You have got to see my alltime favorite roadside find and a funny story to go with it!

Wait, dont through that old pool liner away and that old rusty fire pit either!

Are you elected to bring the potato salad for the 4th of July Picnic? ...Do I have a recipe for you!

Tired old stool gets a marvelous makeover!

A Little Bit Red And A little Bit White And Blue!

A Tiskit A Tasket A Little Burlap Basket

Doors galore get a new look!

Let Me Tell You About The Newest Fish To Hit The Market SWAI including a out of this world recipe

A Little Spray Paint And Voilla!

You will be surprised what I can do with a hot glue gun

My Beautiful Accidently Decorated Wreath

Transform plain glass sliding doors into stylish doors

From Old White dated Ceramic Pieces to Foe Pottery Oriental Tea Set

My vintage looking $1.99 backsplash , Alluminum foil?