Saturday, August 29, 2020

A fun Hobby Lobby basket!

welcome to you! Happy you could stop by. I havent been visiting many stores lately mostly ordering online. But when my son offered an afternoon treat (bribe) of Hobby Lobby I couldn't resist. He is a model crafter and collector and lucky for me Hobby Lobby is the place for him to go. So we gathered our masks and headed out. About 45 minutes later we reached our destination.

So we got geared up and headed on in. Whoa I hadn't been in a while...lots of Fall and Christmas everywhere.  So I had a 40$ budget I found a cute Big tin sign. Bought some buffallo check ribbon and a roll of burlap. I discovered the clearance isle way in back of the store. I picked up some large plastic easter eggs that I will paint and this wonderful farm basket. The basket was only 3$.

Today I gave this nice big basket a whole new look. I had just bought a gallon of black paint from Lowes Opps counter, so I  mixed a bit of black paint with water and gave the basket a dry brush of black wash.
I left some places without color to make an aged look.  I wanted to make the basket to adopt to any season.  I used some white burlap and stenciled it a bit. Added some fall rag bows. I ant wat to fill it with some pumpkins and greens. I have a small tree for the dining area that I can add to the basket for the Christmas season.

So for 3$ not bad. You never know what your going to find amongst the clearance items.
Thanks so much for stoppin by
             Happy crafting

Monday, August 3, 2020

A New Paint Treatment for the Dining Table

welcome friends! Come on in the dining room. I so get tired of white. It bores me so! So I decided to give the dining table top a new look. I applied a dark grey onto the white. I used a board and drew the plank lines in before the paint dried.I also did some scraping but not to much to age the look a bit.
Once the application was good and dry I applied a white wash. And to finish it a matt sealer. Let's take a look...

 Left everything else white even the chippy chairs.  We had a little brunch to try the table out. Every summer I pull out my white sunflower dishes out but seeing no get together it was just service for 3.

The dishes looked especially pretty against the dark table top.
 Fresh melon, hard boiled eggs and some homemade banana muffins. I love muffins and cupcakes baked in parchment paper!

I will be painting my wooden bench to

wish I could give you all a banana muffin!

Thankyou for stoppingon in its been great having a bit of company! Stay safe and healthy friends......
Until next time

Lets Take A Peek At A Real Farmhouse!

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