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Happy Saturday to all! We are excited to view the new Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles this Saturday morning. Last night we watched the half hour preview. My son assisted me in the kitchen making some brownies for the occasion. We even stenciled TMNT with powdered sugar on the top. Kids ya gotta love um!

  Sooo I've gone shopping around my house, and storage sheds. We have no basements in the deep south. (I do this often) And I found some very cool autumn treasures to deck my fireplace mantel with.

I have taken out my precious birdhouse that was given to me by late mom. It has a real bark roof and a front porch what happy bird wouldn't want to live there? My thrift store rooster I picked up at good will for a mere .99. If your a goodwill shopper you know about the color code sale, which means every week they feature a different color, if your items happen to be tagged the color for the week you get 50% off of the item. Now that's a great deal! I to…


This is where I turn out all the delicious fall treasures such as pumpkin breads, sweet doe for Cinnamon rolls and lots more. This is the vault of my kitchen and I'll tell you why.....the top of the cabinet has doors that hold all my baked goods safe if you know what I mean. Too many people in my family can't wait to sample the goods so I must keep them safe until I put them out for consumption . For those who do not know what a FURNITURE  MARRIAGE is it's when you can take many different pieces of furniture and put them together such as this:

The very bottom is a long flat topped cabinet with storage. The next piece is an old coffee table that fits right over the bottom piece. Then I added a corian counter top (that was given to me), the very top piece is an old medicine type cabinet. So when I "married" all the pieces together I got a functional place for a baking station. It holds all my baking gadgets, measuring spoon and cup etc...

I have it decorated for f…


Don't be fooled my blogger friends where I live we have no apple trees we have oranges, lemons and much more delectable citrus. So I like to think we have like a swap thing going on , you send me your northern fruit and we'll send you the southern fruit. Let's face it when the southern citrus is ripe around November/December you know you can't resist buying that delectable loo.king orange or tangerine at your grocer. Just like now I'm buying those shiny northern apples to incorporate into my delicious recipes. The following  apple idea is so simple . My sweet aunt popped over on Sunday , bless her heart and I had her stay for dinner . Shes so sweet she brought me a cute dog statue ,she knows how much I love animals. Anyway for desert I whipped this up in no time at all. You will need one box of Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust. About 4 Apples , chopped tiny. Peel then chop add about 3/4 cup of sugar, about 11/2 teaspoons of Cinnamon, about 3 tbs. of corn starch, 3…


   Sorry I'm a little late with my reveal but here is the small vintage mirror /tiny oh I don't know what to call it but you can hang a small quilt or decorative piece of material on it. So I painted it with some homemade chalk paint and then sanded certain areas to vintage I-Z-E it(that's just one of my made up words) I hung it up in the dining room . I was thinking that maybe a gal would like to touch up a little lip stick after dinner. You know what I'm talking about right ladies??

Clear glass can be painted

As I bring out all my autumn decorations I just had a few that I really didn't care for like a clear glass pumpkin that has a top. I guess it is suppose to hold candy. RIGHT, not in our house they would have it eaten within an hours time. So I took a whirl at painting him with some vanilla colored craft paint and when it was dried I took some brown craft stain and accentuated the lines.When he was dry I added some strips of burlap. Now I just love this Lil guy! Don't be afraid to paint glass , only paint the outside , there is no need to paint the inside. Soooo, the painter maniac [that's me], is scanning my house to find more glass items to paint. I think you will be happy with the end results of this project! Give it a whirl.

Paper OR Plastic, Do they even ask that queation anymore at the grocery?

  It was a busy week end I kinda wish that there were more than 24 hours in the day because it is not enough time especially when the holidays swiftly approach. I can only find 1 store that will allow you to have paper bags instead and that's Publix, an upscale good quality grocery. I always ask for paper there is so many things I do with it. I put together this fall banner using one lg grocery bag. I use brown bags for things such as crafts, make little popcorn bags for that special movie the kids are watching. They can be decorated nicely for gift giving as well. Speaking of gift giving my teenage daughter announced that she was going to need some homemade gifts for Sunday ,she told me on Saturday night. No problem I'm used to that. She needed gifts for 4 year old so I whipped up a cute little apron and did some designs and stenciled her name it came out cute. I will share with you all later...also made a burlap personalized glass framed picture. We have also made some …


I just love autumn it is my very favorite season, if you were to ask my family they would say: oh that's just another reason for her to hang lights and decorate. Well they are right but they love it as much as I do.

All summer I saved corn husks from our bounty of corn. I dried them out and really was not sure what I was going do with them but now I'm just sprawling them about in my scape's. They look super festive and add that Wimsey touch and it's free. They can also be dyed if you like. A great way to dye dried corn husks is to soak them in either tea or coffee. I plan on doing that to some to make a garland with. So don't be hasty and flip out those corn husks ,you can use them for a number of crafty imaginative do's. The pumpkin  was a thrift store find and the kitty is a Dollar Tree find. The autumn leaves were also purchased from the dollar store. They have a great assortment of Halloween decorations that with a little creativity you can deck your house …

Iv'e painted my Cherry wood foe fireplace with home made chalk paint, yike I may be in trouble it was a birthday gift!!

Sooo , My significant other and in laws presented me with a beautiful foe fire place for my birthday a couple of years ago, they made me go down in my bedroom so they could set it up in my living room. So naturally I had my ear against my door to try to listen to what was going on......Then I heard what sounded like a dish washer, Yuk, I thought. I hate those things, you have to load ,unload that just not for me. But what I was really hearing was the vacuum. When they called me out I was so surprised it was truly beautiful, I had always wanted a fire place. It just didn't have that pop it deserved, so presto I made some home made chalk paint and painted that fireplace , now it has the vintage look and the pop it deserves. Although my in laws haven't seen it yet. ( I may be in big trouble).

3 Cups of flat paint
3/4 cups of baking soda

After it totally dryed I sanded all the edges with 100 grit sandpaper to bring out the amazing details. Then I followed up…

Sky High Breakfast Pie!

A No Fuss ,No Flour Pie That Anyone Can Whip Up! This recipe is a family favorite and company quality as well. So butter your pie pans and join me wont you?
You can use any kind of pre pan cooked meat such as ham, bacon or sausage. You will need about one and one half cups. 6-8 slices of buttered bread. For a smaller pie pan you will use about 6 eggs, larger about 7-8. One cup of half and half. 1 and 1 half cup of your favorite cheese, cheddar, Monterrey jack. If you like you can add a little pan fryed mushrooms ,shallots or what ever you like. Now comes the magic, Line your pie plate with the bread-BUTTERED SIDE DOWN, had to stress that if it's not done that way it will mess the entire recipe up. It does not matter how you line the pan with the bread just as though all of the plate bottom is covered. Now you will take all the eggs, cheese, meats, a little salt and pepper  and whatever else you are incorporating and whisk it all up and pour it in the bread lined pie dish  and bak…

My crazy neighbor threw 3 of these away,Can you believe it!

You know the quote ,"One mans trash is another man treasure". Well thank you kind neighbor, I cant believe the wonderful stuff that gets thrown away. So this is how it went down, on the way to the store we passed these three Adirondak chairs so naturally I backed up and quickly loaded them into my trunk naturally it wouldn't close. So back to my house with my new found treasures. The wood was bare and just crying for some type of paint treatment. There's my teenage daughter standing there with a grin on her face," What are you bringing home now?", she snipped at me. "Quiet", I replyed. They know better than to get in my way when I'm on a mission . The next day I created my own spray paint. I took some and some blue and put it in good quality utilitie spray bottle with some water about one quarter paint and three quarters water shook it up and started spraying . I did it in the simmering sun so the paint would bake onto the wood. I actually dre…