar Tree

Next is my new little butlers pantry, a room where I can frost cakes, peel potatoes, prep foods, and read a cook book or 2. It also holds a drink center that I make coffees, smoothies etc from, it also holds all my table linens, aprons, napkins etc...

Welcome to the dining area,

This sweet sign was given to me by my granddaughter Mia, she is quite the little shopper!

Thankyou so much for stopping by, hoping you will enjoy your day!


A Garden Bench from pieces Of Furniture On Hand!

                           Welcome to the garden! It's that time of year you just want to get your hands digging in the soil. Anticipati...