Friday, January 17, 2020

Cant Shop Catalogues, No worries....Shop Your Home

Welcome home! Nice of you to drop by! If your new here very nice to meet you!  Today I want to share some home decor tips with you. Not everyone can shop expensive stores and catalogs..right? And we all want to be unique in our own way. The craze is definitely Farmhouse, cottage, boho and country so I recently scanned my gardens and my house for things that needed new life meaning pieces that were basically maybe headed for the trash

 This old rooster was sitting in the garden, he was just plain red clay so I took him on in and dry brushed a little white craft paint, gathered some flowers from my stash and welcomed him to my kitchen!
 Always save drawer pieces, just a simple freehand of herbs.
 I bought a set of 10 of these cute shaped plastic dishes, dont like the grape pattern. So I gave them a lick of paint and stencil, love them now!

 Never pass up cheap paintings at the thrift store. They can be used as chalkboards, new signs, with a bit of imagination its endless!
 This was a metal door panel that was headed to the dump, no way! Made a huge sign. A little paint, imagination and stencils is all you need!
Love roosters, these were some crazy out of tune colors, so a lick of white paint transformed them into the perfect Farmhouse fit!

 Tims, especially with color are great farmhouse decor!

 Picked up these square christmas decors, I think they are like. 25 each at the end of season clearance...paint and stencils transformed them.
This old tabbaco ladder I have had for about 15 years ,its been all around trust me , used it to create a cute corner in the kitchen by positioning  it a different way and adding some flowers and a farmhouse bow.

So happy I could share some inexpensive ways for you to transform your house into a home!

Happy decorating!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Farmhouse kitchen window makeover for about 7$

Welcome home! Nice of you to drop in and if it's your first visit nice to meet you! So recently I have been crushing on yellow! How about you? Seems fitting for a mid winter perk up. I try to have each room with a different dab of color .
Wow though, Walmart has stepped up thier craft and sewing dept.! Saturday I made a trip to our local Walmart and found some very nice precut fabrics. I was originally wanting some red ticking fabric but once I seen this I knew it would be perfect for my kitchen window.

Once I chose the fabric I wandered over to the faux flowers where most were on clearance, my luck day! Each bloom stem was originally 2.50 and they were marked down to .50, and just the color to match the fabric.

The fabric is precut at 1 yard which is fine for my kitchen window it was 4.97, not bad priced and I'm loving the vintage look of the pattern.  So I did some measuring and got to sewing....

I  opted to sew a valance and tiers.

The wreath is a simple heart shaped rag wreath that I crafted. I do spend alot of time at this sink so having  a something pretty to look at is always nice. Just a simple metal  vase to hold the faux flowers 4 stems at 2$. A 7$ kitchen window makeover  to add some kitchen fun!

Thanks so much for visiting ,


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