Thursday, June 27, 2019

A Summer Celebration , red, white and Blue!

Welcome! Hoping you are enjoying summer, if its gardening, swimming or just a lazy hazy quiet afternoon. When I think of summer I think of red white and blue, icecold watermelon, ripe red cherries, swimming, sweet tea, lemonade , fireworks and the list goes on.

I went to the garden and cut a small sunflower for today. Most are towering over 111 ft. Just love the smiling faces but they are cute when they tower over and fall into a deep sleep.

The wine box holds a white metal flag some burning red leaves from a huge plant I have outside, the little metal garden cart is a Decor Steal find, it holds some patriotic fabric balls

The dishes were just plain white that I painted and stenciled

The sunflower was the smallest from the bunch.

This flag was crocheted by my great grama susie, it is well over 50 yrs. Old. I take it outevery year to display.

Whats summer without cherry pie?

Fried green tomatoes, a southern staple!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Monday, June 17, 2019

A Cohesive Farmhouse/ cottage Bit Of Fun!

Welcome friends, so nice of you to stop in! You know how you have a mishmash of decor , you love it but its all stowed away because you dont really know exactly what to do  with it.

Thats was me , I had a wall in the kit hen that I painted a faux shiplap look and I just wanted something special. I had found an inspiration picture online, It was basically a makeshift counter, backsplash and cabinetry. Very plain but a step back in time using raw materials.

So I chose various Items such as a little wooden vintage cabinet, some tin tiles, shelves , a small egg nester box, a wooden box, a little closed metal box,  and also made a Fried Green Tomato sign.

First I spaced everything out to make sure to get a perfect arrangement.  The trick to getting a cohesive look.
 This is the start, the base is a baker rack bottom all wood with 2 drawers
 Once everythingwas given a light lick of paint.
 This was a fun Saturday afternoon just  a lady in her kitchen having some decorating fun.

 Displaying dishes. Some eggs that I painte . Gramas handmade doilies.

 Some sanding, and scraping
 I love the end resultas it fits snugly to my favorite vintage cabinet.

Hope you enjoyed my kitchen collection center. Perhaps you will be taking out your favorite decor and designing your own kitchen center!
Happy Decorating!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

A Fun Vintage Style Seaside Cottage Diningroom

Welcome, if you stop on in from time to time you will know that every summer I create a fun seaside cottage room , this year its the dining room. I had some fun the last couple of days creating, a starfish banner that I actually had to make the stencil old school.  A painted boat oar, a Cottage sign and a good mix of ocean fun items.

 Come on in through the kitchen shutters!
 The starfish banner is made of brown paper, I made a starfish stencil ,used blue and white paints.
 An oar the I already had got a coat of blueocean paint.

 Decided to use pink dishes for the summer season.

 The sign was made from a pineplank ,stencils and paints

 A fishing net embellished with shells is woven into the chandelier.
 AA wooden boat topped with a duck decoy, rope surrounded by some color glass a vintage wooden pieces.

This was a fun summer makeover for a dining room well used.

                 Thanks so much for  dropping  by!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Easy Tie Up Curtains for to Make In An Afternoon!

Welcome, hope you are enjoying the season. A recent trip to walmart where I purchased a whole bolt of small black and white checkedcheckered fabric at a mere 1.50 per yard so the bolt was 15$.

The first step is to measure your window, you should allow at least double the amount of the window allowing 6  inches on all sides for seems.

 I was going for a very casual farmhouse vibe this material is semi sheer but just enough to block out the sun.

So once the material is measured out you can sew a closing seem on 3 sides and the top seem will be where you will measure and sew so that your curtain rod will fit through.

Now you need to create the ties, now i wanted the raw edges so I merely ripped the ties they should be double the size of the curtain plus 6 inches. You will need 2 ties per curtain. They should be the same size front and back .The ties can be sewn on  so just cut the ties in halfthey should be about 4 inch. Wide.

Just under where the curtain rod will go sew the ties on about a ft. Down front and back.

Trim up your threads, insert your curtan rods a presto some pretty tie up curtains.

 I really love the idea  that they are easy to tie up, and you can easily controll the amount of privacy so easily.
If you like this style but are not down for the sewing I recenly have seen this style but a more sheer solid light color on Decor Steals, a Miss Mustard Seed item for 15$ each. They are very nice .

Thanks so much for joining me today and I hope you will consider sewing up these easy tie up curtains.

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