Thursday, October 17, 2019

Brown Grocer Bag Crafted Into A Wreath

Hi there, happy your here. Wondering how many of you shop at a grocery that offers brown grocer bags? I do some shopping at Aldis,  they offer paper or plastic. If you have followed along in the past posts you know that I have made such cool stuff from brown paper bags.

I have been crushing on the magnolia leave wreaths. So I got busy cutting and gluing.  I would say that  this craft is very easy to do.

 First, cut the leaves, they dont all have to be exactly  the same. I think I cut up about 4bags.

 I had an old hay foam wreath that I used as a base. If I didnt use that I was planning on cutting a huge circle and then cut out the middle.
 I used hot glue to attach them. Just be sure they are all facing the same way.
Add enough so it's nice and full. When its complete you can spray paint them green or whatever color you like. I chose to just add a bit of white shading and some lambs ear and berries.

So next time you have a choice of paper or plastic pick paper and have some crafting fun!

                   Thanks so much for stopping in,
                         Happy crafting!

Saturday, October 5, 2019


Happy day to you! Hope everyone is breathing in a breath of fresh air this Fall. Been busy here with fall decoration and some challenges brought to me by my favorite paint co., Rustoleum. I will share all that on future posts.

So this year I decided to make hues of blue the star! I simply love blue with will fall tones!

         Thanks so much for stopping in!

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