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A new Faux ship lap painted backdrop for my fireplace!

Hi there.......welcome  come on in. Today I am going to share my latest project with you all and it was completely free. We had gotten a huge box delivered to us and it was on a thick piece of wood with thick short  legs attached . If you have seen my new kitchen know the big mirror I used ? well it was from my all know how that goes borrow from one and give to another. So I pulled out my brown paint  and painted the entire piece of wood . Let it dry well. I gathered my painters tape and white paint and began to dry brush faux slats of wood diving them up using painters tape. Just lightly brushing leaving some of the brown to peek through, once done I took a paint scraper and scraped lightly and took off more of the white paint. Lets take a look......

 Simple décor just a wreath and I placed my favorite rooster fella in there. An egg crate with a piece of white wear and just tucked a couple of interesting silver pieces in there.

 I added a bit of lace t…

Got my herd all together! Cows that is!

Hi there, today I  am sharing a cool way to display a herd of collectibles such as mine cows. Some have been gifted some I found thrifting, so its my herd plus a few related cow items and also a black and white garland that I incorporated a bit of my grams tablecloth into.  Grab a beverage and come with me.......

Way back many years ago cows were famous to decorate , my aunt and I had them all over the place now its become popular presented as farmhouse style and you'll note I used the word style because you do not need a real Farm house to carry this décor out, its pretty anywhere you live! Anyway if you have some that your pulling out of storage a nice way to give them a better look is to white wash them as I have done here. Just a tad of white paint and a splash of water mixed a just apply to the piece or not its what ever you like.
 I love a nice full rag garland it really put the icing on the cake so to speak it finishes the farm house touch. I used these two materials and a …

A new kitchen center made from a little of this and a little of that!

Hi there, so nice of you to stop on in.......I have been working on a kitchen project that I am now ready to share. I have a wall in the kitchen that had the huge big white cabinet with the rooster hanging from it. I decided to put a bigger prep area there seeing that summer is around the corner with summer we do allot of cooking and it will be great for a cold drink station as well....we are so addicted to smoothies! Come lets take a look.....
So this is what was on the kitchen wall , I have moved the white cabinet to the dining room and I repurposed this island to the base of my new kitchen work center.
 Here it is.....I simply took part of an old farm house table and used it for the top a while back I used this with something else, we cut a hole in it so that a large stainless steel bowl would fit so it can be used as a "garbage bowl" , when your cutting on the board and you can just swipe all the strawberry stems into the bowl and discard everything all at once. or it ca…

Lisa's been out thrifting, pop on in and see whats new!

Hi nice that you could stop by.The weather has been wonderful here, the type where all you want to do is garden, love digging and planting etc. Natalie and I have been working on a sitting/garden area. She has started the seeds for Tomatoes, peppers and sunflowers.

Natalie loves to garden and cook as well as craft and paint, this is a peek at what we are up to I will share this when we are done, Lowes is having a great sale on mulch 6 bags for 10$ and that includes all different kinds. Here we repurposed some heavy plastic by using it as a liner just poking holes so that the water could have a release during our rainy season but we will for sure not have to weed !

So we have gone out thrifting .....managed to find a few items

So I found this rooster for 2.99 @ Goodwill
 found this Pyrex bowl @ Habitat For Humanity for .99 Love the dusty white cloudy surface reminds me of the striking Dusty Miller plant. I will use this for decorating. Cant help to wonder just how many pan…