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Hi and welcome....don't you just love it when your driving down the road and you see something at the curb that your figuring really has no business heading to the dump? Well there it was leaning up along side a mailbox . Then you quickly pull over and examine your find and if it's a keeper you quickly throw it in your vehicle. So I picked up this mirror with a wooden frame.
Well here it is, just a pine semi dark stained wood, but Im going to give it a bit of a vintage style life, a pretty one that will be long lived.

ok first step is get the stencil ready and some vinyl spackling also a small size scrapper.
Simply put a small amount on some card board and apply it over the stencil little by little taking care not to use it too much. Be sure it is smooth something like doing a wall I guess, then just lift the stencil off....
It should look like this. Practice on some cardboard would  be helpful just to get the practice.
So here we have it.....

Be sure to let the sparkling dry …

It's just a Spring Thing!

Welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air......just lovin the new life of things that Spring brings. The air has a certain scent usually anyway it seems as though the sea has brought many fish to the canals because I can smell the fish from my home....the waters edge is about 250 ft from my door yard. In a good way though a fresh caught fish scent you know the one just before the little guy hits the frying pan.

Today I thought instead of making a traditional wreath base for one spring décor item I would use my vintage ladder.

 Petunia's are blooming daily, I usually pull the dead blooms daily.

 I bought some colorful artificial blooms to decorate with.....the vintage ladder gets a bit of color

A grapevine wreath also is decorated and hung on the front gate

 Basil is a necessity in my kitchen , we cook allot of tomato dishes.
 Behind the petunias is a wild flower that will bloom these pretty flowers soon
 This rooster is surrounded by 4 different greeneries can you name them? Cause I …


Image happy to share my kitchen redo with you. On a recent trip to Home Depot I scanned every option of paints that were available but I kept going back and looking at this marvelous color Teal Lagoon by Glidden......totally not the usual color I would pick but I am so happy I did. I decided to go with a sea side theme seeing that we are all about fishing and wildlife, we live about 5 miles from the Fla. Everglades so I thought it would be fitting. Well grab some Sweet Tea and come on in through the shutter doors.

 Walmart now sells Waverley Fabrics in the craft dept. I found some teal fabric with some French words printed on it.

 I lined the sill up with some tiny coke bottles filled with some flowers.

 This copper fish tray sits above the stove.
 Glass mild bottles filled with some Daisies sit on the shelf behind the stove.
 You know those Popcorn tins that almost everyone gets for Christmas? Don't throw them away, I turned this into a great cooking utensil holder. I spra…