Saturday, December 24, 2016


Welcome everyone! It's finally Christmas here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air, a time for  rejoice, and happiness to share with family and friends! Traditions are also kept such as here every Christmas morning I make homemade cinnamon buns a sweet doe recipe from my late gram. Well what are you waiting for come on in!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Epsom Salt is a great way to mimic ice for decorating

I just love decorating my lanterns for the holidays, I was to Walmart and picked up some Epsom Salts....not because I need to soak in it but because it is a wonderful substitute for ice.

 Its a mere 1.00 for 1 lb.
 I found a cute tin owl ornament that I have perched on a candle holder I filled the bottom with the Epsom Salts and added a tealight.

 Just A bit of greenery, a snowflake and a plaid ribbon

 Looks so much like the ice that you scrape from your car windshield I do miss the snow days but not the scraping of the car windshield. I do recommend keeping the salt away from pets and children if you do decide to use it in your seasonal décor.
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Saturday, December 10, 2016


Hi there...happy to share this totally free craft with you today. As you know I have done many craft projects using brown grocery bags through the years, today I am sharing a twig star ornament that will look wonderful on your tree especially if you are going for the cabin or lodge theme this Christmas. So lets get started.........

 So start by flattening your sack
 cut 5 pieces about 21/2 by 5 or so try not to cut them all the same exact size because after all twigs are not all the same size and we are trying to keep it real as possible
 Now take a pencil or dowel and start to wrap it from one end
 The pencil will drop out and them simply tape it at each end
 so now you have 5 faux twigs
 Don't be laughing at my small glue gun its been through the mill so to speak and burned me dozens of times lol  Anyway you will start to for the star by using hot glue
 After I glued it I rested a light piece of wood to set it you could also use a book. It does not take long about 5 min.

Now this is where it gets real , simply dry brush some white paint lightly around the twig not up and down just as I have done here.

Well there you have it add a ribbon....No cost , cabin like stars!  Hope you will try this easy craft
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Thursday, December 8, 2016


Hello decorators, inspiration gatherers, crafters!   I have always wanted a good size wreath to hang on the front outside of my I gathered items for under 20$.

 The frame I purchased at Michaels for about 6.50, the scarf ribbon on black Friday for 2.00, the bunch of Christmas flowers 5.00
 The pine garlands A black Friday special also Michaels for 2.00 each and I used 2
 I simply just wove it around twice and attached it with twine.

 I also used a trumpet that I already had along with some dangling pine cones

 It is about 3 and 1/2 ft wide

And here it is hung and accompanied by a JOY banner that I made from some burlap that I had on hand.
 And also joined by this snowman aka  Frosty!

So if you dreamed of crafting a large wreath as I had it is not too pricey and makes a wonderful way to express Christmas!

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Friday, December 2, 2016

A SNOWFLAKE CLINIC.....a fun family craft for everyone!!!

Hello there......looking for a wonderful inexpensive Holiday Craft??  I have just the thing to gather the whole family around the table, serve a little hot cocoa and some cookies and it's a party! This is all you will need to get this party started......

Some basic white paper, scissors, glitter and some glue. The glue you will want to paint the finished snowflakes with but we did add a little water to it. I am so a magazine saver, this is an old one "Martha Stewart Kids", If you follow the numbered steps and besure to get a good fold the results areendless.


It is true no two snowflakes are a like! Once you get a "shovel" full its time to bring them to the glitter box, just a shallow box to sprinkle glitter, before that just a couple brushes of glue which we did in a different box then the glitter. 

 This is just one cut but once you follow steps 1-5 you can make your own cuts !

 Little miss smarty pants which is my oldest daughter decided to show off with her fancy flake of snowmen! But she says she has no crafting ability.......yey sure
But they truly are lovely! Hope you will be running a Snowflake clinic in your home ...its a great way to bring the family together for the winter holiday season!

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