Before you kick your dining table to the curb such as I was try some paint!

Hope everyone is doing well, I will be so happy to say good bye to this steamy humid summer weather. I look forward to pumpkins corn stalks and fall décor. I am so glad that after reading some other amazing blogs that I might be quite ordinary as a DIYer and Excessive redecorator as well as a paintaholic because in blog land this is the normal life. So very cool, of course people that are my friends in the real world do not understand why the heke I pick up junk, paint everything I get my hands on and rearrange my house weekly. Getting back to the painting part....hope they never come up with a paintaholic class, they will bring me there with the quickness I painted my dining set a orangey color maybe because it was autumn at the time but I grew to hate it, see....
So I thought it was time to get rid of the set but actually I really liked the style and the size is perfect to fit 8-10 easily and my 2 big brown wicker chairs fit graciously at the ends, so painting came to mind. I checked out all the paints on the oops counters at Ace Hardware , Lowes and finally at home depot I came upon this light airy color I 'll call it baby bird blue. So I painted the table and waxed her over with a good coat to protect her from water spills etc. The with the chairs I just painted the detailed middle design, what do you think?....For me it's like a breath of fresh air. I am so glad I tried a different color before I kicked my set to the curb, so give your old set some new life with a new potion of paint either mild paint or gritted paint or just a regular smooth finish such as I did.



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