Wednesday, November 25, 2020


 Welcome and Happy Thanksgiving! Today will be one of my biggest cooking days of the year but I did manage to craft some great Christmas gifts  . I wanted to create some fun Christmas items that will be shipped today to distant family members.

Some were sewn others were crafted. All of the items can be used for the holiday season. Their are 3 families with small children. 

For the little ones, aprons for helping the moms bake all the Christmas confection. A simple sew , and for fun I filled the pockets with cookie cutters and candy canes

Personalized Christmas tree skirts, an easy fun project.  

Farmhouse wreaths that also included a joy pendant to hang underneath.

Carry bags for the little ballerinas

Gigantic floor pillows are a great hit with the teens

Personalized Christmas signs
Thanks so much for stopping by ....let's get crafty friends!

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

A Farmhouse Style Coffee Table

 Welcome friends!  I was scanning all the online stores for a  useful yet stylish coffee table. Couldn't really find anything that I truly  loved. So I went out to my shed and found an old but sturdy iron bench that was sitting idol for a few years. I grabbed some slabs of wood and got busy ! I gave the iron some cleaning and a dose of rustlock. I painted the iron a flat black that really showed off the scrolls and curves.

While the paint was drying  measured the wood marked and cut with the jigsaw.  I used 3 different pieces of wood. I  whitewashed them, once it was all dried I put everything in place 

It is just the right size and renders a farmhouse feel. I am so glad I didn't proceed with buying a new one.

Thanks so much for stopping on in today. 



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