Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Welcome! I dont know about you but I think a pretty piece of painted furniture is great for the sole.  I had bought this vintage small dropleaf table from Goodwill a while back, also 2 wooden stools.

 The dropleaf table was a steal at 10$. So I had the granny teal but needed a whole new look.
The stools didnt really match and were pretty scuffed up.
 I made some rag garlands in white cotton to decorate the stools.
 The paint I used for the stencils and tabletop dry brushing was a mixture of brown flat paint and some waterbased sealer. I love the effect the mixture gave to the pieces.  The tabletop I merely dry brushed the mixture on the dried grey color.

 These kids stools are made very well and can hold just about anyone.

I had some paints leftover from a Rustoleum test paint so I decided to use the , a very light Greige but beforehand I used a deglosser.

This dropleaf table is sure utilized, if imnot using it as an island someone is there enjoying a meal. Even though furniture is not a set when painted alike it becomes a marriage .

This sure was a fun makeover. Thankyou for stopping by today!

Friday, July 19, 2019


Hi there, nice of you to stop by, If your family is like mine they love Polish pickles, the crunchy sidekick to a sandwhich or burger. This recipe is the very best and its versatile so you can add whatever you like to the basic recipe. When I say easy I am talking super easy. No canning, no boiling jars.  Simply boil the water , vinegar,  and salt and pour over your cucumber filled jars. Thats when the magic takes place. When the jars are cooled simply put caps on and refridgerate. In about 3 to 4 days you have a crunchy delicious pickle.

The basic recipe is:
About 5 medium Cucumbers
Lots of dill, if your buying in pkgs at the grocery 2 would work.
1 cup of white vinegar
1/2 cup of sea salt
Sliced onion any kind
8 cups of water
So you can also add hot peppers for spice, fresh garlic, carrots whatever you lik

So the first step is boiling  your salt, vinegar  and water. While thats doing you can cut up your cucumbers, onions and start to layer in even amounts dill, onion and cucumbers. Go ahead and fill your jars well. Once the liquid has come to a boil carefully fill jars. Its that easy, once they are cooled to the touch, cap the jars and refrigerate for about 3 days and they will be ready.

As you can see I have cut some spears, and scices, spears for sandwhiches and slices to pair with burgers.

My love of polish pickles started as a child, my grandmother Sally would make pickles using a large crock on top of the liquid she would place rye bread then a glass plate with a rock to hold it weighted down.  Growing up eating my grandmothers authentic polish dishes was amazing! My aunt and I would sneak and test the  pickles out secretly  of course. So the crock pickles were based of fermenting, and I must say they were delicious especially paired up with a homemade kielbasa sandwhich on rye. Pickles have also been proven to aide in digestive issues.
Whether its cucumbers overflowing from your garden or from you local grocer you will want to give my recipe a try! Now I just need to keep the children away until they are ready!

Thanks for stopping in,
Happy pickle making!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Fabuous Refurbishings ,A decor Junkies Heaven!

Hi there, welcome! I know that so many of you are taking that road down to vintage decor which includes a lot of farmhouse, a bit of cottage, a tad of country and a trifle  of seaside cottage.  Well people if you reside in the Ft. Myers , Florida area you are in for a treat.

This quaint shoppe is tastefully  decked out with wonderful treasures, from top to bottom. You can actually stand in one place for some time just to view all the decor goodies. The Shoppe keeper Jacklynn offers beautiful painted pieces of various types of furniture treasures.

If its a vintage style chandelier your looking for you are in luck! Lamps, painted signs, dishware, wooden architecture, table runners ,vintage decor of all types can be found. The Shoppe also offers wonderful artwork, decorative pillows, sconces and much more.

So gather your friends for a visit to Fabulous Refurbishings for an afternoon of shopping fun! The shoppe is open Tuesday - Friday from 10:00-5:00, Saturday  and Sunday 10:00-3:00, closed Mondays. Fabulous Refurbishings is located at 1958 Grove Ave. Ft. Myers Florida.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

A Summer Celebration , red, white and Blue!

Welcome! Hoping you are enjoying summer, if its gardening, swimming or just a lazy hazy quiet afternoon. When I think of summer I think of red white and blue, icecold watermelon, ripe red cherries, swimming, sweet tea, lemonade , fireworks and the list goes on.

I went to the garden and cut a small sunflower for today. Most are towering over 111 ft. Just love the smiling faces but they are cute when they tower over and fall into a deep sleep.

The wine box holds a white metal flag some burning red leaves from a huge plant I have outside, the little metal garden cart is a Decor Steal find, it holds some patriotic fabric balls

The dishes were just plain white that I painted and stenciled

The sunflower was the smallest from the bunch.

This flag was crocheted by my great grama susie, it is well over 50 yrs. Old. I take it outevery year to display.

Whats summer without cherry pie?

Fried green tomatoes, a southern staple!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Monday, June 17, 2019

A Cohesive Farmhouse/ cottage Bit Of Fun!

Welcome friends, so nice of you to stop in! You know how you have a mishmash of decor , you love it but its all stowed away because you dont really know exactly what to do  with it.

Thats was me , I had a wall in the kit hen that I painted a faux shiplap look and I just wanted something special. I had found an inspiration picture online, It was basically a makeshift counter, backsplash and cabinetry. Very plain but a step back in time using raw materials.

So I chose various Items such as a little wooden vintage cabinet, some tin tiles, shelves , a small egg nester box, a wooden box, a little closed metal box,  and also made a Fried Green Tomato sign.

First I spaced everything out to make sure to get a perfect arrangement.  The trick to getting a cohesive look.
 This is the start, the base is a baker rack bottom all wood with 2 drawers
 Once everythingwas given a light lick of paint.
 This was a fun Saturday afternoon just  a lady in her kitchen having some decorating fun.

 Displaying dishes. Some eggs that I painte . Gramas handmade doilies.

 Some sanding, and scraping
 I love the end resultas it fits snugly to my favorite vintage cabinet.

Hope you enjoyed my kitchen collection center. Perhaps you will be taking out your favorite decor and designing your own kitchen center!
Happy Decorating!


Welcome! I dont know about you but I think a pretty piece of painted furniture is great for the sole.  I had bought this vintage small drop...