Monday, June 30, 2014


Hi there, hope you are enjoying your summer! So happy you took the time out of your busy day! If you are anything like me you love decorative dishes. I can't help to buy them when I see them on my thrifting trails. My favorite are vintage ones. I found this lovely piece on Saturday and it had all the punches of color I was looking for.

The plate has the deep dark purple and the green that I am using. So I needed some more dishes in the green color but no luck finding any so .......
I have a whole stack of these not so pretty saucers so I gave them a coat of the green paint to match the new dish and decided to stencil some numbers on them to give them some rhyme and reason.

I did a little" brush sanding" then added some stenciled numbers.
I added some hot glue with a paperclip to hang them on the wall, this truly works for hanging dishes. Be sure to wipe the area with some alcohol so that the dish takes the hot glue well.

I love the look of hung dishes!  I just don't limit the dish hanging to the kitchen......
 These are hung in the dining room.
 These wonderful Honig Apple dishes have holes in them near the leaves ,so a little cording is all I needed.
 These dishes hang in the large red, white and blue suite.


These hang in the kitchen.
These depression glass plates are held in a wire basket that hangs from the kitchen shutter. So scan your cabinets for some pretty plates and share them by hanging them up for all to see. Pretty dishes got a bad rap up until now no more shelf sitting for pretty dishes around here. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Grilling hotdogs this weekend? Dress them up with some real Polish made Saurkraut!

  • Hi and welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air! If your summer is going like mine your probably enjoying grilling. There is nothing better than an all beef hotdog smothered in real Polish kraut! Today I will share with you an authentic recipe for just that. I don't have specific measurements , the older timers just throw this and that in with no measuring. First you will need some :Sauerkraut drained fully
  • A small bit of salt pork
  • a good size onion, or green onions what ever you like.
  • Brown sugar
  • salt & pepper
  • The very best All beef Hotdogs grilled to perfection
  • mustard and all the hotdog fixens you could conjure up!

The directions are very simple, If you have a cast iron pan you may want to use it such as the Polish gram did.....Sauté the salt pork and onions until cooked careful not to have the heat up too high. Meanwhile take your Kraut and put in in a strainer to release all the liquid , you will have to give it a little squish to insure no liquid is left behind. Once the salt pork and onions are done add the kraut, salt and pepper, brown sugar about a few teaspoons to one can . Fry all together and let it "mend".  Get your dogs off the grill and load them up ! Mr. Sweet Tea Modeled his for you all...Yum!  Hope you enjoy this authentic recipe. Have fun !

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air, So happy you have stopped by! I have been working non stop here painting and redecorating. A short time ago I did paint the room with a wheat color... much too dull for me. Besides that there was a couple of layers of wallpaper on the walls. If you have ever removed wallpaper before you know it's no party, I don't care what your serving up! Removing wallpaper is terrible but I did want to reveal the pretty wood paneling underneath. I used a bold and braising deep dark purple, truly a color out of the normal comfort zone. So after many hours of peeling wallpaper and then adding a lick of this posh bold color this is the results...... Pour yourself a cup of coffee this could take a while....

 I decided to go with a bright white curtain, the wall color really pops against the white.
 I propped my screen door that I crafted in the corner propped up against  a corner cabinet.

I painted and distressed the fire place also painting a strip of chalkboard paint. The round grate madalion was a 6.99 thrift store find that I just gave a little distressing to. also a blue colored glass collection sits front and center surrounded by some driftwood and shells we have been collecting from the beach.

A bench was placed behind the couch that holds my collection of vintage lanterns , when they are lit you can see from the outside. Bright white curtains are clipped on and a sheer swag for some fancy.
A bucket of Cokes, love decorating with these bottles.

A wall decked out with some vintage finds and my favorite sign. A rescued shutter fits well with some 4th of July décor.
An ironstone plate  I picked up at the thrift store for .99 , I love the fancy of it.

I hung a thrift store basket filled with some colorful rope and a stray duck.

I painted the front panel with chalkboard paint so we could change our messages accordingly.
This former candleholder is a perfect fit on the fire place wall with a little distressing it is a perfect match.
 I found this sign to add to my screen door for the summer.


 I found this oil painting at Dell's thrift warehouse  I got the feel of a cottage type neighborhood it reflects  a cozy feel I set it on top of my vintage suitcase which sits on top my vintage icebox.

This is a glass fish plate that I gave a little color to by shading the back with some glass paint. I am totally loving this bold paint color and I think it will be fun decorating for all the upcoming holidays. Perhaps I have influenced you to paint a room with some fun boldness!   Thanks so very much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!
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Saturday, June 7, 2014


Hi there welcome friends to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air! Summer is wonderful but also brings allot of work and preparation. I have been planting , power washing etc.. how about you?   I always scan the free section of Craig's List and low and behold A very nice couple on the Island listed a huge all wood fancy fire place mantle, actually I have been looking for some time for one that would be big enough to star as a king size headboard. As it turned out the size of the mantle was a perfect match!
Someone built this beauty and gave it a wonderful Faux paint treatment but for my style I just lightly milk painted it with a cream color and left some of the brownish shading to show through.

 This bedroom is decorated in Red , White and blue so I just did a little shading of the red and blue and added  sweet dreams.

Where the opening is I added some pretty red material. also a shabby garland with a woodsey star. I am thinking about painting the mantle a really dark color or I just may use it in the lodge room which is the lanai. She is a beauty though!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

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