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Gardening can be for everyone !

I bet you thought you needed at least some amount of land to garden? Not really, I realize that many people live in New York high risers or in parts of the country where Huricanes and storms can wipe out your garden beauties in a mere blink of the eye. That would be where I live, you gotta love it though!
All you need is some 10, 15, 20 or 25 lb bags of potting soil which is pretty inexpensive ,you really don't need the top dollar one any will do. You will also need a porch or side of the house or deck that gets a substancial dose of sunlight that you can place your soil bags on.

Now all you need is some plants of your choice, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants or flowers will also work. It's whatever you like. Now the final step is to actually plant your plant in the bag of soil...Yes you heard me right, sounds crazy but wait till you see how well this works.

You have to carefully cut the top off of the soil bag like a couple of inches will do , now make some irrigation holes in …