Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hi there, bet your really busy getting ready for Thanksgiving? I have a super idea to create a little unexpected  fun ! Here at Sweet Tea N' Salty air I have some surprises for my dinner guests, I came up with an idea to get the dinner guests down right giddy. I made some prints of cornucopias and attached them to some random dinner plates such as this.

When I see that everyone is almost done I will announce that whom ever has a cornacopie taped to the bottom of their dinner dish has won a prize! I will do about 4 prizes. I crafted this sign as a prize to one of the lucky diners.

Everyone loves a prize! For the kiddies too. This was a simple sign I crafted from leftover wood flooring. I have various other gifts ready as well. Hope this sparked some fun for Thanksgiving. I want to wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving from all of us here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!

Monday, November 25, 2013


Hello there, nice of you to stop by, I am so excited to introduce you to my little snowman. Last night I was scanning the Country Sampler And I saw a cute snowman that was like 3 boxes piled on top of each other. So that inspiration prompted me to create this little guy that just melted my heart .

He stole my heart! Who ever said that we can't make snowmen in the deep south? He is complete with Earmuffs ,a scarf and twigs for arms that display his name....Frosty , how original is that. He was ever so easy to craft, he stands about 3 feet tall. I used white adhesive caulking to hold the boxes together then I caulked around the boxes to eliminate gaps. A quick spray of white paint, a nose, eyes and buttons made this little guy come to "life".


This would be a wonderful craft to do with children. So if you have a few different size boxes around don't throw them away, make a snowman! The frosty garland snowballs were made from pages from an old book and some twine and bows. Hope you will craft a little guy like this!  Thanks so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hello, nice of you to take some time to visit today! I have an easy prep arable meal that you can cook in your oven and in about 45-60 minutes you will have a tasty nutritious meal everyone sitting table side will love. For this recipe you will need :

Chicken cut up such as thighs and legs
sour cream
Box of corn flakes

whole potatoes for baking

Carrots, cauliflower

Seasonings such as garlic powder, black pepper and salt, paprika ,and I love Goya Adobo all purpose seasoning. Some olive oil.

Its real simple, take the corn flakes and turn them into crushed corn flakes... season them well.
Wash your chicken then rub the pieces down with some sour cream roll in the seasoned crushed corn flakes and that's it ready to go in the oven on 350 degrees.

Wash your potatoes place on pan poke drizzle with olive oil season and in the oven they go.

Take your veggies place on baking pan drizzle with olive oil season and in the oven they go.

Delicious and your children will love it.
You can crush them up any old way, I just kept them in the original bag and smashed them with a rolling pin.
Be sure to coat the chicken well.

Prep time is about 20 minutes or so. Once you got this whole meal in the oven there is nothing else to do you can leave it for the sitter  to take out and serve and you can go Christmas shopping or do your crafts sewing or whatever. Cause your jobs done in the kitchen, I love this meal when I am super busy cause I know my family is getting a great meal at practically no time to do. It's so much better than fast food we all have to do that some time but we all know those fatty cheeseburgers are not the greatest for our kids. Try this you won't be sorry and your family will love it! Thank so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air today!

Friday, November 22, 2013


Hi there happy you stopped by, I have been doing a lot of tinkering in my dining room so my imagination went a little wild today. My living room has a fireplace but I got to thinking we spend so much time in the dining room we need one there too. I pondered with the idea of ordering one from my favorite country catalogue then I got to thinking I could make one. So I got my happy self out to the back shed and went through scraps of wood and flooring. Gathered everything and went to my dining room and this is what I came up with....

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Hi there so happy you had some time to stop by, I found this very cute little country chair just sitting there in the thrift store story be told is that it is a "retired ELF CHAIR from the North Pole ", no I haven't hit the bottle its true it was once in Mrs. Clause kitchen and the elf's use to sit in the kitchen peeling potatoes seeing that Santa bought new ones for the little guys. wink wink. Anyway I am honored to own this little chair and in honor of Christmas I made it into a count down to Christmas Chair.
Here is how the little elf chair started..........

This cute chair was made from scraps of wood, you know from the toys. I sprayed it all white.
I painted a Christmas tree on the seat and made a stocking garland. The heart is painted with chalkboard paint.
It is complete with a lil birdhouse which I painted a tiny wreath on and added a bow.
The chair also has bird attached to some wire.
The legs are painted as candy canes and I added a red check ruffle around the seat.
WOW, did you see this 34 days until Christmas we better get busy! I thank you for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air and I hope you enjoyed the former elf chair! You can find me at these fun linky parties, you won't want to miss all the fun!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hello there, so happy you came by this is my vintage punch bowl set. Its a funny story how I received this pretty set. I have had it about 10 years but before  that for about 15 or more years it was wrapped in news paper in a backyard shed. My son used to clean sheds when he was a teen and he was cleaning the shed where this very gem was stored. When he presented to the old woman she insisted he took it home to me, bless her sole. My son couldn't wait to get it to me I was so happy he thought of me. He is still such a thoughtful person.

The set is very heavy glass with glass beading around the rim, the handles on the cups are also beaded. The ladle is also glass and very heavy that's why when I do serve our holiday punch I do use a different ladle. This set has seen many a holiday and special occasion it has become part of our family.

Soon enough this punch bowl will be filled with this delicious Punch recipe that our family has been making for years, so simple and so good!


1 bottle of Ginger ale
1 package of crushed frozen strawberries
1 lemon sliced
2 limes sliced
1 frozen lemonade
lots of ice

All you do is put all these ingredients in the punch bowl and the ingredients work their magic! If is an all adult party you could do a little spiking. You can also add some strawberry or lime sherbet   This punch goes quickly so it would  be good to have another set of ingredients ready . It's a good idea to take the can of frozen lemonade out of the freezer about an hour before you make your punch.

The punch bowl also has a platter to match that it all sits on. I do hope your try my punch recipe for the holidays and I do hope you and your friends and family enjoy it! thanks so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

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Saturday, November 16, 2013


Hi there, bet your busy as the holidays approach all too soon. So happy you had some time to stop by. I have crafted this cute little sign to display just how the kids here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air are behaving, everyone knows Santa doesn't like a bad list.

It's very east to craft just a piece of pallet wood, some craft paint, letter stencils, button , cording and some bows. I also took some hot glue and made a design around the edges. And of course some burlap .

This is a wonderful way to keep those children in check. Believe me no one wants bad status. This applies for grown ups too! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Simple holiday malamine tray makeover

Hello there, having guests in for the holidays? You can never have enough holiday serving trays. Old trays are so very cheap at the thrift stores, you can take and transform an old ugly tray into a serving beauty!
I never took a before picture but it was prints of a couple of wine bottles and the print was washed out so I first applied a couple of coats of black paint with a sealer, then I used a snowflake stencil and added some tiny specks of snow using a q-tip then enhanced the stenciled flakes with some gold paint. I sanded the edges , and that worked out well even it being plastic. Some bows and white carnations and you have a perfect tray for some wine and cheese for two!
The trays are usually just a dollar or so and look how pretty you can make them. Also a great gift idea you can place a cheese board some cheese and some pretty glasses with some dry sausage or whatever and this makes a perfect house warming or hostess gift. Saran wrap makes some pretty colored plastic wrap that it can all be wrapped in.  Thanks for stopping by , hope I gave you some ideas today to help ease the holiday season!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Hi, so glad you stopped by. Are you getting Thanksgiving anxiety yet?? I just have one word of advice and I learned from the best of the best use a LIST. A list will help you ease the tension. Make lists for your foods you will be serving, make an add on list for the groceries that you will need. Make a guest list and decide whether or not you will have a sit down or buffet dinner. I know a sit down dinner is always best but when you are having 30 plus guests that is almost impossible that's why I opt for a buffet. With a buffet you have to have several set ups , a small area for drinks, coffee that should include a good quality cups ice bucket, beverages.

The most important is the buffet table, where all the foods will be placed in my case we will set it up 3xs. One time for the first course and then the main course and last the desert table. You can set your main table up in the middle of the room where it will serve all the way around or like I will do one sided where I heighten some of the foods. Don't worry if everything does not match the people are there to eat your delicious foods. Lets take a look

I use my moms turkey platter as a decorative piece and build everything from that, As you can see the gravy pitcher is heightened , you can use anything from books to bowls, vases to heighten.

 This is the area set up on the dining room counter that has the dinner dishes, silverware napkins and the food table is just a few feet from this, I picked up the little lantern lights at Lowe's at their end of the summer sale.
A bread basket always include napkins for covering.

 Forks , knives and spoons easy to get at.

Everything should be at arms length. Candles make a great setting.

2 gravy pitchers and 2 sets of salt and pepper are best.

I am using this Taffeta material so it always looks wrinkled or crunched I might say. In the front of the table I took some cording and gathered and tied in the front for a little pizazz.

Apples carved out for a tea light make great table settings.
In the past years we did sit down in shifts , that's crazy and I would not advise it. Just keep those bowls and platters filled and everything will go smoothly. I have 3 actual eating tables set up that will accommodate everyone. They are all out in the lanai covered with table cloths and candlelight. They weather is great here in southwest Florida maybe just a sweater in the evening right now. Everyone seems to love eating out especially fireside. So don't get anxious gather your helpers and don't be afraid to ask aunt Helen to bring her famous sweet potato casserole or uncle Ben to bring a few bottles of wine , everyone wont mind bringing a little something to your feast. When the last of your guests have filled their plate go sit down and enjoy your meal and your guests.
I hope you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving ! Thank you so very much for coming to my Buffet.

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Monday, November 11, 2013


Hi there , so happy you could stop by. I am so excited to share my sweet winter welcome mittens with you. Did you know that you can indeed sew brown paper on the sewing machine? I used a couple brown bags which I cut out 14 mittens simply sewed them together left the top open for stuffing candy canes. Then I gave them a coat of paint added some trim to the top glued them on a rope of scrap material added some plastic netting bow saved from a sack of potatoes. a few buttons and more bows made from roping and it's that easy. Lets take a look.....Children and adults will love a candy cane welcome! Don't worry you can also glue them together with hot glue. So easy and such a warm Holiday welcome. Thank you so much for stopping by!! Come join all the Linky Party Fun at the following:

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Happy Saturday to you! So glad you are here. I am so excited to share what I have made from cardboard tubing that would normally be discarded. I mean the ones from paper towels, wallpaper and giftwrap. Some are stronger than others but all will work and its a great way to recycle!

I painted them into peppermint sticks with an old fashioned flair, what's great is that the swirls are already imprinted in the making of the tube so you can't go wrong making the colors just right.

 The peppermint sticks hang nicely from the shutters that I purchased from Country Door, I do love shopping there. Have you ever? I also painted my dining room this color last week.

I bought a whole bag of poinsettias, vintage plastic greens over the summer for .50 and they work perfect for this craft . Dollar tree also has many artificial Christmas flowers etc. that would be great to decorate with.

Unfortunately this would only work for indoors or in a place where it would not get snowed or rained on. I hope this will inspire you to make a little something for your door and also recycle your cardboard tubes. Thanks so much for stopping by! You can find me at any of the following linky parties, come party with us!
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Monday, November 4, 2013


Hi there, so happy you could stop by. You remember my Halloween tree in my kitchen? Well we have it decorated for the upcoming holidays. I have used some red and white check material the bows , some tiny green apples , vintage cookie cutters, pinecones and white lights. It adds a little whimsy in the kitchen and it entertains me the one whom does spend many a hours in there. I just know that many of you also spend many hours in the kitchen.

I put a white glass kitty under the tree to cozy up. You can use so many different themed items on  a kitchen tree.. I bought the box of Green Apples at WalMart for about 3$. They also have red as well and pears.  But I was thinking about using some old silver spoons and forks maybe bend them a little.

I do see many small artificial trees at the thrift store that may need a nice home such as yours so hope I have inspired you to set up a kitchen tree as well they really bring so much cheer! Thank you for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air.

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