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Good evening friends, so glad you came to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air for a little tour. Do you know how this whole Halloween thing began? Surprisingly it has been told that All Hallows Eve evil demons could walk the earth only on this night so.....people would dress in very scarry costumes to scare the evil demons. I just don't know where the candy part started.

This vintage witch sits in the birdbath in the garden. She also has a light in it. She is my favorite Halloween decoration.

We  are ready for all the trick or treaters ,our candy bowls are filled to the brim.

Spiders have spun their webs.

Walkways are well lit to greet the Trick or treaters.

Witches brew is brewing!

Our Halloween decorated tree is lit!

A very old goodwill find, it's a wooden pumpkin that lights up .

So glad you stopped by ! Wishing you and your family A Happy All Hallows Day!


Hi there so happy you stopped by, I have been working all day on my Very large china cabinet washing the glass and all the interior décor including glasses that I will use for the many holiday gatherings to come. A very sweet neighbor gifted me the cabinet when the owner passed. He was a good little old man whom I occasionally brought to doctor appointments and gifted him with some food goodies.

The cabinet is very old and I really don't know much about the backround the only thing I know it is ancient. It takes up a good corner of the living room. It's swirled wood and rounded glass make it an exceptional piece. I did however give it a white wash which perhaps I should not have done. The cabinet is a great place to keep all my décor when not in use something like a garage but much prettier.
You can bring a lot of different things and colors together with out it looking gaudy. I find if you color coordinate it like all the blues together all the blacks etc. etc. The swirled …


Hey there glad you could stop by! Boy do I have a treat today....about a couple years ago I scanned the net for that perfect Pumpkin Muffin recipe. I happed across this one which actually comes from a local Bakery Sandwich shop that serves up an array of freshness such as breads , muffins , cookies etc., etc. The proprietor shared this amazing recipe and ever since then I have been baking these muffins and not just for thanksgiving time but all the time. Once you bake these delectable morsels you too will be in a baking frenzy. I had to hurry with this photo shoot because every time I would turn my back some one would be swiping one off the platter. That's when mama goes nuts!


Hey everyone, so glad you stopped by for a visit grab a cup of coffee and let me show you what I have made. You know how we all have curtains and scraps of materials that we have on a shelf just sitting idol? Well Sunday I went through my shelves and pulled out a huge curtain I made out of a red and white checked seersucker material and a bolt of neutral upholstery fabric that I picked up some time ago at Goodwill. Got out my sewing machine and got busy.

I made some simple pillows and incorporated some pieces of my great grams vintage tablecloth if you remember I have been using bits and pieces on some of my projects such as the stool make over and the garland. If you have any vintage material pieces be sure to save them even if they are torn beyond repair. You can incorporate them in something else such as I have. Before stuffing the pillow I ironed the lacey piece on with heat bond.

I sewed a table runner and added a bit of the red and white check as a ruffle and also more pieces of…

All south west Florida Good Will Stores had a 1/2 off day, I picked up some good finds!

Hi there! Hope you are enjoying your week end I don't know if your local Good-Will thrift store was having a 1/2 off day but they were in these parts. It's a crazy day there, the lines are very long and people will run you down if your not careful. I went later in the day and I still found some really neat stuff. Lets take a look....

A very pretty wire basket for 3.00 Looks so pretty on the table and counter and can be filled with so many things.

I also picked up this very ancient crock ,It does show signs of  some wear for sure. I can only imagine what was once made in this crock. My grandmother used to make Polish pickles in a crock just the same as this. They were the best pickles ever the smell of fresh dill and garlic was present when we would lift the lid when gram wasn't looking, she would always know though... "stop opening that lid", She would yell to us. She somehow knew but they were well worth the wait especially paired up with some homemade kielbasa …

In celebration of my 100th post I am in the kitchen with Natalie and were making marhmallow popcorn balls!

Hi glad you are joining us in the kitchen! Today Natalie and I in celebration of my 100th  Blogger post are making marshmallow popcorn balls. We had to go buy a new Popcorn air popper. You will have either popcorn popped on the stove /no butter or air popped its the best choice. For this recipe you will need  

I air popper
about 9 cups of plain popped corn
1 bag of marshmallows
About 1/4 cup of margarine

Food color if you like
candies or shots to sprinkle

So first you will melt the margarine in a big non stick pot/ meanwhile pop the corn
When the margarine has fully melted add the bag of marshmallows to the pot cook on the lowest setting. When all is melted this would be the time to add food color. Now add the popcorn slowly while your kitchen assistant slowly mixes.

Turn stove off and now it's time for the fun part. Grease hands up with margarine and start forming the balls . Place balls on buttered pan to fully cool.  Now you can sprinkle on the candies of your choice…


Hello, so happy your here! I've been harvesting my most favorite gift offered by mother nature. I love everything about pinecones they are simply perfect. How can something so perfect be free for the taking?

So I began to do a little decorating with the pinecones...lets have a look

Snow cones!  Yes you heard right! By taking a covered jar filling it with the pinecones and giving them a generous sprinkling of Flour it gives the effect of snow covered pine cones. A great look for the season and a great conversation decoration, so simple just fill sprinkle and cover add a bow and some colorful lights!

I have taken a cake plate and placed it in the middle of a huge glass b owl that I made out of a light you can view that on a previous post. then filled the bottom with pinecones. These pinecones got a quick brush of white paint. Add my favorite pumpkin and place in the middle of the dining table, oh so pretty and festive! I placed these apple bowls in the drawer of a vintage cabinet le…

Your old lamps can be beautiful again with a little paint and jazz !

Hi there so happy you stopped by. I have been fall cleaning and redoing a few things to prepare for the busy holiday season such as curtains and window cleaning I was especially working in the red , white and blue bedroom yesterday. Washing all the windows and putting up fresh clean curtains vacuuming from top to bottom and shining all the furniture. The lamps in there leave enough to be desired. So I mixed and matched parts ,painted and added a little lamp jewelry, now I love my two lamps all over again. I did not take  before shots I guess I wasn't planning on doing the lamps over. I was going to buy 2 new, glad I didn't though.

This lamp was an ugly golden sponged base so I gave it a deep red painting and defined some areas with a gingerbread color. I found the skeleton key in the shed, I was holding on to it until I found the perfect something to do with it. So I attached it with some twine and it seemed like it was a perfect fit. The shade was just white so I gave it an o…