Thursday, December 21, 2017


Welcome, so happy you are here   wish I could offer you a cocoa and some cookies  . Please enjoy the tour!

 Got this very rusty cloche at tractor supply a great place to find vintage style décor, I usually get escorted out by mr stnsa  lets go your staying in here to long blah blah blah  lol

 I crafted the Christmas tree sign and the rag garland  moms trolley on the table
 A big marshmallow chair for Santa to rest in even a cane if he needs it

 This year I decided to decorate the fireplace in honor of the birds , bird houses all decorated for Christmas

A little wine!

 Love a decorated stove seeing that I spend so much time there   A metal angel, a wooden Christmas tree garland all from the thrift store  A huge rag wreath I crafted

I don't have a farm house sink but love the curtain idea so I have sewn some and added a cow stencil

Loved the mini fireplace so much in my vintage lodge style bedroom that I added one in the kitchen

A vintage green glass juicer filled with mini canes

red white and silver tree and yes that's  a large metal rooster that was given to me by an army vet that had recently past away

 loved this bag I found at $ tree so I filled it up with some norfalk pine
I crafted the lazy bear sign to go with the lodge theme

No red trucks so I thought I would use this Stuart Little car I bought a very long time ago for my daughter

Don't forget to feed the bird this winter

My very dear friend from Ct sent me this metal lit up star just love it!

Merry Christmas to everyone, hope you have much joy!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Hi there welcome!   I have had these two stools that were found roadside for the longest time  lets take a look

This is the stool that I have dissected so to speak , took a saw to it in the dark no less  Its gets dark way to early!   Funny story , my old neighbor came out and said  , "Don't ya think its time for you to Get to sleep young lady?"   LOL    he a cute little man

This was super simple to make the front of the faux fireplace is actually the front part of the stool;I screwed it all together well, I used a pine board for the mantle. I attached a vintage lace piece to the front and behind that is some white Christmas lights.I attached it to the wall with some screws

I had an iron wall candle holder that I used as a grate. This is a fun craft and adds such whimsy to my vintage lodge style bedroom that I will share soon.

So if you are longing for a faux fireplace this may be something you may want to try!

Thank you for stopping on in today
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