Friday, October 7, 2016


Welcome...hope I find everyone enjoying everything Fall has to I see it I think that it may be everyones very favorite season. Here in Florida we have no changing leaves or Acorns but we do have some magnificent pinecones and a recent discovery of The Florida paper tree. My daughter and her friends went to the woods to gather some wood for the outdoor fire pit and as I was passing the wagon of cut logs I noticed they resembled birch tree a bit so I went and checked it out better. One of the logs was peeling apart oh I thought this is very cool so I grabbed a few logs and brought them on in the house I peeled one apart.

 I thought I would try a couple of things first I covered a old floor board entirely. I used wood glue.

So I crafted this lodge sign just using some stencils and paint and attached these two?, sorry they look like a type of pine cone they were interesting so I gathered some.


 Then I thought I would peel off some big enough pieces to wrap around just a typical jar
 So with some cording and pine cones
Just a tealight and it looks nice in the evening...I will have to see what other crafts I can up with . I think I will cut some stars for my tree this year. When I was living up north I would put some boots on and wander into the woods and gather what ever natural treasures the woods had to offer.

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Monday, October 3, 2016

MY 5.00 rolling metal filing cabinet gets a new name as kitchen island....

Welcome nice of you to stop in.  I had shared the story of this rolling metal cart way back when this is the link if you care to take a peek   It was just a 5.00 fun piece that I picked up at the church thrift store, little did I know that it would become one of my favorite and useful pieces. I just needed a little something kind of island so I pulled it from the bathroom where it was the keeper of towels and brought it back to the kitchen for some cooking and storage fun!.   I gave it a total new look one with some fun ! 

First I gave it some paint and I love red so I just did the bottom shelf red as well as the rooster stencil.

I bet you cant figure out what I used for the top? A couple of months ago I found this sheet pan I had wanted one for a long time but when I got home and tried it in the oven it was too big to fit. So The shhet pan serves as a top for my little island. It works great because you can put hot pans right from the oven on it. The best part is the height is perfect for me. I am under five feet.

 The top has plenty of room enough for a cutting board a big bowl etc.

 The other plus is that It has wheels so I can put deserts and coffee on it and roll it right in the dining room!

 Wait theres more the top liftsup so it has great storage or even a place to put cookies , pies and cakes so that they don't get eaten until I say. Extra baking stuff can also be stored as well.
 My 2 huge stainless steel bowls have a new home too. I have only had it up since Sunday night and have already utilized it. 

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Thursday, September 29, 2016


Hi there, welcome. Here we are celebrating Fall with open arms to spite the fact that it is still humid and hot outside  . That's ok we just carry on with our northern Fall traditions. I decided to put together a more convenient way for the family to prepare hot/cold drinks and morning oatmeal/toast etc. I thought if I could just get everything in one place it would be easy and fun for all. I am thinking that I should change my blog name into something like midnight mom or only at night something to the effect of I can really only work on photos etc at night when everyone settles in.

Anyway I had this bakers rack for a while but I was not using as such the base is all wood but very narrow so I added a corian counter then fixed the top part on to complete the bakers rack.

The best part is that there is plenty of storage , I sewed a little skirt so that I could put things such as coffee filters , gallons of water, mixing bowls etc. Large coffee cups were a great dollar tree find.

 2 drawers that hold utensils and napkins. A toaster also sits on the far right side.
 2 large shelves hold bowls and larger dinner plates, baskets on the top shelf hold breads and spices.
 I baked an Apple coffee cake that is absolutely delicious! It is a taste of home recipe. Apples are in the center spiced up with cinnamon.  This is my midnight snack as I am doing a bit of blogging.
 I crafted this Harvest sign from some old floor board. I love the Chalk board duct contact the little board helps me keep everyone in order because when I write "Closed" that means the kitchen is don't dare let me wake to a mess. I am one of those people that clean the kitchen and sweep at the end of the evening.
This glass pumpkin which I painted a bit is filled with Hot Cocoa packets.

 Just for fun I attached vintage cutters to the handles with cording.

 This cedar Acorn box holds oatmeal and I just had to pick up these pretty Fall pot holders.
 I have a couple of coffee pots one that brews coffee and one that I just do boiling water for oatmeals , tea and cocoa.

I just had to add a string of white lights and a leaf garland.

I purchased this very heavy lamp at a thrift store just adds a bit of ambiance to the center.

So that's our kitchen center. Our home is a busy one and we utilize every bit of it. I try to add color to whatever Im conjuring up. I think if I had to describe our style here it would be "Cracker Barrel" style. I just love that place!  So dont' be afraid to mix and match furniture to see what you can come up with. A family kitchen center is an efficient fun way for family to Help themselves.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Faux painted wooden slat countertops

Hi there.....Fall is here!  Love everything about it, family traditions pay a big part of the different seasons. Here we have a Fall dinner , make candy apples, stuff scarecrows, drink plenty of apple cider, build out door fires and carve pumpkins. For me I like to get the house ready for the holidays so that means making sure everything is in a ok shape, cleaned spic and span and all d├ęcor is fresh.

My countertops were looking a bit drab so I decided to try out some experiments after some not so pretty trials I found the one that makes me smile, a wide slat faux wooden look. I used a wood grainer rocker and some out door paint along with a lacquer finish. Am I the only one who actually does these kinds of projects at about midnight? It seems that is the only time I don't have traffic coming through the kitchen.

 I thought why not outdoor paint....its able to stand the elements so it should be able to stand my kitchen. The base coat is an olive oil color. Which was painted first.
 After that was dried I painted on the white out door paint and immediately after painting a small area I used the wood rocker. Wood rockers can be bought at any craft store.
After I wood grained the paint I took a yard stick and ran a unsharpened pencil don to create the slat look.
 I am so loving the removable chalkboard contact paper by Duct. I also got the two red rooster jars on a clearance table.

 I hung this guy up to hold a dish towel. Hes made his appearance on Sweet Tea long ago.

I also found these cute metal leaves that are suppose to be napkin holders but I thought I would use them for the fall season on the handles attached with cording.

 I had everything on hand for this project so it did not cost any additional money. I sure wouldn't cut on them but that's ok I prepare all the food on the butcher block or corian work table. If you have never used a wood grain rocker experiment a bit before hand. The thing to remember is that you must have contrasting paints so the faux woodgrain shines through.

    Until next time.....Lisa


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Come on in! Lets celebrate Fall

Welcome to Fall here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air where we are a skip away from the Florida Everglades. Although we really have not had a weather change yet...we will soon. Crisp perfect sunny days with a hint of evening nip. I am however a northern girl so I go right ahead and celebrate Fall full swing! The scent of Pumpkin lingers through the house and apple and pumpkin recipes are happily eaten. If you would like to make the very best Pumpkin muffins ever that was shared by a bake shop here in Fla. this is the link:   Can't  show you our boots though as I see in so many other Fall tours... they are just covered in mud.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy!!

 A comfy leather chair for evening relaxing...I painted a rooster silhouette to add to the fireplace along with a crafted  pinecone garland .
 Baskets of pinecones make me smile

The burlap garland that I crafted found a home on this vintage cabinet.

 I found this cute owl at Dollar Tree and he just happened to match the dishes .

The dining room is exploding with color

A huge tall candle holder is placed on a basket along with a vintage teapot, a Hoenig Apple and a bucket of flowers sit front and center on the table.

A pretty vintage quilt that displays the dish pattern hugs a living room wall.

Honey Crisp Apples and Delicious Apples are abundant this time of year...although we don't grow apples in these parts we enjoy our local farm markets.

Thank so much for joining our Fall fun!